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It had been a little over two weeks since Sonny had officially become my girlfriend, and we had managed to hide it pretty well from her family. It was pretty surprising how no one had caught on yet though, because I will admit that I was fairly…affectionate…now that I didn't have to hide my feelings from her entirely. Sue me, I'm in love. Well anyway, it was finally December twenty-second, and the rest of the Munroe family was finally going to be coming in town to start staying in Sonny's house. Why was it a good thing you ask? Well, because with all the people coming over—her Aunt Lacey and Uncle Tom, her cousins Ashlyn and Darcy, her other brother Luke and his wife Annie, and her grandma and grandpa—and only two guest rooms, they were going to have to start making room. When inviting everyone over, they had forgotten that one little detail, causing them to have to move people around. Jacob had already given up his room for their grandparents and they had an inflatable bed—which I hadn't even known existed up until that point—that they were planning on putting in the game room upstairs because they had so much space there. This meant that while the grandparents and the cousins had a room, their Aunt, Uncle, Luke, Annie, and Jacob were still left without one. It was unanimous—amongst them because I offered to give it up—that I would be staying in my guest room because I had already unpacked, so that only left one more guest rooms while they needed three more rooms. The good news came while I was sitting in on their "meeting" to decide what they were going to do for the remaining people.

"Well I'll sleep on the couch downstairs, that way I'm not taking a room." Jacob added to the conversation after everyone turned down my offer of leaving the guest room since I was the only one that was not, in fact, family for the second time. Dude, Sonny's made you soft. I know.

"Okay, that will work. Thank you Jacob." Connie said, smiling as she wrote it down on the paper that she was using to keep it all organized. Organization—yet another thing that Sonny gets from her mom.

"And we can put Lacey and Tom in the other guest room." Jack added to the conversation, running his hand across his face showing that he was obviously stressing over this more than necessary.

"That will work also, but that leaves Luke and Annie without a room, and we don't have anywhere else that we can put one person, let alone two." Connie said as she began to stress over it just as much as her husband was.

"I'm not lying. I am seriously okay with-" I started, only to be interrupted by Sonny taking my hand in hers—underneath the table once again—and lightly squeezing it as she talked.

"Don't you dare offer up your room again Chad, you're still a guest, whether you're family or not. Mom, let's put Luke and Annie in my room." Sonny said, turning to her mom as she said the last part.

"That's a great idea Sonny, but where are you going to sleep?" Connie asked, writing down Sonny's idea as she asked her question.

"I can sleep on the floor in Chad's room I guess." Sonny said, obviously nervous about what the reaction she would get from her family would be. As what she said fully registered in my head, I lightly took my hand out of hers and tried to keep from looking as hopeful as I knew I was. Well, it was nice being on her family's good side while it lasted.


As I felt Chad take his hand out of mine, I thought about what I had just said. Chad and I had done so well at hiding our relationship from my family so far, and my suggestion might have ruined all of our hard work. Nice going Sonny.

"Or I can sleep on the floor in Chad's room." Jacob said, turning to my parents.

"I really don't think it matters who sleeps in his room. I'm just saying that because you already have everything mapped out, so that just leaves me. It's not like we're sharing a bed or anything, and even if we were, we're just friends. Nothing is going to happen between us; I just figured it would make things easier." I added, hoping that it sounded legit and not as fake as it was.

"I'm not sure Sonny…" My mom said, glancing at Chad who had spent this entire portion of the conversation so far alternating between staring at his hands in his lap and staring at me, nervousness clear in his facial expression.

"Plus I'm in college mom. You don't honestly thing I've never slept in a guy's room before for a few nights." I added honestly, knowing that it was better she find out now than later anyway.

"What?!" Jacob yelled standing up at the same time as Chad turned to look at me in shock.

"Well I forgot my key and Tawni was going home for the weekend. He was one of my friends from the same residential hall as me, and he said I could stay with him." I said, smiling at my family as I reached over to gently squeeze Chad's hand to let him know that it wasn't a big deal.

"We'll discuss this later Sonny, but okay. You'll sleep on the floor in Chad's room." My mom said, turning to her paper to scribble down the rest of the room plans.

"Sonny, take Chad and go grab some things out of your room to make it easier for you to get ready without having to wake up Luke and Annie. Also, grab some sheets out of the closet in the hallway. You can use a pillow from the bed in Chad's room. Your dad, Jake and I are going pick everyone up at the airport." She added as dad grabbed his keys and wallet, she grabbed her purse, and Jake grabbed his keys and wallet.

Getting up—after dropping Chad's hand of course—I went and gave my family a hug before heading up the stairs with Chad following closely behind me. By the time I got to the last step, I heard the front door close, followed shortly by the sound of both cars starting.

"You get the bed Sonshine, I get the floor." Chad said as we entered my room to start grabbing things to transfer into the guest room.

"No, you're the guest, you get the bed." I said as I went into my bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner. I also grabbed my makeup, hair straightener, and curling iron.

"Sonny, you're not sleeping on the floor. There is no way in hell that I'm letting you." He said, following me out the bathroom and sitting on the bed as I started to dig around for clothes for the next few days. I only took clothes to last me until Christmas Eve knowing that I could honestly go into my room at any time that everyone was awake to get clothes and stuff. Placing everything that was already in my hands on the bed, I went to my drawers and grabbed some underwear, bras, and shirts. I also grabbed a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans and a jacket out of my closet. As I went to pick up everything on my bed, I noticed Chad already standing there, holding everything in his large hands. Why are guys' hands always so much bigger than girls' hands? I thought as I headed towards Chad's room and opened the door. Placing everything in my hands on the bed, I took everything out of Chad's hands and headed for the bathroom to start putting it in places.

"I'm sleeping on the floor Chad. Just accept it." I said as I started to move some things around in the bathroom. Wow, he really is obsessed with his hair that's for sure. As I finally found a place for everything that I had grabbed, I began placing them in their new places.

"Please Sonny; I really don't want you sleeping on the floor. Please?" he whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, kissing my ear as he finished.

"N-no, Chad, I'm not giv-giving in." I said, trying to force myself to concentrate on the matter at hand and not on how much I loved being in his arms.

"Sonshine, please agree. I won't be able to sleep at all if you're sleeping on the floor." He said, this time burying his head in the crook of my neck as he said it, trailing soft kisses from my neck to my collarbone as continued to try to persuade me into switching sleeping arrangements with him. Reminding myself what we were talking about—and to breath—I tried to ignore the tingles that were going throughout my body as he continued his trail of kisses, heading back to my neck as he finished his trail at my collarbone and vice versa.

"Chaaad…" I groaned, loving the feeling that he was giving me at the moment but still trying to win the argument.

"Baby, I know you want to sleep in the nice…comfortable…bed. Just give in and let me have the floor." He said in between kisses, as he switched to the other side of my neck, while tracing small circles on my stomach with the tips of his fingers—which had apparently made their way under my shirt at some point.

"Fine" I replied, a soft moan escaping my mouth as he moved his fingers up, gently grazing the spot right under my bra. My breath hitched and I fell into his chest as he put his hand under my bra, cupping my breast while gently massaging it with his hand. I moaned again, louder, as his thumb lightly grazed my nipple, causing me to arch my back and push my butt into his obvious erection.

"Fine" He answered, his voice husky as he turned me around, slowly grinding into me as he said it.

"Ooh...good." I moaned loudly as I fell back onto the bed that we had somehow made our way to, grinding my hips into his, harder than he had.

"Good" He replied, attacking my mouth with his before I could say anything else.

The kiss started slow, our lips once again moving in synch with each other's just like they always did. Within minutes though, it got more heated. He ran his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I quickly allowed. Our tongues connected as we fought for the dominance that he quickly won. Turning us over so that I was on top, he gripped my hip tightly with one hand while the other explored my body. Starting from my hip, he worked his way up, first resting it on my lower back, then eventually moving to the bottom of my shirt, breaking the kiss to bring it over my head. Instead of returning to mine, his lips connected with my neck. My breath picked up as he began to place soft kisses along my neck once again. I moaned as he found the perfect place, feeling him smirk against my skin as he started to nibble on that exact spot, sucking and letting his tongue softly run across what I could tell was going to be a hickey. I let out a loud moan as he bit into a spot right next to it, this time harder than before as the pain sent a jolt of pleasure throughout my body. Smirking, he placed a soft kiss on his mark as he brought his hand up to my bra clasp. As he looked into my eyes for permission, I nodded, leaning down and taking his lips in mine. Throwing my bra somewhere across the room, he pulled back for a second to look at me.

"You're perfect." He whispered as I leaned in to his lips again. He brought his other hand from my hip once again to cup my cheek as his other hand reached up to gently massage my breast again.

"Chad." I gasped as he massaged it harder, gently taking my bottom lip between his teeth and nibbling on it.

Bringing his other hand down to my other breast, he continued to massage both, avoiding my nipples. Breaking the kiss once again, he flipped us over as he slowly kissed down my neck and towards my breasts. I moaned softly as he kissed the area right above my nipple, as I pushed my chest up for more contact. He continued to kiss around my left breast, still avoiding my nipple, as his hand worked on my right. He took my nipple into his mouth—his teeth gently grazing in as he swirled his tongue around it—at the same time as he gently rubbed my other one with his thumb. I let out a loud moan, arching my back off the bed in an attempt to keep the contact. He moved his hand down to my hip, rubbing small circles with his thumbs as he continued what he was doing with my chest. Moaning as he softly bit down, I grinded my hips into his. Ah, he feels so big! I thought, as I noticed his even harder erection. Moving my hands from his hair, I reached for the bottom of his shirt, bringing it above his head. I groaned softly as I took it off, noticing his six-pack.

"Hmm, staring at my Chabs?" he mumbled softly, moving to my neck, as I could feel him smirking against my skin.

"Hmm…" I replied, unable to form any words at this point as his hand had moved to a spot on my stomach right above where my shorts were.

Flipping us over, I ran my hands slowly along his chest, making my way down to the start of his pants. As I reached his pants, I leaned down and started kissing his neck, smiling as I heard him release a soft groan as I started to leave my mark right above his collarbone. Reaching my hands lower, I softly grazed the area right under the top of his underwear with my fingertips, earning a louder, more pronounced moan.

"Sonny." He moaned as I started to unbutton his pants. Stopping me, he flipped us over again, pulling my shorts down. I helped him by kicking them off, gasping as I felt his hand cup me outside my underwear.

"…Chad…" I moaned as he started rubbing his finger around my opening, but still outside my underwear. "Chad!" I moaned loudly as he pushed my underwear aside and started rubbing around my opening again. "Oh…Chad stop…stop teasing me…" I moaned as he continued to move his fingers over everything, refusing to go inside me. "Chad." I groaned, as he stopped.

"Wait." He said, freezing. "Oh, shit!" he said, his eyes widening as he whisper-yelled.

"What?" I said as I tried to hear whatever he was hearing, freezing as I heard the closing of a car door, followed by the honk of a car being locked. Pushing him off of me, I picked my clothes up off the floor, throwing them on me as he did the same. As I was putting my bra on, I heard the front-door lock click as someone unlocked it. Looking at Chad with wide eyes, I turned around as he helped me clasp my bra quickly. Putting on my shirt, I turned back around.

"I'm just going to, you know, take a shower…" He whispered, pointing at the bathroom as the door opened. Looking down, I remembered his…situation.

"Okay, that'd probably be a good idea." I replied, still trying to catch my breath. Leaning down, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to the bathroom just as I heard footsteps heading up the stairs. Quickly looking in the mirror, I started putting my hair into a high ponytail as Chad closed the bathroom door.

"Hey, you got everything you need out of your room?" My mom asked, as she came into the room just after the bathroom door closed.

"Yeah, I did." I replied, trying to sound like I normally did while also trying to slow down my heartbeat and suppress the aching in my core.

"Okay…" she replied, looking somewhat concerned but deciding to let it go. "Where's Chad?" she asked, looking around the room.

"He's taking a shower, said he felt 'dirty.'" I replied, putting air quotes around the word "dirty."

"Okay, well when he gets out, let him know that dinner will be ready in about an hour." She replied, leaving the room and heading downstairs.

Groaning quietly, I headed to the bed, laying on my back and waiting for Chad to get out the shower. After what happened earlier, I think it was pretty obvious that sharing a room was not going to be as easy as I had originally thought it would be.

Finally, after what felt like forever, Chad opened the bathroom door—thankfully fully clothed. "Dinner will be ready in…about ten minutes." I said as I checked the time on my phone and sat up on the bed.

"Okay." He replied.

"So you ready to go downstairs and start meeting the family?" I asked, smiling as he sat next to me, placing his arm around my waist.

"Guess so." He replied, smiling as he hugged me to his side and kissed the top of my head. "By the way, I hope you haven't forgotten that deal we made." He added as we walked out of the room and to the stairs.

"What deal?" I asked, completely forgetting any deal we had made.

"You get the bed." He said, smirking as he walked ahead of me and to the living room where we could hear my family was meeting, leaving me to follow him with my mouth opened in shock. Well played Chaddy, well-played.


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