Chapter 1 – Freakin Out


Hi Guys! So i just suddenly had the urge to write/type (whatever) this story because i saw this little DRRR art comic strip thingy and i reminded me of something i did a while back... Yeah so read and you'll find out what i did! lol

"Shit shit shit! Dammit! Why the hell did I think I could do this? Shit! I'm freaking out!"

Izaya was frantically pacing back and forth inside his room. He was biting on his thumb nail as he tried to collect himself. Looking at the clock, he saw that he only had 20 minutes before the inevitable was about to happen.

"Shit! It's too late to call it off now….UGH! I'm dying here!"

A loud knock on his door followed by what sounded like a kick interrupted his panic session.

"Nii-san! Can you please be quiet? Kururi and I are trying to watch TV!"

"Shut up Mairu! I'm freaking out right now so leave me alone! Go jump off a bridge or something!"


Stomping away from the closed door, the brunet was left in peace to go back to panicking.

"Dammit! How did I let this happen? I don't even remember him ever having the faintest interest in me! He hates me! So why the sudden change in attitude? Dammit!"

Unable to comprehend what was going on in his head, Izaya fell backwards onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. Glancing at the clock again, he saw he now had 15 minutes before HE showed up.


{The Day Before, At Raira Academy…}



It was another normal day at Raira academy. The future informant was walking to school when his middle school acquaintance, Shinra, caught up to him.

"Hey! Good morning!"

"Good morning Shinra. How are you?"

"Great! You seem to be in a good mood!"

"Hmm? I guess I am. Hahaha~ well I'm always in a good mood when I get to irritate that monster~"

"Izaya…you know, you shouldn't anger Shizuo. It's not a smart idea to make him go berserk just for your own entertainment."

"I'll be careful. Besides, I don't think his tiny brain can even catch up to mine anyway."

"I warned you…"

Walking into the school building, the two young males went up the stairs and into their assigned homeroom. Class started in 5 minutes and multiple last minute students rushed to their classes to not be late. Finally, the starting bell rang and the school day had started. Sitting in near the window in the back row, Izaya stared out into the horizon as a substituted teacher came into their room.

"Good morning everyone. As you can see, your homeroom teacher isn't here today. His daughter is sick so he needed to stay home with her. As I am informed, you're all caught up with your assignments, so he decided to give you all a free day to just relax. But be warned that you have a test next week, so study if you need to. That's all."

Leaving the class to do whatever they pleased, many of the students just grouped up and started spreading the latest gossip they'd heard this week or what they planned to do this weekend. It was a nice way to end the school week, no homework, no lessons. Just the kind of day the brunet needed. Propping up his elbows onto the desk, the brunet rested his head on both of his hands. Focusing his eyes at the front of the classroom, Izaya began slipping into a day dream, when something blocked his view of the white wall. Coming back to reality, the future informant looked up and was surprised to see who the person was.

"Oi! Izaya."

"Huh…? Shizu-chan? What are you doing? I'm not in the mood to get chased around the school at the moment, so if you could take a rain check, that would be lovely."

"I… I need to tell you something."

"So then what is it?"

Shizuo placed his hands on the brunet's desk as if to support himself up. His face was a faint red color as he took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Hands still holding up his head, Izaya wasn't expecting the blonde to say what he was about to say to him.

"I'm in love with you."

Crimson colored eyes grew wide when those words passed through his brain. He was in utter shock; he didn't know how to handle this situation. So the first thing he did was probably very unreasonable. He punched the blonde. Izaya Orihara PUNCHED Shizuo Heiwajima. It had always been the other way around, but not today. The brunet sent the blonde flying into the mass of desks behind him which drew the attention of all the other students to them. It was obvious how the raven haired boy was feeling, pissed and confused. His eyes looked like they were ready to kill and his glare only scared everyone around him even more. He looked deadly. Hearing the loud crash behind them, Shinra and Kadota turned around to see what had happened.

"Izaya? What are you doing?"

Glaring right at the blonde headed teen, the brunet didn't hear a word anyone was saying. All he was focused on right now was to kill the monster.

"Damn flea..."

The blonde hissed those words towards the brunet. Staring right back at Izaya, Shizuo rubbing his bruised cheek where the brunet's fist had connected to him and got up from the floor. Lunging at the smaller male, the blonde grabbed him by his collar and backed him up into the window, his fist in the air, threatening to knock the lights out of Izaya.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? There was no fuckin' reason to punch me flea!"

He didn't answer the monster, he couldn't. All he was focused on was trying to escape the larger male's grasps. Izaya used his leg to push at the blonde's stomach and his free hand to push Shizuo's face away. His other hand was busy trying to get the monster to release his shirt. All of hell was about to break loose, but Shinra and Kadota interfered just in time. Pulling Izaya away from the larger male, Shinra tried to calm the furious male down while Kadota held onto Shizuo.

"Wait! Izaya don't!"

"Let go of me Shinra!"

The brunet was kicking and thrashing around violently in Shinra's hold, trying to attack his enemy who just glared back at him.

"Calm down man, you don't want to do this."

"Shut up Kadota and let me kill that flea!"

Struggling in Shinra's grip, Izaya was yelling at the blonde, tears of frustration coming out his eyes, his face red from embarrassment. He didn't know what was happening to him. Confusion had taken over his mind and he was on the verge of completely snapping.

"You're- You're just a monster! An idiot! An abomination! You can't love! I hate you! I HATE YOU! Don't mess with me! Don't mess with my head!"


Scrambling out of the glasses wearing male's hold, Izaya dashed for the door and was out of the classroom in the blink of an eye.

"Izaya! Wait!-"

But the frustrated male was gone. Kadota released Shizuo only after the brunet disappeared.

"What's up with the two of you? I've never seen Izaya act like that before. What happened?"

The blonde didn't answer Kadota. He didn't feel like explaining what had happened. Actually, in truth, he didn't even know what happened himself. Sure he was expecting the brunet to freak out a little, but he definitely was not expecting Izaya to punch him.

"…It's nothing…"

Running away from the commotion, Izaya speed walked down the halls. He needed to clear his mind, to take a deep breath and look at everything from a different viewpoint. (Damn… Damn!)

"He's just a protozoan! A protozoan with pure strength and no brain and…and…"

Walking down the stairs, Izaya couldn't help but remember what the blonde had said to him before he went berserk. ("I'm in love with you.") The mental images of that scene played through his head like a movie, which only angered and confused him even more. (He said it so bluntly, like it was a natural thing! And his eyes…they were telling the truth… Why is this happening?) He glared at his bleeding knuckles, wincing when he touched the open wound.

"Dammit! Why? Why did he say that to me?What is he planning? Shit… I lost my cool back there… Now my hand freakin hurts from punching him! This is why I use my tactics of knives to fight my battles… Damn him…"

Walking right out the front doors of the school, Izaya decided that it was best for him to just skip school for the rest of the day. Returning home early from his eventful day of school, the brunet walked up to his room and hid in there for the rest of the day. He'd fallen asleep on his bed at some point, only waking up when he heard a knock at his door.

"Izaya dear? Are you ok?"

"Mom…? I'm fine."

"Your principal called today, said you left school without permission and just went home. What happened?"

"Some kid at school said something to me that ticked me off. I didn't want to get into a fight with him so I left. I know I was wrong to do that. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I'm just glad that you told me what happened. If you ever need to leave school, just call me so I can sign you out ok?"

"Alright, but I don't think it'll happen again. Thanks though."

"You're welcome. Are you hungry? Dinner will be done shortly."

"Yeah, I'll come down in a few minutes."


Leaving her son in peace, Izaya's mother closed the door behind her and left the brunet alone. Glancing over at the clock on his nightstand, Izaya saw that it was nearly 7 at night. Rubbing his tired eyes, the brunet got up from his bed and was about to walk out his room when his twin sisters crashed opened his door.

"Mairu, Kururi! How many times do I need to tell you to knock before you enter my room?"

"Well sooorry!~ We're just here to tell you that you have a visitor here to see you."

"Visitor? At this time? Must be Shinra…"

"We don't know who it is, so it's your entire problem."

Leaving the doorway, the twins went back to whatever they were doing before they were interrupted by the unexpected visitor. Walking out of his room, Izaya headed for the front door, knowing that he was going to get a lecture for the glasses wearing male. (Geez, I really am not in the mood to hear what Shinra has to say… Why can't everyone just drop it? I bet by now everyone knows what happened at school… Dammit…)

Arriving at the front door, Izaya stepped into his shoes and walked out. The front porch was dark and the moon was covered by clouds, threatening rain. At first, the brunet didn't see anyone outside, but the second he closed the door behind him, he caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure sitting at the bottom of his front steps.

"Ok Shinra, let me have it. Tell me what I did wrong today. Let's get this over with."

The shadowy figure stood up and faced the brunet. Making its way up the steps, the figure stopped when it reached the top platform and was inches away from the brunet. Izaya squinted, trying to make out Shinra's body and face, but soon realized that the person was too tall to be him.



The brunet felt like he was having a heart attack. His body froze and his mind had completely shut down. Fear was pulsing through his body was he stood just inches away from the one person he knew could kill him in a single move. His body shook from the fear, but Shizuo thought Izaya was cold. So being a nice guy, he took off the scarf that was wrapped around his own neck and began to wrap it around the thin male's neck. Startled by this, Izaya jumped back, grabbing the scarf around his neck with a death grip.

"Hey, calm down. I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Sure you're not. I bet you were going to strangle me with this scarf."

"No I wasn't."

The blonde's voice was unusually calm and he was being nice to the person he claimed to have hated. Izaya was suspicious of this sudden change in attitude and was on guard. He wasn't going to let himself be caught off guard like earlier today. He was ready for anything. Well, at least he thought he was.

"What do you want?"

"I… I came to ask you if….if you would like to go on a date with me?"

"A date…with you? Are you serious?"

"Yeah… I get it if you don't want to."

"….What's up with you…? This isn't like you. Did you hit your head in our last fight or something? Get brain damage?"


"Then what is it?"

"I told you… I like you…"

"You mean hate right? I'm a flea remember?"


Shizuo stood there silent, looking at the ground to avoid eye contact with the brunet. (Hmm… How interesting… Maybe I can get payback for how he humiliated me at school today. Hahaha, Shizu-chan~ you are going to experience a living hell.) Thinking over how this would benefit him most, Izaya came to a conclusion that he would go on a date with the monster.

"Ok Shizu-chan~ I'll go on a date with you~"

"Really? Ohh, I wasn't expecting you to say yes… Ok, so are you free Saturday?"


"So do you want to go out then?"

"Ok!~ It'll be fun~"

"So I'll pick you up around 6?"

"Sounds good to me~"

"Kay. I guess…I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Bye Shizu-chan~"

Smiling at the brunet, Shizuo turned around and walked down the front steps. Waving good-bye to the blonde, Izaya kept his eyes on him until he was out of sight. Stepping into the warm house again, he realized that he still had the monster's scarf around his neck. But he decided that it was probably too late to call him back just to get it, so hugging the soft fabric around his neck, the brunet smiled as he skipped up to his room and got ready for dinner.

{End of Flashback…}


"Izaya! Your friend is here!"

"Shit… I'm dead…"


Yeah…. So I did this to a guy once…. And it didn't end very well. I actually got detention for it even though it was a total accident! Guys usually don't walk up to you and say I love you when you never even went on a date with them! So I overreacted… and now he's scared of me… So are most guys now lol Lesson learned! Don't punch people! Unless they deserve it of course~ Ohh! And i painted some DRRR shoes if ur interested in seeing how they look! (link is on my profile) Well, hoped u liked the first chapter! Review, Follow, Favorite & Alert! Ill see ya soon~