Chapter 21 – It's Going To Be A Hot Night

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"Izaya! Stay still!"

Yasuki, Hina, and Mimi were busy trying to prepare the brunet male in his dress as he fussed around and tried to dodge all the makeup materials that were flying his way.

Koto was on the other side of the room, styling Ryo's hair while the two laughed at the commotion that was going on in the small bedroom.

"Geez, this is going to take longer than I thought…"

"Well if Izaya just accepted the fact he has to dress as a girl and sit still, the President wouldn't have so much trouble with him… Aaaannnddd done! Your hair looks fabulous!~"

Ryo turned to the mirror that sat beside her and stared at herself for a minute. Everyone then stopped wrestling one another to look at the high schooler and smiled at her reaction.

"Ryo! You look so pretty! I mean, you always look pretty, but damn! You look hot!"

"Yasuki! Stop it!"

"Aww look, she's blushing! Koto, do me next!"

All the girls scrambled over to Koto, fighting over who was going to get their hair and makeup done next. Ryo chuckled and moved over to where Izaya was sitting and surveying the other girls.


"Wh-what?! Who, me, nervous?! There's no such emotion in my bones!"

"Yeah, me too."

Those crimson eyes gazed over at the girl, shaking from the fear of the night ahead. Sighing heavily, Izaya nodded and took hold of Ryo's hand for comfort.

"I just… can I really do this?"

"Of course you can. We're all here because we truly believe that you and Shizuo can be together. Honest."

The sound of a door bell ringing outside the door echoed down the hallway of Izaya's house before one of the Orihara twins popped their heads inside their brother's room.

"Hey! A cute looking guy is outside our door and said he's Ryo's date!"

"Let him in; he's with us."


Seconds later, Ichi appeared in between the door way, all dressed up in a fitting tux with a dark purple tie to match with his date's dress. His hair was parted to one side, allowing everyone to see those cold eyes of his that sparkled in the light.

Ryo almost lost her ability to breathe as she took in the handsome figure in front of her. The young male just smirked as he walked over to the girl and held out his hand.

"My lady, your right hand if you please."

Everyone in the room held their breaths and waited in anticipation as Ryo cautiously gave her right hand over to Ichi. He exposed a dark violet rose from behind him; the elegant flower decorated with sparkling laces, and attached the corsage to her wrist. She held her hand closer to her face, completely aweing over the beauty of her gift.

"I love it…"

"Good, it took forever to find a flower shop that had purple roses. And by the way, you look amazing."

"Sh-shut up…"

"Hahaha, anyway, how's it going here? Izaya doesn't seem to be done with his transformation yet."

"Well we would be done if he would just sit still!"

"Easy for you to say Ryo! You're not the one who has to disguise himself as the opposite sex!"

"Do you want to go to Prom or not?!"


"Then sit down and let Koto here style your wig!"

Hesitating, the brunet finally gave in, sat down, and crossed his arms in front of his chest, before mumbling-

"I'm going to regret this so much…."

"Come on Shizuo~"

The blonde headed male sighed as he stepped into the luxurious limousine Akane and her friends had rented. The inside of the vehicle was dimly lit and was overwhelmed with the scent of different perfumes mixed in the air. The other girls had also found dates, but none of the guys there were familiar to Shizuo.

"Okay, lets head over to the school!"

The large group had just left from a fancy restaurant for dinner and from the looks of it, it had put a large hole in the blonde's pocket. He would be broke for at least two months after what he'd just paid. (This is not what I signed up for…)

Once they arrived in front of the school, the girl giggled and shrieked as they bustled out the limo and began taking pictures together. After the bombardment of flashed and fake smiling, Shizuo was pulled into the ornamented hallways of the school and guided to the large gymnasium.

Music blared through the giant speaker, vibrating every particle within the compacted room, as brilliant beams of multiple colors flickered and danced in the darkness. Akane yanked the blonde's arm and dragged him onto the dance floor, her friends following suit with their dates.

"Let's dance Shizuo! Show me some of your moves!"

The yelling from the obnoxious girl wasn't any help to the already damaged ears as the male awkwardly moved his body to the rhythm of the music playing. The other members of the group laughed and smiled, shaking whatever worries they had away for one night and made sure to have the time of their lives. But unfortunately for Shizuo, he didn't have that luxury they all did.

"Izaya, please come out of the limo…"

"No! I can't! I wanna go home!"


Yasuki was losing her patients as the others left the brunet to her care. Leaving the house was easy enough, going to dinner, even better! But once they reached the steps of the school, Izaya seemed to have lost all of his confidence and had fallen back to square one.

"Look, no one will recognize you! I promise! Now will you please come out! The driver is even getting impatient with you! We're here to have fun, now join us. Otherwise, we'll all go home too. Do you want us not to experience a Prom? Look at Ryo and Ichi! They're a freakin' cute couple! Do you want to ruin the chances of them hitting it off if they don't go to this Prom!"


"Ohh be quiet Ryo; we all know it's true."

The shy female felt like hiding in a hole as blood rushed to her face. Ichi just chuckled a little before grabbing one of Ryo's hand and giving it a confident squeeze.

"Now get your ass out here. NOW."

Sure enough, the nagging lecture from the Shizaya fanclub President did the trick. Slowly, but willingly, Izaya set one foot on the pavement and emerged from the hidden confines of the vehicle. In the setting sun light, everyone that was walking pass them stopped and stared at the male in awe, taking in the beauty before them.

"Who is that girl?"

"I've never seen her before!"

"What a lovely dress she has on!"

Whispers were passed between students and the brunet male felt even more embarrassed as before. The dress he'd picked out weeks ago was shimmering in the fading sun light that set the fabric ablaze. The top portion of the dress was a jet black that slowly transitioned into a deep blood red, then to a fire red as it reached the bottom. Throughout the dress, detailed etchings of silver powder were carefully designed into flame-like shadows that swayed with every small movement. It was a one-of-a-kind design and luckily for the brunet, he had the money to purchase such an elegant dress.

Not only was his dress perfect, but the style of his hair was too. Koto had brought over a wig that matched Izaya's hair and fashioned it into a twisted side bun with a red rose planted right in the middle of it. His natural bangs hung in front of him, helping him shape his face to look more like a girl's. With a simple touch of makeup, no lipstick since the brunet deliberately said he wouldn't go at all if he wore it, Izaya looked like a natural girl, going to 'her' senior Prom.

"Alright! Let's go make this Prom the most memorable night ever!'

The gang walked into the building together and were soon absorbed into the music echoing in the hallways. Stepping foot onto the gymnasium floor, Izaya could feel his stress being suppressed by the melody that played all around him. His friends tugged him into the mash of hopping humans and soon, they all danced and began to have the time of their lives.

"Aren't you glad you came now!"

"Hahaha, alright Yasu, you were right once again!"

The laughing brunet danced, twirled, and moved all around, not giving a care of the world at that very moment. Until he accidently bumped right into someone.

"Oww, sorry!"

"No, my bad-huh?"

Shizuo stared shockingly at the girl he ran into while he was trying to escape from the hot crowd.

"Hey! It's you! From the dress store at the mall!"

"Umm y-yeah! Hi... wasn't expecting to see you here…"

"Yeah, I go to school with your cousin Yasuki."

"Cousin? Oh! Right! Yes, Yasuki is my..cousin…"

"So are you having fun?"

"Yeah! What about you?"

"Ehh, crowds aren't really my thing. I was about to run out and get some air."

"Ohh, I see. Are…are you here with a date…?"

"Yeah… I guess you can call her that. Personally, there was someone else I would've gone with but…some complicated things came up and well… yeah…"

"I see…"

A sudden push came from behind Izaya and he collided right into the blonde. Turning around, he saw Yasuki winking and smiling as she shouted-

"Take care of her for me okay, Shizuo!"

"Ummm o-okay…?"

"Let's head outside. It's getting hot in here."

So, Shizuo and Izaya in disguise left the gym and walked out to the courtyard. The moon was high in the sky, a cool breeze whisking around as the two took a seat on the front steps of the building. The brunet could feel his heart beating hard against his chest; being away from the blonde had made him subconscious of his presence again and made him wonder if Shizuo could hear his loud heart.

"So…you said you wanted to take someone else to Prom…may I ask who?"

"Hmmm, he's someone important to me. Someone I would do anything to protect… even to the extent of hurting him… I hurt the person I love most… and lost him forever. He won't ever forgive me after what I'd done to him. But as long as he's safe, as long as he's happy, I can bare the hate."

"So it's a guy?"

"Yeah. Is that weird?"

"No no! I support all forms of love! It's not weird at all!"

"Ha, thanks. I honestly don't care what other people think of me. But thanks for supporting me either way."

"Shizuo… I…"

The brunet was shaking in fear. He wanted to tell Shizuo that it was him, Izaya. He wanted to tell the blonde that he didn't hate him, that he still, all this time, he still-

"Shizuo, I lo-"

"There you are!"

It's like the devil always shows up in the most inconvenient times! Damn Akane and her annoying presence!

"Akane, hey."

"What's going on here?"

"I was just taking a breather and was talking to Izami, Yasuki's cousin."

"Ohh I see. Well Izami, Shizuo here is MY date, so if you'll please, buzz off! Come on Shizuo, there's a slow dance coming up!"

The wicked girl turned on her heels and headed back inside first, expecting the blonde to follow close behind. Letting out a deep breath, Shizuo got up from the floor and smiled.

"Sorry about that. She's unfortunately my date…"

"Could be worse."

"I doubt it."

The two of them laughed before bidding each other farewell.

"Later Izami, it was nice talking to you again."

"Bye Shizu-chan."

Smiling, the blonde walked back inside and made his way back to the gym. But he stopped in the middle of the hallway when he realized something.

"Wait a minute… did she say-"

"Shizuo! Hurry up!"

"Agh… coming Akane…."

(No, it was just wishful thinking. There's no way she called me 'Shizu-chan'. Only Izaya calls me that…)

"Hey! Where's Shizuo?"

The brunet walked back to the party a bit after Shizuo had left him, and found Ryo sitting at one of the tables that were set around the rim of the gym.

"Hey Ryo. Shizu-chan had to go back to Akane… I was so close to telling him it was me too…"

"Damn her… we still go the whole night. Why don't you sit down for a bit; some of the others went to get some drinks for us."

"Hey… do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

Ryo stuck up her nose a bit and took a whiff of the air before her brows showed signs of concern.

"It smells like something is burning…"

"Yeah, I know-"


The loud shriek from one of the students made everyone stop to see what the commotion was all about. But their curiosity was soon treated when they laid eyes on the dancing flames.

Panic erupted in mere seconds as the crowd of students and faculty raced for the doors.

"We need to find the others!"

Izaya and Ryo ran to the other side of the gym, shoving their way through the sea of humans before emerging from them.


Ichi ran straight into his date's arms and gave her a tight hug.

"I was so worried!'

"I'm fine I'm fine! Is everyone else here?"

"No! Yasuki went somewhere!"

"I'll go find her, you guys get out first!"

"Izaya! Wait!"

But the brunet had already disappeared into the dense smoke.


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