A/N: Here it is everyone! The fluffy epilogue I'm sure you all have been waiting for! I hope you enjoy the final installment of this series! :-)

"American" Epilogue

January 21, 2022

Arriving home from her twenty-week check-up, Maura makes a beeline to the fridge to display the three-dimensional sonograms while Jane heads to their bedroom to lock up her badge and gun. Returning to the kitchen, Jane sees her wife still looking at the pictures and walks up behind her, wrapping her arms around her pregnant stomach. "I can't believe we're having a boy and a girl." Jane sighs, resting her chin on the honey-blonde's shoulder, gently stroking her tummy with her thumbs.

"Mhm, and since they're fraternal, part of me hopes that, despite the odds, each of our eggs took." She whispers, her hands covering the brunette's.

"Yeah, that'd be cool to have a little Rizzoli and a little Isles running around." She agrees. "But no matter whose they are, I will always spoil them with my love." She assures, kissing her shoulder.

Slowly turning around in Jane's embrace, Maura grabs the back of her neck and brings her down for a heartfelt, leisurely kiss. "Mmm, not that I'm complaining or anything, but what was that for?" The Italian rasps as they pull away.

"For being your incredible, loving self. That way, when I have my doubts of becoming a mother, I know these children will always have you." She admits sadly, tears moistening her eyes. Damn these hormones!

"Maur, you listen to me." She demands, grabbing her wife's hands from the back of her neck to bring them down in between them, her thumbs gently stroking her knuckles as she peers into shimmering hazel eyes. "You're gonna be a great mom, all right?" Maura slightly shakes her head, not quite believing her words. "Yes you will." Jane reaffirms, squeezing her hands. "Do you remember the case with Baby John Doe?" The honey-blonde nods. "When I tapped on that window in the NICU to warn you about Nurse 'Wack-Job' Randi, I caught a glimpse of pure joy on your face as you held him." The brunette pauses for a second, gauging whether or not her wife still needs convincing; sensing she does, she continues. "And when she came after us, you instinctually put yourself in between him and harms way. So I don't ever want you to doubt yourself again, because if you did that with someone else's baby, then you'll certainly be able to do it with ours and then some, okay?" She finishes, kissing away the sole tear that trickles down Maura's cheek.

"Thank you Jane." She replies, encircling her strapping, twenty-nine year young detective.

"Anytime Sweetie." She promises, returning the embrace, kissing the crown of her head. "Now, after the week you've had at work, I think a little foot rub is in order." She suggests, flashing her trademark 'Rizzoli' smile.

"That sounds absolutely wonderful! Can we sit on the couch? I would like to watch a documentary that recorded." She grins, knowing that Jane won't say 'no'.

"Sure." The brunette drawls, her smile now less genuine since the majority of these documentaries tend to be pretty boring. "Why don't you head over there and I'll grab us a couple of waters and order some takeout. Chinese okay?"

"Yup, sounds good!" Maura shouts over her shoulder, already halfway to the sofa.


Resting her neck against the right arm of the couch, Maura plops her bare feet up, which barely reach the middle, and turns on her program. A little while later, her wife appears with their waters and places them on coasters on the coffee table before assuming the position. Lifting Maura's feet, Jane slides underneath onto the center cushion, settles her feet on her lap, and begins gently massaging her wife's swollen feet and ankles.

Instantly, the honey-blonde forgets about her program and starts moaning and groaning from the pure pleasure of her massage, unknowingly dampening her wife's black volleyball boy shorts to the point of threatening to soak through to her black work pants. Wanting to stop this madness, Jane poses a question. "Hey, Maur? Do you have any baby names in mind?"

Taking a second to blink away her relaxation haze, she responds. "Yes, but I've only been able to come up with boy's names." She admits shyly, feeling slightly guilty.

"You're kidding! I've only been able to come up with girl's names!" The brunette retorts. "Man, we sure are two peas in a pod." She grins at the honey-blonde, squeezing her foot.

"So what are your names?" Maura inquires, returning her smile.

"Well, to be honest, I've only come up with one. Since Mia Hamm was my idol growing up, I thought of 'Amelia'; so 'Mia' for short."

"That's beautiful." She comments, gently stroking random patterns on her stomach with the pads of her fingers.

"Yep, so how 'bout you?"

"Looks like we both only came up with one name. I've always liked the name 'Antonio' ever since I read a fascinating biography about Antonio Benivieni and how he pioneered the autopsy." She states matter-of-factly.

"You would like a name that came from a science book." Jane jests. "But your quirkiness is one of the reasons why I love you." She smiles broadly at Maura. "I like the Italian ring to it; he can be 'Tony' for short."

"Mhm. How about middle names?" Maura asks.

"Only got one of those too; Angela." She responds promptly.

"Amelia Angela Rizzoli…" The honey-blonde ponders. "I love it!"

"You want our kids to take my last name?" Jane asks surprised.

"I do. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, I just thought maybe you'd want to, I don't know, hyphenate or something."

"Ah, I see. No, I don't wish to do that because I feel more like a 'Rizzoli' at heart than I've ever felt like an 'Isles'. And, as you already know, if I hadn't already established a reputation in the medical field with my last name, I would've gladly changed it when I married you four years ago." Maura expresses.

"Right. Just wanted you to be sure." She smiles reassuringly. "What about you? Have you come up with any middle names?"

"I have and only thought of one as well; Montgomery."

"After your best friend Addison?" Maura nods. "Antonio Montgomery Rizzoli…" Jane muses. "Sounds perfect!" She declares, finishing her foot massage.

Readjusting her body, Jane lies in between Maura's legs, her feet dandling over the left arm of the couch while her hands gently rest side-by-side on her wife's pregnant tummy. "I say we let these two decide." Jane suggests, her face hovering over Maura's belly. "Well? What do you say Amelia Angela Rizzoli and Antonio Montgomery Rizzoli?"

No more than three seconds later, the soon-to-be parents chuckle as the twins exhibit tremendous activity. "Well, I think that pretty much settles it then." Jane quips, sliding her hands across Maura's stomach to feel the areas of movement.

"Haha, I'd say so. My goodness, if I didn't know any better, I'd say both of them are going to be soccer players from all the kicking they're performing on my kidneys."

"Hey, kiddos! I think that's enough practice on your Mom for tonight, yeah?" She orders, grinning mischievously at her love as she slinks up her body to hover over her.

"For tonight, hmm?" She murmurs, looking up into deep chocolate eyes, her fingers tangling in long, curly brunette locks.

"Yeah, I'd like them to remain still for what I'm about to do." She remarks before taking the honey-blonde's lips in a deep, sensual kiss. "Mmm, I love you Maura Dorthea Isles." She breathes against her lips, making the woman beneath her giggle.

"I love you Jane Clementine Rizzoli."

May 18, 2030

After the long night they had, when Jane wakes up at nine she decides to let Maura sleep in while she takes care of the Saturday morning chores. Making her way downstairs to the living room in her black sweat pants and charcoal gray 'BPD' t-shirt, she first checks in on the three family pets.

"Hi Kinsey Millhone! Hey Jo Friday!" She quietly greets their seven-year-old German Shepard and their three-year-old Cairn terrier. "Where's your buddy, huh?" She asks, scratching their ears. Heh, ask and you shall receive! She thinks as she hears clanking in the kitchen. Walking over to the fridge, she pulls out the tortoise's favorite fruit and starts looking for him. "There you are! How you doing Bass? Would you like a nice juicy strawberry?" She asks, squatting down in front of him, slowly extending her arm so not to scare him. Once the strawberry's in his mouth, the brunette pats his shell and straightens up. Now that one companion is taken care of, Jane turns her attention back to the two canines. "C'mon girls! It's time for your walk!" After slipping into her cherry red Nike tennis shoes, Jane connects a powder blue leash onto Kinsey's matching collar and a light pink leash onto Jo's matching collar, and head out the front door.


Quietly creeping back into the house thirty-three minutes later, Jane fills up the dogs' water and food bowls. After brewing a pot of coffee for Maura, Jane makes herself a cup of instant before making her way over to the couch to relax in front of the TV for a little bit before she has to start setting up for the twins' eighth birthday party. Stopping on a WPSL game with twenty-minutes remaining, she rests her feet on the coffee table, Kinsey lying on the area rug underneath her legs while Jo Friday curls up on her lap.

"Do you miss it?" A groggy voice behind the brunette asks, alarming her.

"Jesus Christ Maur! You scared the crap outta me!" She exclaims before tilting her head over the back of the sofa to look up at her wife. "Eh, not so much anymore. Only just the thrill of competition more than anything, which I can feel vicariously through Tony's games." She jokes, puckering her lips to await her 'good morning' kiss.

"Oh Babe." She chuckles, leaning down to give her wife a quick peck on the lips.

"So did you get enough sleep?" The brunette asks, her eyes glued on Maura's voluptuous physique as she saunters around the couch to sit next to her.

"I did, but I would've liked your gorgeous face to be the first thing I saw this morning rather than that of an empty bed." She discloses, cuddling into the brunette's side, her right hand reaching over to scratch the terrier's ears as her right foot rubs the German Shepard's side.

"Sorry, but you seemed pretty exhausted last night and I didn't want you to have to worry about getting up early." She explains, slipping her arm around Maura's shoulders, kissing her temple.

"Thank you. It was nice to sleep in, even if it was just for an hour."


Once the soccer game finishes, Maura and Jane head out to the garage to gather the birthday supplies from their 'secret stash'. As Maura attempts to tug the box of science activities down from the top shelf, she starts snickering.

"What's so funny over there?" Jane wonders as she pulls down the bag of size four black and red Adidas soccer balls from the top shelf, then the canvas bag that contains the foldable six by eight by three feet goal off the middle shelf.

"I just thought…unf…how ironic it is that our children have developed hobbies that are…almost got it…not indicative of their names we chose for them. Oof." She explains as she struggles with the container. "Little help please?" She grins at her wife.

"Ha! Guess they have!" She says as she reaches up and brings down the box with ease, handing it to Maura. "Mia is the mini-you with her love of science and Tony is the mini-me with his love of soccer. Who'da thunk it?!" She remarks while gathering the soccer loot in her arms. "See ya in a bit Babe!" She shouts over her shoulder as she walks through the side door of the garage towards the backyard while Maura returns the way they came to go set up in the dining room.


"Looks amazing Maur!" The brunette observes as she bounds back into the house, the dining table now impeccably transformed into a 'science lab'.

"Thanks Sweetie! I made them ID badges to clip onto their little lab coats!" Maura replies giddily, bringing up the 'Dr. Mia' badge right in front of her face with both her hands, leaving the other five badges for Mia's friends spread out on the table.

"Oh my god! These are great!" She compliments, grabbing the badge from Maura's hands to take a closer look at their daughter's picture. Such a cutie-pie! She definitely takes after Maura. Let's see what else she has set up here. "Hmm, I see you have equipment for a fingerprint lifting activity but what's the other stuff?" Jane asks, gesturing over the various items on the table, Mia's ID badge still in hand.

"These," the honey-blonde directs Jane's attention to apples, vanilla extract, and cotton balls, "are for a test to fool their tongues into thinking the apple tastes like vanilla just by smelling the vanilla-coated cotton ball before eating. And those," she points to a couple of rolls of Mentos and several two-liter bottles of Diet Coke, "are for a soda geyser experiment we'll all do at the end in the backyard."


"I hope so." Craning her neck to look out the French doors behind Jane, Maura notices a paper-goalkeeper taking up the entire area of the goal with holes in all four corners and one in the bottom middle between its legs. "The backyard looks great!"

"Yeah? I hope they have fun trying to kick the ball through the five holes and not get frustrated. If not, I pretty sure they're gonna love the gift bags!" She proclaims enthusiastically.

"What did you put together?"

"Well, they'll get to keep the soccer balls of course, but then in each bag there'll be a little trophy, a soccer ball whistle, an autographed MLS player card, and a picture of them wearing my two gold medals from London and Rio."

"That's lovely Jane! I know Tony will love it since he's already talking about becoming an Olympic soccer player like his Ma." She divulges absentmindedly, realizing a little too late that she promised Tony she wouldn't tell Jane that. "Oh shoot."

"Aww he does?" The brunette asks rhetorically, pride swelling in her chest. "You weren't supposed to tell me that were you?" Maura shakes her head. "Don't worry, you're secret is safe with me." She winks at her wife before kissing her chastely.

"WOW!" The twins shriek in perfect unison as they see the various birthday decorations around the house and the sizable 'Happy Birthday!' banner hanging from the kitchen beam, their little voices startling their parents.

"Ah! Damn that's twice in one day!" Jane mumbles to herself before turning around to greet her kids. "Guess I don't have to come wake you guys after all!" Jane states, squatting down to receive a double-sided hug from her little ones while simultaneously placing kisses on their cheeks. "Why are you guys so excited? Your birthday was yesterday." She teases, standing back up as they run towards Maura.

"Yes it was, but—" Mia begins, both of them hugging their Mom tightly.

"Our party is today!" Tony finishes excitedly.

"If you two say so, but it can't begin if you don't get dressed!" Maura remarks, which makes the twins sprint back upstairs, Kinsey and Jo Friday chasing after them, also feeling the excitement.

"DON'T…run up the stairs." The honey-blonde begins to shout out after them, but trails off as they reach the top before she could chastise them.

Walking up behind the honey-blonde, Jane snakes her arms around her waist and whispers into her ear. "Just think, after today's activities and all the sweets they'll eat, that by bedtime they'll be all tuckered out and we can continue with our adult activities." She hints, nibbling on her earlobe, eliciting a moan from the smaller woman.

"Mm, that is, if we're not too tired ourselves." Maura responds, gently stroking her wife's forearms.

"Ha! Even if we were, I think we'll be up for some sex, no?" This time Jane traces the shell of Maura's ear with the tip of her tongue, evoking not only another moan but also a roll of the hips into her crotch seeking more contact.

"You do make a convincing argument." She groans, heat spreading throughout her body, eyelids half closed from arousal.

"Good!" Jane states, abruptly breaking all contact. "Now let's go make ourselves presentable for our little rascals' party." She offers, slapping Maura's butt before walking up the stairs, two steps at a time.

"Ugh, I hate it when you tease me like that!" She mutters, trailing behind. Even though she's forty-two years young, she's thankful that her Italian can still get her all hot and bothered in such a short amount of time.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, Jane rotates around and looks down at the honey-blonde's approaching form. "Now, now, Maura, I know for a fact that you do like it. Don't tell me you've forgotten about last night already." She tantalizes, grinning when she encounters a silence response from the otherwise loquacious doctor. "That's what I thought." She confirms smugly before darting off towards their master bedroom.

"Oh, she is definitely going to regret teasing me like that later tonight." Maura promises to herself.

August 13, 2040

It's the evening after the Closing Ceremony for the thirty-seventh summer Olympics, and Jane and Maura impatiently wait by the car just outside the Olympic Village.

"I can't wait to finally spend some quality time with them!" Maura confesses perkily, rubbing her glove-clad hands together attempting to keep them warm in the frigid night air.

"Same here! Even though we've had a couple of lunches and dinners with them, it always seemed a bit rushed." Jane crosses her arms tightly over her chest, tucking her bare hands under the armpit of her trench coat to warm them up.

Before Maura has the chance to tell Jane that she should've brought gloves, she spots her two eighteen year olds exiting the doors. Noticing their children we're struggling to find them in the parent-infested crowd, the honey-blonde nudges Jane and nods her head over towards the teenagers. Understanding the message of this silent communication, the brunette brings her left thumb and index finger to her mouth and whistles. "Over here!" She yells, waving her arm in the air, flagging them down.

Hearing the high-pitched sound, the twins' heads jerk towards noise. Upon seeing their moms, ear-to-ear grins spread across their faces and they break out into a run, their medals bouncing up and down on their chests.

"Ma!" Tony shouts, flying into Jane's arms.

"Hey Kiddo!" She responds, returning the hug with fervor.

"Mom!" Mia shrieks, leaping into Maura's arms.

"Hi Sweetie!" She replies, eagerly returning the hug.

"We missed you two so much!" Maura admits, cupping her teenagers' cheeks with each of her palms.

"We missed you too!" The twins counter in unison.

"I swear, I'm never gonna get used to that freaky twin-thing you two do." Jane comments, gesturing between Tony and Mia.

"Ma!" They retort simultaneously, laughing.

"Seriously! Stop!" She demands facetiously, smiling at her son and daughter. "Now let's get in the car; we have something exciting to show you before our flight home tomorrow morning."


"What's that?!" The young brunette asks as he exits the car, gawking at a massive Ferris wheel.

"That's the London Eye. It's a thirty-minute ride that offers a three hundred and sixty degree view of the city." The young honey-blonde informs as she leaves the car.

Departing the car, Jane gapes at Maura over the rooftop, giving her a 'Yep, she's your daughter' look. "That's correct Mia. When your mom and I were here for the two thousand and twelve Olympics, I remember the breath-taking views and wanted to share that experience with you in celebration of what you two accomplished. So I reserved us a private pod."

"Awesome! I can't wait to go up there!" Tony exclaims, sprinting over to the walkway.

"Me too!" Mia agrees, chasing after her brother.

"Stick together please!" Jane calls out to the twins, observing as Tony slows down to a jog so Mia can catch up to him. "Shall we my dear?" Jane holds her elbow out, waiting for Maura to take it.

"Yes, we shall."


Standing as close to the glass as possible are Mia and Tony while Jane positions herself behind Maura in the center, strong arms securely around her, making her feel as safe as possible since the honey-blonde is still afraid of heights.

"So kids, what does it feel like to wear a gold medal around your neck?" Jane inquires.

At eighteen years old, these were Tony and Mia's first Olympic games. As a forward, Tony helped his soccer team win gold with a diving header into the back of the net within the last few seconds of the game.

"Eh, it feels a little different than when I wore yours at my eighth birthday party." The young brunette replies, shrugging, his brown eyes still scanning the radiant town below. His nonchalant attitude earns a collective chuckle from his parents.

"How about you Mia? You have quite the collection." Maura questions.

As one of the members of the 'Spectacular Six' gymnastic team, Mia helped her team win gold while she won gold in the All-Around, silver on beam and floor, and bronze on bars.

"Mhm, it's cool to have a bronze and two silver medals, but of the two gold medals, the one for the All-Around means the most to me than the team one." She reveals, her hazel eyes fixating on the illuminated outline of the city.

Tilting her head back to rest on Jane's chest, Maura whispers. "I don't think we're going to get much conversation out of these two when we have the London skyline to compete with."

"I think you may be right about that, which is fine with me because that gives us some time to reminisce." She responds, her arms tightening around the smaller woman's midsection just under her breasts.

Gently swaying back and forth to a silent tune of their own, Sergeant-Detective Rizzoli and Chief Medical Examiner Isles think back to that night all those years ago.

"Standing here twenty-eight years ago, did you ever imagine your life would turn out this way?" The forty-seven year old asks softly, kissing the honey-blonde's cheek.

After a moment of examining her surroundings, the fifty-two year old swivels within the confines of the embrace and gazes up at her wife of twenty-two years. Interlocking her fingers behind the taller woman's neck she responds with a dreamy smile. "No, but I'm extremely glad it did."