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Chapter Six: Towel

The blonde was sitting patiently in the living room, staring down at his feet whilst he waited for his friend to return.

Zack had clearly drowned.

It had been over an hour since Sephiroth had exited the building, leaving Cloud completely to his own devices and troubled train of thoughts. He wasn't exactly complaining though; the conversation with the General had left him both emotionally drained and stressed.

Cloud had only been a member of the company for a few days!

What would his mother say if she knew of all this? It had been her clever idea to give him the condoms that had ultimately sent him to his doom.

"Thanks for the rubber; I'll be dead before I lose my virginity."

Perhaps if she'd used a rubber instead of conceiving, this wouldn't be happening to him.

Cloud was desperate to talk to her about what was happening, ask her for some advice and let her talk some sense into him. But he couldn't risk upsetting Sephiroth. Not after the threats he'd made.

"I need you to do something for me."

The blonde had slightly hoped Sephiroth would propose a secret relationship, blackmail him to obey his master's orders and keep his mouth shut. What did it matter if Cloud knew his sexuality, as long as no one else found out? It would be the ultimate fantasy; his dirty little secret.

But of course, this hadn't been the case.

Someone had reported seeing the two of them together... the night Sephiroth had seduced him.

After Cloud's public embarrassment in the assembly, this individual had approached a member of the Company and described what he'd seen. Supposedly suspicious of their behaviour, an unnamed official had spoken to Sephiroth and asked him a few questions. That's all the blonde had been told.

Sephiroth was in a state of panic.

The blonde hadn't dared to question him, though; eager to ask why this was such an enormous deal. If Sephiroth was being honest about his intentions, what was there to fear? Who would suspect anything strange had happened?

Sephiroth's unusual behaviour at the assembly had sparked concerns, though. If something were to be reported and investigated, would they question his sudden disappearance?

Or was the General looking too deeply into this?

It didn't matter either way though; Sephiroth was demanding something of the blonde regardless to whether he was overreacting.

Cloud had been given the individuals name and room number in order to begin his mission.

"I need you to start a friendship with him," Sephiroth had said.

Supposedly, the written document about what he'd witnessed was yet to be submitted. It would most likely be somewhere in his room, which Cloud had been ordered to enter… and steal it.

Apparently this wasn't enough to satisfy Sephiroth.

Cloud needed to learn something about the man, something that the General could use against him and successfully 'eliminate' the threat.

The entire plan made him feel physically sick.

Sephiroth was clearly a psychotic, sadistic and insane individual; but Cloud wasn't a thief, he wasn't a liar and he certainly wasn't a criminal.

It didn't matter though; he'd end up getting fucked over regardless, either by his own guilt or the wrath of Sephiroth. Cloud wouldn't have minded if the punishment were spanking and endless nights of being tied up and 'taught a lesson.'

But it wasn't.

Why must he be attracted to the emotionless void that is Sephiroth?

Cloud felt himself practically orgasm as Zack emerged from the shower and sat opposite him.

He'd been driving himself crazy with worry.

"Sorry I took so long," the man apologised, draping himself across the sofa. "I like to enjoy myself whilst cleaning this body."

The blonde was struggling to function.

Zack had literally waltzed in with nothing but a towel, something that scarcely covered the sculpted inches of his appetizing body. No longer did Sephiroth seem a complication to him. The only way Cloud could scarcely care about his existence right now is if he were to walk in and offer a threesome.

The blonde prayed a gust of wind would fly into the room and snatch away the material.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Zack asked, although seemed far too comfortable to move. "Or I can get you something to eat."


"I'm fine thank you," he simply replied.


Zack analysed the blonde as carefully as possible, waiting for something to be said about the matter with Sephiroth. He didn't want to make him uncomfortable, or force the information from his lips.

But he wasn't exactly one for patience.

"How did things go?" he asked casually, or so he thought, practically whispering it to him.

Cloud looked away awkwardly. "Alright I suppose."

"I understand it's not the easiest situation," Zack told him, throwing the blonde his signature smirk. "It's the same with everyone; he's always been cold and somewhat inhuman."

The second comment caught him off guard. "It's difficult to rile him though, and you've certainly pushed his buttons."

Cloud bowed his head to the ground. "I'm not sure he likes me too much."

"Oh, trust me," Zack smirked, almost a little flirtatiously. "If Sephiroth doesn't like you, he doesn't pay you any attention whatsoever. He'd simply brush you away. I'd say he's intrigued to say the least."

That made the blonde… surprisingly… ecstatic.

If only Zack knew what had happened between the pair of them; would he be saying such things then?

Cloud tried to think of something to say, blushing a little as he remembered how unclothed the man before him was. Although his friend didn't know of his sexuality, despite having tried to ask previously, he still felt guilty for seeing him like this. As much as he tried to fight it… he was enticed by him.

The blonde was definitely paranoid, analysing his every move, wondering whether Zack could sense how uncomfortable it made him. Cloud tried not to look for too long, but it couldn't be helped.

This image would make for fabulous masturbation material.

"Can I ask you something?" Zack suddenly said, re-positioning himself on the sofa. "If you don't mind me bringing the subject back up."

Cloud shrugged at him. "What is it?"

"I tried to mention it earlier," the man explained, awkwardly fiddling with his hands. "We were interrupted before you had the chance to answer…"

Cloud's heart flew to his throat.

"… What's your sexual orientation?"

The blonde felt himself go weak, unprepared for the question as he had been before.

Would he have answered Zack if Sephiroth had not entered?

What would he have said?

Cloud didn't see the Soldier as a judgemental person, or as someone that would at all mind.

It would be nice to confide in someone, be honest about his feelings, ease the burden of the secret.

The blonde smiled up at him. "I'm straight… why?"

Zack was silent for a second or two, thinking about the response he'd been given, not knowing whether to be surprised or whether he'd even doubted it in the first place.

"It doesn't matter either way," he laughed, quickly repositioning the towel. "I was just curious after our conversation earlier."

Zack practically purred out his final comment. "Well, we've all thought about it at one point, haven't we?"

The blonde practically spat blood.

Now he wasn't sure whether he'd made the right decision in lying.

Cloud laughed nervously back at him, shuffling himself against the sofa, wishing he could be honest. He wanted to desperately confide in him, but feared Sephiroth's reaction if he were to find out.

And then reality hit him once more.

"There's something I need to do."

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