Jane sighed for the nth time that day. Darcy looked on in concern, but knew better than to approach her. The worried girl just turned back to her work. The sooner she finished, the sooner they were just half a step closer to completing Jane's research.

They were in a new, bigger, better research center. It was two in the morning some time in the middle of the week. Jane lost count of the days easily lately. Notes, coffee mugs, figures, and various other things littered her desk. She ignored them in favor of sorting a progressively difficult equation.

Things had been like this since Thor left, six months ago now. Jane spent the first few days waiting. She didn't eat, barely left the landing site, and refused to believe anything but that he would return. Until she came to terms and realized something went wrong, she was practically a robot. After that, she began to work obsessively on finding a way to bring him back. Many different theories were drawn up, disproved, and discarded. This was her cycle until she was only left with one. Now, she was working on her originial theory and had improved upon it. It seemed like it could work. If she could just finish this equation, he could be back in a matter of weeks. If she could just finish the damn equation! If she could just... If...

Darcy jumped at Jane's sound of frustration. She didn't flinch when the woman stood up and slammed one of her binders (no doubt containing information she deemed useless) against the wall. Papers flew everywhere and Jane merely slid down the wall as tears soaked her face. Darcy's heart fell to the floor. Jane was so torn up lately; she was in so much pain. And not like bad-break-up pain, but like husband-dying-in-a-forgien-country-at-war pain. It was very well a possibility that Thor was dead, but Jane hadn't let herself come to that yet. But Jane was here and now, and she was crying again. Darcy and Jane weren't incredibly close, but Jane didn't have anyone else that she could confide in here. S.H.I.E.L.D. was pretty strict about not telling any outsiders that the hunky man in her Facebook picture was a god from another galaxy.

"Jane," Darcy said softly. She approached her friend slowly, hoping this wasn't one of the times Jane was mad at everyone in the universe that wasn't the god of thunder. Jane looked up at her pathetically. Awkwardly, she gathered the sobbing woman in her arms and let her cry. Again. This was a regular thing lately. "Its alright. We'll figure it out. You know we will."

Her hands bunched up back of Darcy's shirt. "I don't know if I can. Its just so hard. If Erik were here to help, or if I could just stop crying for five minutes... If I didn't feel so miserable all the time. If Thor would just come back!" After a few minutes of sobbing and sniffling, she mumbled against her friend's shoulder, "I miss him."

"I know you do. I miss Zeus too. He'll come back. And if he can't, we'll bring him back. Then he'll be here to eat all the Poptarts and slam coffee mugs around. But we have to work for it. That's why you have me slaving away at the computer day and night, going over notes. It's also why we're out of coffee." Her joking brought a light smile to Jane's face, but the worried crease in her forehead deepened.

"I'm sorry I'm working you so hard. You can take time off-"

"No," Darcy cut in. "I'm perfectly happy being a slave to bring back your hunk."

Jane smiled wanely. "Thank you, Darcy."

"No problem boss. Now, pick up your notes and get back to that damn math I don't understand."

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