A/N: I am bestowing you guys with my first Corpse Party fanfiction, although it is my second one ever. It is told from Ayumi's point of view, and takes place the moment Mayu dies, or a few moments afterward. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Slowly, the scene before me cleared up. I saw…blood. Blood. More blood. Organs, innards, more blood. Bits of clothes, hair, whole parts. Everywhere. On that wall, spread out for the whole world to see, it seemed. And that's when I finally became truly scared.

Sure, there were the bodies, rotting or freshly killed. Or even the small fits of possession (that I wasn't telling Yoshiki about) and my worry for my and the others.

But this…this was horrifying. Poor girl. I mean, he must have been terrified, forget me. I simply saw. She actually experienced. Yoshiki was still in the infirmary.

I had ran out as soon as I heard a scream, followed by a loud noise. Just before, those 3 child revenants had taken Mayu outside of the infirmary. They flung her down the hallway at full speed, resulting in her crashing eventually.

Mayu was a good a person. Today, the cultural festival was her last day here at Kisaragi Academy. She was moving, a great loss to us all. Especially Morishige. They were like brother and sister. Instead, though, we end up in a cursed, abandoned elementary school in another dimension. Then, she ends up dead. In a horrible way, too.


This was the first thing I had screamed out. Then I ran to the hallway, saw the mass of meat, my vision blurred, and then I saw the gory scene again.

I had fallen to my knees. Then, "Shinozaki! Shinozaki, wait! Come back! Shinozaki!" Kishinuma-kun was calling me. He stopped when we was about 3 feet way from me. "Wha…What? What is this? Suzumoto…" Yoshiki seemed to be boiling with anger. "I HATE THIS! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE!" I hated this school, those ghosts, everything! And…Yoshiki. For not protecting…me? Yes, me.

I ran off, not looking back. I could still hear Kishinuma as he called my name. "Shinozaki! Shinozaki! Shinozaki, wait! Shino-." Suddenly, Yoshiki's voice cut off.

It was followed by nothing. No scream…nothing. He was alive, but maybe…

Maybe he just didn't care.