Uncertain Ch1 – The Beginning

A/n: So, I began this little fic about six months ago as a O/s for a contest...got frustrated and gave up. Then, one day driving home, it all played out before me...and it became a fic of it's own. I've been working on it for the longest time, making a promise to myself to NOT post any new fics that I don't have completed. This one is almost written in it's entirety...it's going to be around 25 ch's and I have up to ch19 written.

It's going to post BPOV on Tuesdays and EPOV on Thursdays. However, there will be two chapters today. THis is the beginning... a prologue of sorts but not a true prologue...just a glimpse into the actual beginning of B/E's relationship. You'll understand later;)

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So, I give you...Uncertain.


My eyes didn't want to open because I was so warm and comfortable. But, my bladder was about to explode so I knew that I had no choice.

I slowly opened my eyes and instantly scrambled to the edge of the bed.

He was real.

He was naked.

In my bed.


As the reality of last night came crashing down I felt the delicious soreness all over my body.

I've never had any man take control of me that way, much less make me feel as amazing as he had.

I continued to stare at him before my eyes roamed over his luscious body.

This man was gorgeous and way out of my league.

But, there had been this undeniable chemistry between us which is exactly what had led me to this moment.


Squeaky clean, boring and plain Bella Swan waking up beside this gorgeous sex God.

"You're thinking way too hard for this early in the morning, beautiful." I heard his raspy sleep filled voice say as I brought my eyes up to meet his half opened ones.

I smiled and giggled as he smirked at me while he brought a hand up to cup my cheek.

"God, you look even more beautiful in the morning light." His words twirled around my head and made me dizzy. No one ever told me that I was beautiful, well except my dad, years ago.

I hid my face behind my hair as I looked down at his long arm outstretched as he ran a soothing thumb across my cheek.

If this was heaven, I didn't want to return to earth.

"What's got you thinking so hard this morning?" He asked as he turned onto his side to face me.

His hair was a crazy clusterfuck of sexiness, his jaw held a slight brush of stubble and those green eyes bore into mine with a softness that made me all mushy inside.

"How perfect it is to have you here this morning." I finally answered in a whisper.

And, I felt the blush creep across my cheeks as he smiled at me.

"There's nowhere else I'd rather be, Bella." He said as he slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.

I sighed against his mouth and when he pulled back I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

"Would you rather I left?" He asked with his brows furrowed. Damn, even worried he was sexy.

"No … not particularly. It's just, well, men like you don't usually notice girls like me much less want to stay the morning after." I admitted, and suddenly felt ashamed.

"Bella, I think that we both know there's more to this," he points between us, "thank just a quick fuck."

I nodded slowly, "I'm glad that you feel it too."

We got out of bed, took a hot shower, where he proceeded to wash my entire body, then we made breakfast together.

Masen and I spent the entire day in bed and when night came he made love to me like I'd never experienced before. He kissed me and whispered sweet words to be when I cried as we came together.

He promised that he wouldn't leave my side.

And, then Monday morning I woke up to an empty bed.


I had just had the most amazing weekend of my entire life.

Bella was the one I had spent my whole life waiting for. I knew that after spending that first night with her.

She was beautiful, precousious , and completely down to earth. She didn't have any idea just how amazing that she is.

Her body was small and fantastic, it fit perfectly with mine. It responded to my every touch and she willingly gave it over to me time and time again.

It was by far the best sex that I'd ever had.

I couldn't believe that she was single and willing to be me .

While I'd had my share of women in my bed, I'd never had someone that moved me the way that Bella did.

What I hadn't intended on was being thrown into a shit storm upon leaving her house.

I left her house, and went directly to the hospital to begin my seventy-two hour shift. I had planned on going to see her as soon as I got off work but sleep depravation begged me to go home and catch some shut eye.

I was going to get some much needed sleep and then take her some flowers so that I could ask her out on a proper date.

Twelve hours later I was awoken to a banging on my front door and someone relentlessly ringing my doorbell.

"Irina, what do you want?" I asked, completely frustrated and pissed that she woke me up.

"We need to talk, Edward." She said and pushed her way into my apartment.

Irina and I had dated off and on since High school. We simply couldn't make it work but we continued to try over and over. I don't know why, I guess maybe both of us were scared of letting go completely of the other.

We were each other's safety net.

"What do we have to talk about, Irina? We've been broke up for over three months ." I said as I watched her get comfortable on my sofa.

I sighed, shut the door and walked into the living area to join her.

"I want to try again. But, I think we should actually try getting engaged this time. I think that it's time that we both realize that we ultimately belong together." She said as her eyes held nothing but sincerity.

I blew out a breath and immediately saw Bella flash through my mind.

"I don't know if I can do that this time, Irina." I said as I stood up to go make some coffee.

"Edward, I love you, I've always loved you. I know we had a nasty time of it last time, but I've changed. I've realized that living without you isn't what I want." Her soft voice pulled at my emotions and I fought within myself not to give in to her easily.

Bella was what I wanted.

I knew that in time, I might just have a lasting chance with her.

Irina and I talked well into the night before I agreed to meet her in a few days when I'd had more sleep and time to think about it.

Then her mother and my own mother intervened.

I gave in and accepted the fact that I might have been delusional in thinking that someone as young as Bella would want a life with someone like me.

I loved Irina.

Maybe I could forget about the weekend with Bella and make a decent life with Irina.

Things fast tracked and I got scared.

I went looking for Bella a few weeks after that weekend but no one answered her door. I decided to leave a note.

Came by to see you, give me a call, would love to see you again, Edward

(555) 456-1212

When I didn't hear from her, I assumed that she didn't want to see me again and I gave up looking for her.

I gave in to Irina's request to get engaged.

And, a week before the wedding, I went looking for Bella once again. I hadn't seen her in almost four months, but, I had to give it one more try.

I had to know if she felt anything, anything at all for me.

If she did, I would walk away from Irina and try to figure things out with Bella.

But, her roommate, that I didn't know she had informed me that due to some unusual circumstances that Bella had moved out of the College apartments to somewhere off campus. She wouldn't give me her phone number or last name, either.

Once again, I left a note for her, just in case she came by to visit her friend for any reason.

What I wouldn't give to go back to that Monday morning and make sure that she had my information before I left.

But, now I was stuck.

And miserable.

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