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4 Months later

My eyes opened slowly as the soft morning sun began to fill the horizon. I stretched and felt for Edward but realized the bed was empty except for me.

I felt the panic rise but then quickly giggled at my realization.

Today was my wedding day.

Today I would become Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen.

He'd already made all of my dreams come true, so today would just be the icing on the cake for me.

I couldn't contain the giddiness I felt as my happiness washed over me.
How far I'd come within the past year, hell how far we'd come together was a feat I would never take for granted.

A soft knock on the door caused me to snap back to the present and out of my daydreams.

"Come in," I called to the room and sat up slowly against the headboard.
Liz Masen's beautiful face poked in the door as a smile from her face blinded me.

"Good morning, my precious daughter," her voice soft and soothing my nerves. She opened the door and appeared to have a cup of coffee in each hand as she approached the bed.

"Did you sleep well?" Her eyes taking me in as she offered me a cup of morning goodness.

I nodded and smiled, accepting the mug, "I did."

"Are you ready for today?" Her hand came up to move some hair from my face as she spoke to me, ever the loving mother.

"I am," I giggled and leaned into her touch as her hand remained on my cheek.

"I'm so proud of you and Edward. You've both accomplished so much. But you, my precious child, you've truly completed our family in a way we didn't even know we needed." A tear slipped down her cheek as I tried to hold my own at bay.

"Thank you, Liz, for everything. But mostly for just loving and accepting me into your family, especially when I didn't feel worthy of your love," I paused and closed my eyes.

"Anthony would always have been your family because of Edward, you didn't have to accept me, but you did and I'll be eternally grateful for that," I whispered and opened my eyes to see her smiling through more tears.

She leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead just as a sigh came from the doorway.

"It starts already," Alice whined and swiped her own tear from her cheek.

Liz stretched out an arm for her to join us on the bed.

We spent a few minutes chatting before Alice declared I was wasting prime preparation minutes and forced me into the shower.

Three hours later, I sat in the back of the limo as we drove to the church. My hair had been washed, styled and now laid down my back in a heap of curls. My face was made up softly and allowed me to feel as beautiful as I felt on the inside. My dress lay in a bag on the seat across from me, while Liz sat on one side of me with Angela on the other.

Rose and Alice sat on the seat across the way as we all smiled, laughed and tried not to cry on this last part of my journey to reach Edward at the end of the aisle.

"You all look so beautiful," I remarked as I took in the most important women in my life, all dressed up and ready to stand with me at the front of the church.

"Thanks for not picking out some hideous dress that would make me feel fatter than I already feel," Angela chimed in and groaned as I reached over to smooth my hand over her newly plumped out baby bump.

"She's just growing in there, and trust me, you aren't fat," I teased and laid my head on my sister's shoulder.

"Meredith should start showing soon, too," Rosalie added and we all smiled at her. She and Emmett had finally chosen a surrogate and the implantation had resulted in pregnancy. Their surrogate was almost at the four month mark and they were thrilled.

"Is she coming today?" Liz asked, happy to include the generous woman she now considered family.

Rose nodded and smiled, "I think she and Emmett will be friends for life, they've bonded over football for sure." It had been tricky to schedule our wedding around his football schedule but thankfully we'd chosen a weekend he had a bye-week. However, he'd have to fly out tonight as soon as the reception was over.

"Are the two of you going to stay in Austin for the pregnancy?" Angela asked.

"We're going to try and go to as many of the games as possible until she's no longer able to fly," Rose answered.

"Well, Alice is next I guess," Liz teased and the horror on Alice's face made us all laugh.

"Bite your tongue, Mother. I'm way too young to be a mom, I make a better aunt anyway." Alice exclaimed and we only laughed harder.

"I love having all the babies around but seriously, I'm not ready to share Jasper yet. Besides, after seeing his brother Garret going through the hell with having twins, I'm not so sure I'm ready to even have kids." She winced and straightened her dress against her thighs.

"We're here," the driver announced as we pulled to a stop.

I took a long deep breath as the nerves began to take hold.

Everyone looked to me and smiled, tears in their eyes.

"Let's do this," I said with a huff and they all laughed, swiping tears as well.


Our family and friends filled the small chapel, fresh flowers fragrantly filled the air and music hummed in my ears as I stood with my son at the end of the aisle. My eyes could bore a hole into the wooden doors at the end of the path where I knew she would arrive.

I could hear my dad fidgeting with Anthony, I could feel the beat of the music all around me, but I held my breath when the doors opened.

Rosalie looked radiant in her pale yellow gown, she smiled and walked to take her place. Next came my baby sister looking gorgeous in her pale purple gown. Then came Angela in her pale green gown, her small stomach starting to show the baby growing inside of her. She winked at me and I smiled with pure love for my new sister.

The music changed, and then I saw Ben step forward with my Bella on his arm. She looked more radiant than I'd ever seen. Her gown was simple but elegant, it showed the world exactly who she was.

My eyes watered with the love filling my body as she took each step closer to me.

"Mommy," Anthony squealed and took off running towards her.

I went to go after him but Bella shook her head to tell me it was fine. She released Ben's arm and took the hand of our son instead. I couldn't help but laugh, as did everyone else in the room.

It's only appropriate our little boy walk his mom down the aisle.

I wiped a tear from under my eye and smiled at the scene before me.

We eventually situated Anthony between us and were able to recite our vows. Dad finally took Anthony so we could kiss, but then he was right back in my arms, where he belonged as we were pronounced husband, son and wife.

The three of us walked out of the church as the family we were but now legally joined for the whole world to know.

We got into the limo that was to drive us to the country club for our reception, and I couldn't keep my hands off my wife, regardless of our babbling son in between us. We hadn't prepared for his attendance with us so we didn't have a carseat, but we buckled him up between us as we drove the few miles down the road.

"I love you, Mrs. Masen," I purred just before I captured her lips in a kiss.

"I love you, too, my husband," her eyes gleamed at me as we stared at the other.

"Lah, Daddaaa," Anthony chimed in and I couldn't help but laugh at him wanting to be included. We pulled him to us and together, we nuzzled kisses all over him.

I placed my hand on Bella's stomach, still flat and soft, not yet filled with another baby, but soon we hoped it would be.

"Soon, baby, soon," Bella's hand covered mine and we smiled at one another before leaning in for a soft kiss.

"We're here," the driver called back to us as we sat in the car waiting to depart.

"Ready to go eat cake?" I asked the two of them as they both nodded in response.

The reception was a blur of family and friends, drinks and congratulations. But the whole time, my mind was on getting Bella out of here and on the plane that would take us on our honeymoon.

I couldn't wait to have her completely alone and naked for six wonderful nights.



I stretched and yawned only to be met with a deep chuckle under my chin.

"I can't imagine why you would still be tired after sleeping for a measly four hours," Edward's voice still thick with sleep as he tightened his arms around me.

"Wow, I think I've used muscles in my body I didn't know were there," I mused with my own sleep-filled voice.

He rumbled a laugh once more, "I must say, we did have quite the workout last night."

"Thank goodness we were able to get all that sand off, though," I quipped and scrunched up my nose at the thought of how much sand there would be in the shower this morning.

"Mmm, but so worth it, wouldn't you say?" Edward's voice now soft and reverent as he remembered our beach escapade.

"Totally," I smiled and lifted my head to look at him.

"You are so beautiful," he remarked and moved some of my hair behind my ear.

I smiled again and knew my cheeks were ablaze with a blush.

I pulled up to kiss him but moaned at how sore my arms were.

"I would say we take it easy today, but we're on our honeymoon and I have no intentions of wasting one minute of our time alone," he said before he captured my lips in a kiss that would have buckled my knees had I been standing.

It didn't take but a few more seconds before I was sitting on top of him, moaning like a whore in church as I rode my gorgeous man for all it's worth.

"Fuck, I love watching your tits bounce like that," he growled and cupped both of my breasts and thrust up into me.

I threw my head back and relished his hands on me and the feel of his body filling mine completely.

"Come for me, love. Come all over me," he barked and began to pump harder, sitting up so that we clutched the other fiercely while we continued to fuck.

"Yes, yes, yes," I moaned when he hit that perfect spot and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before he caused me to shatter.

I felt the sensation roll through me as I fell apart in his arms, but I knew the moment he fell because he clenched my hips and chanted my name with his face in my neck.

We were goo. But, both completely sated. I knew I'd be walking funny when Saturday rolled around, that's for sure.

"I bet I knocked you up that time," he joked and I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn't see it.

"Edward, seriously?" I laughed and teasingly swatted at his back.

"What? It's the truth, I came really hard and deep inside of you that time," his voice light and jovial. He was truly loving this mission of 'try and knock up my wife' bit.

"I hope so, but it'll happen when it's supposed to," I reminded him as he sat up to look at me.

"I'm a doctor, I know things," his eyes danced as he pointed to his naked chest with his thumbs.

I shook my head and laughed.

"Whatever you say, Dr. Masen," I playfully replied.

We spent pretty much that entire first day in Fiji in bed, other than the dinner we ordered to eat on our patio. We had to dress then, but I simply pulled a sundress over my bare skin and left the rest alone. There was no point. I knew Edward wanted to go skinny dipping again, and I didn't want to waste the time putting on more than necessary.

"What do you have lined up for when we get back?" I asked Edward as we sat down to eat our steak and lobster dinner.

"Well, that kind of depends on you. I mean, I let the partners know I would be limiting my days to twice a week as most of my patients are early on in their pregnancies. I want to see all of my current ones to completion, then I will go to a rotating schedule for the duration of my contract." He spoke while going to work on his lobster tail.

"Is that really what you want, Edward? You love being a doctor and you worked so hard to get into this practice." I was worried he'd grow to regret having given up his position within the practice he'd joined.

He smiled, finished chewing his food then looked at me, thoughtfully.

"Bella, when I originally applied to become a partner in this practice, you and Anthony weren't in the picture. I did it, well, you know why. But, it wasn't how I imagined my own practice to be. I want my care to mean something to those that need my care." Edward was passionate about what he wanted to do with his medical knowledge, that much I knew.

"So you still think you and dad will get a clinic opened downtown?" I asked as we hadn't really talked about it in a while.

He nodded and drank from his beer before he wiped his hands and went back to his lobster.

"He's pretty confident we can get the building we'd looked at a while back, now we just have to secure the licensing and funds. We've got a few backers, but it has to be a self-sustained clinic before I can hire a staff to accomplish what I want to do," he shrugged and took another drink of his beer.

"You'll get it done." I reassured him and we continued to talk about what we wanted to do at the house and a few charity events Liz had coming up.

"Let's go for a walk on the beach," Edward suggested after we'd finished eating.

He stood and held out his hand for me, I readily accepted and we made our way down to the shoreline out our backdoor.


As we walked down the beach, the sun almost gone from the horizon, we were silent except for the crashing waves.

"The night I met you, I envisioned this as our life together," I spoke, while we strolled.

"Seriously?" Bella questioned me.

I laughed as she gave me this look like I was crazy.

"Yes, really. I saw this life, our life, just as blissfully happy as it is right now." I admitted.

She leaned into me, her head on my shoulder as we slowed our pace down a bit.

"I did too," she sighed. But then she pulled her head up to look at me.

"I mean, I never imagined us on the beach, on our honeymoon, but I saw a loving relationship with us together." Her nose scrunching up as she spoke because she couldn't form the right words to convey what she wanted to say.

"I know what you mean, love," I said with a chuckle and then kissed her temple.

"Our love, that's what I could see, is what I meant to say," she finally said, confident.

"Our cocoon," I spoke gently and stopped us from walking to pull her in my arms.

A Month Later

"Edward, please stop pacing," I yelled at him as he wore out a hole in the carpet in front of the bathroom door.

He stopped moving, turned to face me as I sat on the edge of the bed and he ran a hand through his unruly hair.

"I wish you'd have come to the clinic for a blood test, baby," he whined before he made his way over to sit on his knees before me.

"I peed on a Dollar Store stick last time, no need to change the routine now." I tried to smile at him only to see him grimace and pinch the bridge of his nose.

The ding of the timer stilled us both.

"Together," he whispered and grasped both of my hands in his.

"Together," I confirmed and rose from the bed.

We held hands and walked into the bathroom together.

"You look first," his anxiety clear in his voice.

I stopped in front of him, clutched his face in my hands where his eyes frantically searched mine.

"We look together, baby," I said just before I tiptoed up to kiss his lips.

"Together," he mumbled and looked over my shoulder.

We both moved toward the little white stick lying on the vanity.

"Two pink lines," his voice trembled as he reached out to pick it up.

I smiled, "Two pink lines." I felt like I released a breath I'd been holding for a month.

"It's absolutely certain," he smiled as he glanced up at me, more love shining in his eyes than I'd ever seen.

"No more uncertain doubts," I whispered just before his lips touched mine.

The End

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