"Go back to bed Sara."

"Is he coming back?"

"We'll make sure he comes back baby. Just go on back to bed, I'll be up to tuck you in, in a few minutes." Sara reluctantly turned and slowly started to walk the other way when Jessica impatiently said, "Now Sara Amanda Winchester!" There was a loud huff and the sound of feet on stairs.

And as soon as those sounds diminished Jessica whirled on her husband, her eyes blazing and she smacked him on the shoulder. "You're just going to let him leave like that?! Go stop him! He can't…do…whatever dangerously stupid thing he intends to do for us!" As she ranted she grabbed her coat and slippers and was getting ready to go out there and after a man she knew very little and stop him.

Sam reached out and put a hand out, stopping his wife from rushing past him out of the door, he ignored the glare she was giving him and put his other hand into his pocket and pulled out a couple of wires. "He's not going anywhere without spark plugs." Sam said calmly and watched out of the front window.

She stopped all motion and looked up at her husband surprised and awed. "You knew?"

"That he'd try to leave all heroic like?" Sam nodded sadly. "Yeah. I did. Dean is a lot of things, but he is always willing to give everything he has to protect others, even if that means giving up his life, that is something about my brother that will absolutely never change. No matter how old he gets or how long it has been since the last time I saw him."

And sure enough Sam he saw his brother angrily making his way back to the house, he threw open the door, and if looks could kill, Sam would be dead and set on fire.

Dean got into Sam's face, fractions of an inch from his brother's nose. "You give me those God damn spark plugs now." Dean said in a low grumble that would have sent most men to their knees, and probably made most of the immortal supernatural baddies that his brother fought stop and think for a second. But Sam wasn't an ordinary man, he was a Winchester, and Winchesters didn't scare that easily.

"No." Sam said simply.

"Give them to me." He said again.

"What part of you are not leaving don't you understand Dean?"

"Whatever. Car, no car. I'm getting the hell out of here." Dean went for the door, opened it, and the door slammed shut in front of him. Dean's expression changed from one of anger to one of alert, and he reached for the gun in the back of his jeans.

"You aren't going anywhere, Uncle Dean." Sara stood in the doorway, nightgown moving in the power of the invisible wind that the demon inside the little girl carried inside of her.

"Sara?" Jessica asked in a quivering voice.

"That's not Sara anymore." Dean said softly. "What do you want?" Dean asked the demon."

"Oh, I've got everything I want right here. I have the entire Winchester clan." The demon wearing his niece's face came to stand in front of Sam. She stood on her little girl toes, polished in princess pink, and ran a hand down Sam's chest and gave a flirtatious smile. "I have little Sammy Winchester. We've waited a long time to have you in our sights Sam."

"Get out of my daughter." He said, his voice quivering with fury.

"Oh, really Sam, is that the best you can do? Can't remember those exorcisms that you had memorized all of those years ago?" Sam licked his lips and tried to recall the first words of the exorcism that all of those years ago had been like a reflex, but the words wouldn't come, he couldn't even form the sounds that he needed in order to form the words. He was so stuck on the fact that it was his little girl who was housing the demon that he was rendered speechless.

"Big bad Sammy Winchester can't do it anymore." The little girl spun and clapped her hands. "This is perfect! It all went according to plan!"

"What plan?" Dean finally asked.

"To wussify your little brother." She said in her little girl voice. "Sam could have been one of the most feared hunters in the world, but thanks to a few well-placed demons, he went to college instead of staying with you, he married instead of helping you and your father and that old coot stop yellow eyes, he became a laywer and a father instead of knowing what was going on out there and preparing for it. It made him weak. It made him ordinary. So, now, what will you give me to leave your precious daughter in one piece?"

"What?" Sam asked

"Sam. Stop. Don't talk to it." The demon turned from Sam and set its sights on Dean. The little girl walked closer to Dean and grabbed his hand and began to examine his calloused fingers. It took all Dean had not to jerk back in disgust.

"Oh Dean, really? You're going to tell your brother who he can and can't talk to? That's rich. Even for you." Tinkling laughter erupted from the little girl. "Coming from the man who's soul was sacrificed for Sam's safety, and the only catch…you couldn't come see him or talk to him or have any contact with him." The laughter erupted again. "And here we are, because you are sooooo lonely, so pitiful, so sad, so totally and utterly pathetic, you wasted your father's bargain, you wasted his life, and you are now the one responsible for him suffering in hell for eternity for absolutely. No. reason. What-so-ever." She pirouetted again and laughed.

Dean's nostrils flared and anger burned in his dilated eyes. Through gritted teeth Dean began, "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus," The demon inside the little girl began to scream. When Dean took a breath she blurred to him and had him by the throat, effectively stopping the words.

"Angry much? Anger clouds your judgment Dean, clouds that feeble little mind of yours. No devil's trap, no exorcism. And if you try to pin me in one, I'll destroy this little girl. I may end up back in hell, but this little girl will be dead. Is that what you want?"

Dean looked over and Saw Jessica crying and his brother struck and panicked. He brought this down on them. If anyone in this room was going to die, it wasn't going to be this little girl who had him by the throat, it was going to be him, this would be Dean Winchester's last rodeo.