"Tell me about my father?" Henry asked looking up at me with those curious eyes I never could really deny. I drew in a shakey breath, Tell the kid about his father? Truth was, I didn't want to travel down that road, didn't want to think about any of it, but there the kid was, asking for answers he had every right to, but was he ready for them? More importantly was I ready to tell him? Was I ready to tell him that even though I didn't believe in any of his fairy tale fantasies, I Knew without a doubt that monsters were really out there? He'd think me a hypocryte. Maybe I was one, but even so, would I be able to bring myself to tell him about his dad, the womanizing jerk of a hero? No, but I don't think I'd ever be able to.

Dean winchester had been a breath taking heart breaker, even at 19, and that kid left me broken hearted, knocked up, and maybe a bit cynical. He'd been in town investigating some local disapearences with his dad, little brother tagging along. In typical Emma fashion, I found myself right in the middle of things. The thing Dean called an Arachnes, nearly ended my life. He saved me, and countless others had him to thank for their lives as well. It was only right I thank him by allowing him to take me on a date or two, before making out in the back of that beautiful car of his, led to much more. By the time I knew I was pregnant, His dad had already taken them off to save someone else's day. I had no clue how to get a hold of the guy, which left me unable to tell him anything. I doubt he would care anyways. I didn't even know the guy had skipped town until three days after he was gone. Dean was just a jerk in a hero's outfit.

But would I really tell that to Henry? Would I really want the kid to know what his dad really was? No. I wouldn't, and I hope I never have to tell him. So Instead I lied, I cut out the bad ugly parts, and made Dean Winchester into the hero I once thought him to be. Changed monster hunter to Firefighter. This way, even though it wasn't entirely true, Henry could feel a little proud.