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Hey stranger,

Long time no talk. I hope this reaches you, in my line of work I hear some random things, one of those things being an address I could send you a letter where it might eventually reach you. Though in my line of work that could also be a load of bull. I think it's time I told you a few things, but I'm not going to make it any easy on you either. You have to read my story. Don't worry if you can't put the pieces together right away. Things will explain themselves pretty quickly, if your memory is worth more than I give it credit for.


"Tell me about my father?" Henry asked looking up at me with those inquisitive eyes I was finding harder and harder to deny. As if I have denied them once since he showed up in my apartment demanding to know me. Focus Emma. I scolded myself drawing in a shaky breath.

Tell the kid about his father? Truth was, I didn't want to travel down that road again. Not yet anyways. But here the kid was asking for answers he has every right to get, but was he ready for them? More importantly was I ready to give them? Was I ready to tell Henry that even though I didn't believe in his fairy tales I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that monsters exist? That he should be afraid of the monster under his bed, and terrified of the things that go bump in the night? He'd think me a hypocrite! Well, I guess I am one... but even worse than him knowing my hypocrisy, would have been him knowing what his dad really is, a womanizing jack ass. I'm not sure I'd ever be able to tell him that.

See, I was 18, on my own in a new town. The thing about being a foster kid is if your fosters don't care for you much you aren't their problem anymore at that age, so out I went. It took me a while but I had started up a job in a dinky diner to pay rent for a dinky apartment. It wasn't much, I wasn't happy, but it sure was something to be able to care for myself. Well, sort of. If I had looked into the local news before settling on Santa Cruz California, I would have known about the local disappearances from the board walk I worked and lived next to. However in typical Emma Fashion, I found myself right in the middle of things.

The day before my own disappearance I was working a double at the diner. Danny's Place, 50's themed dining experience complete with skates, warped floors, and hideous color schemes. Dinky, I told you. The skates were killing my feet. The AC was broken, and I felt like a mess under that fake smile covered in cherry red uniform lipstick. I was skating back from taking the order of a particularly unpleasant customer, cursing under my breath, when I failed to avoid "Undesirable No.1" The worst warped tile in the whole place, the one that never failed to knock employees right on their asses. There were other spots around the floor, but none quite as deadly as this one. I saw my skates rise above my head and braced myself for impact, but as luck would have it, I fell into someone's arms. You stranger, had walked in just a moment before and were walking behind me towards your table at the right moment.

Oh my word, Dean Winchester. You were a breath taking heart breaker. I wonder if you remember me yet? Have you connected the dots yet? I'm guessing not. Let me continue.

The Diner erupted in applause at your flawless save. Your father was smirking, adding to the applause sarcastically. Your kid brother laughing. At me or you I couldn't tell. And you and I were glued at the eyes. Quickly you got me steadied back on to my feet, gave me a moment, and allowed me tot take you to your table. The rest of your visit was unremarkable, aside from our glances occasionally meeting for longer than necessary for a server.

The rest of my shift was equally as uneventful, and the next day's closing shift dull as usual. The walk home however? Well I never made it home.

One moment I was walking down the street passed the board walk on my way home, admiring the lights of the night, the next I was in a warm inviting house. A woman with dark hair came into the room dancing with excitement. "Emma! Lookie what just came in the mail?!" She asked waving around a thick envelope.
"IT CAME?! DAD GET IN HERE!" I screamed in excitement. A tall blonde man entered the room in a hurry. It struck me then that neither of them actually had determinable faces. I realized in that moment these two strangers who were meant to be my parents weren't real. None of this was real. WAKE UP EMMA!

With a violent jerk I came to, my hands bound above my head suspending me from the ceiling. Next to me 4 other women hung. One at least a few weeks dead, two whose status I couldn't determine, and the one directly next to me, weak, unconscious, but still alive. That's when I saw him. A freaky looking man with glowing blue eyes. A Jinn, you would later tell me. He was surprised and angry to see me awake, no longer in that weird dream world. He wasn't sure how it could be possible, but that he could fix it. "Go back to see your parents Emma. What school did you get accepted into?" he asked grabbing me by the forehead with hands that glowed the same as his eyes, he meant to put me back under, but it didn't work. I played along like it did, but soon I was passed out in real exhaustion.

The next time I came to you were there in front of me. I almost would have thought it was another dream, but you cut me down, held me like you did back at Danny's and assured me this was real life.

"What about the others?" I croaked out.

"Only one other made it, his most recent victim before you."
"What happened?"
"Psycho lunatic. Dad's a bounty hunter, and I help. This sicko has been traveling up the coast of California kidnapping girls and slowly killing them." You lied through your teeth Dean Winchester.

"He had glowing blue eyes though? And his hands. And the weird dreams. He seemed to know what those dreams were. He seemed put off that I woke up, and tried to coax me back into those dreams. His hand glowed too." I started to ramble knowing how Crazy I must sound. But you just looked at me with this face that said Well I'll be Damned!

"Dad, I'm going to take the waitress out for some air." You called out helping me back to my feet and walking me outside. You told me all about the Jinn and how I had been missing for 3 days, but asked me to play stupid if your Dad asked me any questions. Jinn cases were sometimes easier to hide the supernatural you said. That night you asked me on a date for the following evening. It only seemed proper I thank you for saving my life by saying yes. Our first date you took me to the board walk to do some cliché teenager date things. It was possibly the best night of my life. For the next week we hung out every day after my shifts, until one day, my day off, kissing in the back seat of that beautiful car of yours turned into something more.

Have you connected the dots yet Dean? By the time I found out I was pregnant your dad had already taken you off to save someone else's day. I had no clue how to get a hold of you, and doubted you would care anyways. I mean seriously, you didn't even bother to tell me you left town! I found out three days after the fact that you had skipped town. A Jerk in a Hero's outfit, that's what you are. When Henry was born I still hadn't heard from you, and I knew I wasn't ready to be what this kid needed. I gave him up for adoption. The kid is smart though. Scary smart. He found me and dragged me back into his life. Since I learned of a possible way to get a hold of you if ever need be, I decided it is finally time to tell you that you have a kid. I never thought I'd have to use this address for you. I kept it incase one of my bounty hunts turned out to be your kind of hunt, not this. Guilt is getting to me though, you should at least know he exists.

Even with my guilt, and random need to tell you about him, I still had to ask myself "Can I really tell any of this to our son?" Did I really want to tell him who his dad was? No I didn't and I don't. So instead I lied, I cut out the bad and ugly parts, and made Dean Winchester into the hero I once thought him to be. Changed monster hunter to firefighter, and told him you died. This way even though its mostly untrue Henry can feel a little proud of his father.

You will notice there is no return address. I don't want you to find us.

- Emma

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