Authors Note: This is my first bit of fanfiction so critics are appreciated. This is yaoi (male on male sex) and pretty hard core-ish if I do say so myself. It would be rated MA if I could but we don't have that choice :P There are BDSM elements, neko fetish (a fetish where one is attracted to feline characteristics which will only entail ears, tail and slight behaviors in my story), and lots of other naughty things done between a student and teacher. It's slightly pedophilish but not really :P If you have a problem with Severus getting it on with a 16 year old Harry I suggest you read somewhere else... I hope however that those of you who do read it leave me a comment, this is an unfinished story it may take me a while to get it all up. (Gigity) I refuse to burden you readers with my daily life drama so this will be my only A/N :) (Update: this is a lie)

Have a good one. Oh, I don't get paid for this and not one of the Harry Potter characters, spells, ideas, words, etc etc etc are mine. Although I'd give my legs and my left arm for Snape :3 I'd need that other arm to do terrible things to him ;3

"Damn!" Harry muttered another string of curses, running down the hall to the potions class, he had mere minuets before he was late. "Damn that Malfoy I swear I'll hex his bollocks off for this, I look ridiculous!"

"Harry?" Ron stood just inside the chamber door to the potions class his mouth gaping. "Blimey what happened to you mate? You look like you made the same mistake Mione did with a polyjuice potion!" Ron stared at his friend and tried to hold in a laugh as Harry's tail twitched erratically at the comment. He failed miserably and dissolved into a fit of guffaws.

"That damn Malfoy prick cursed me, that bastard has taken it too far this time. Harry yelled furious as Ron laughed at his problem. "Madam Pomphrey doesn't even know how to reverse it, or even if it can be Ron, so stop laughing! I can't go in THERE looking like this, you've got to take this note to Snape, I can't let him or those damn slytherins see me like this!" Harry was fuming, his black tail was lashing violently and a pair of fluffy matching ears were pressed flat against his head as he paced outside the door. Snape would never be able to even consider respecting him if he entered the class looking like this.

Ron sighed and scratched his head as he looked at the note not even bothering to read it. "Sorry mate, that Malfoys a right git but with your tail all twitching I couldn't help it. I'll give the note to Snape but you seriously owe me for it." Harry nodded too distracted to care about anything else, he paced nervously as the bell rang and the students inside the classroom fell silent. "Guess I ought to get to class then, seeya at lunch mate, and don't worry I'm sure Mione can figure out something." Ron hurried into the classroom without waiting for a response and handed the note to Hermione.

"What's this? You've finally started taking notes is it?" Hermione teased as she read it but paled at the words. Ron was explaining that Malfoy had cursed Harry when a loud slam reverberated through the room making all the students jump.

The door slammed shut as Professor Snape stormed into the classroom, his robes billowing behind his dark form as if even they were afraid to touch him. They probably were.

"Silence, take out your potions texts and turn to page three hundred and eighty nine." He barked as he made his way to his desk, pulling the chair closer so he could take roll before noticing a certain annoyance was missing.

"Where has Mr. Potter gone off to? Or is he too good for my potions classes now?" Snape glared at the red headed imbecile as he paled and gaped awkwardly trying to form words. It was the Granger girl who finally spoke up for him.

"Harry's not feeling well sir, P-professor, Madame Pomphrey has requested he stay in the hospital wing, this is a note of excuse s-sir." Hermione stumbled slightly getting out of her chair before quickly dropping the note on his desk and scrambling back to her seat. Malfoy and several slytherins scoffed and snorted as she glared at them.

Snape raised an eyebrow at Grangers obvious discomfort, he was not being told the whole truth. He glanced over the note, the usual so and so was unfit for class until further notice etc. "And what exactly is wrong with that he is indisposed of? A splinter perhaps?" His voiced edged on borderline sarcasm and dark humor at the thought of Potter lain up in the infirmary for a rash action not even thought through

"I-I dunno sir..." Hermione hesitated looking over at Ron who subtly shook his head. Harry must be in bad shape for him not to want Snape to know.

"For once you don't know something Miss Granger." He swept up from his desk until he was looming over the girl. "I find this incredibly refreshing, perhaps you should-"

"He was cursed, he didnt want anyone to know but he was cursed its not his fault, one of YOUR slytherins did it!" Hermioned blurted out from her desk. Her face burned as he stared blankly at her. "All done Miss Granger?" Hermione groaned at her own idiocy and nodded.

Snape looked down at her and sneered before returning to his desk. "Twenty points from Gryfindor for that little outburst Miss Granger, and may I remind you not to accuse my house. Not. Without. Proof." He glared over the classroom. "As for the rest of you, any member from any house throwing around curses with be severely dealt with by the headmaster. I expect you all to remember that. And Miss Granger, if you have any qualms with one of my slytherins I suggest you take it up with the headmaster in his office. Not in my classroom."

"Yes sir" Hermione mumbled slowly sliding down in her seat and hiding her red face behind her textbook.

"Filthy little mudblood," Malfoy half whispered half growled loud enough for the girl to hear, "keep your mouth shut or you'll end up like Potter too."