Harry tromped up the stairs to the Great Hall, Severus would already be seated at the head table so he decided to make a beeline for the red shock of hair at mostly empty Gryffindor table. The remaining students shuffled to the other end of the table.

"Hey Ron." Harry sat down cautiously next to his friend, he had told him to bugger off last night so he could get laid…

"Oh just sit down already, I'm not going to shove ya off the bench." Ron mumbled gruffly and took another bite of a pumpkin muffin.

"Good morning Harry."

Harry glanced up at Hermione and smiled as she sat down.

"You're being supportive of Harry right Ron?" The witch glared over the table at the red head who gaped at her.

"C-course I am! Right Harry? I'm being supportive! Didn't even push him off the bench, right Harry?" He looked over at Harry nodding like a bobble head. He supposed if he was dating the witch he wouldn't want her ticked at him either.

Harry couldn't help but chuckle and nod back. "Yea, didn't even shove me off the bench Mione, promise, although I wouldn't blame him after last night."

Ron groaned and put his head on the table. "I was trying to forget about that thanks, not that I'm not being supportive but that was awkward as hell mate. Next time just stick a tie round the knob like normal blokes."

Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled at Harry. "So I take it the potion worked then? I wasn't sure it would, I thought he'd see me give it to you at the very least I assumed he would catch you putting it in the cup."

Harry winced when he remembered. "Yea, it was brilliant honestly, but I guess the tea was too strong and it masked the smell."

Ron jerked up and stared at them. "You mean you meant for him to find it?"

Hermione flushed and fidgeted before whispering heatedly across the table. "Well of course, you can't give a teacher a potion, besides it's Snape, of course he found it. Harry just wanted him to know he was tired of waiting." She glanced at Harry as if to confirm her statement.

"Actually… he didn't find it, and he drank most of the cup. I don't think he realized it until after you two left…" Harry mumbled deciding to take Ron's cue and stuff a muffin in his mouth.

Hermione gaped at him and quickly glanced at the head table where Snape was staring at their group, eyes narrowed.

"I-I… y-you didn't, didn't tell him I gave it to you did you? I mean, I-I'd take full responsibility for making it but um… I'd like to pass potions as well…"

Harry rolled his eyes and smiled. "Nah, I wouldn't tell him that, besides it worked out for the best mostly, so don't worry. Besides, how could he fail you on a perfect potion?" He couldn't help laughing as Hermione flushed.

"You really think it was perfect?"

Ron snorted and scooted closer to Harry so a cluster of Gryffindors could sit but they crammed in at the end up the table leaving a few feet between them. "You two are both bloody mental, you know that?"

Harry just shrugged grinning and started filling up his plate with scrambled eggs and sausage links. "Hey Hermione, did you finish you're astronomy assignment yet?"

She glanced up at Harry and tilted her head curious. "Yes, not that I'm letting either of you copy mind."

"H-hey I never said I wanted to copy it!" Ron burst out mouth full. Hermione just rolled her eyes and thrust her spare napkin at him.

"No, I don't want to copy either I was just wondering if you'd help me with the conclusion. Normally Severus would go over it but he has extra grading and a detention to watch over tonight." He huffed and shoved a bit of sausage down hardly bothering to chew. It didn't bother him, Snape was a professor, so it was to be expected, really.

Hermione traded glances with Ron and nodded. "Sure, how about tonight after supper, we can all go to the library and I can get in a bit of extra light reading before bed."

Harry grinned remembering their first year in the library and Hermione's idea of "light reading" was a bit on the heavier side.

"Sure, I'll let Severus know in case he gets back early, wouldn't want him and the fat lady getting into it again."

Ron snickered and buttered a raisin biscuit, "No kidding, I'm still surprised Neville survived to tell the tale."

"Well it was thanks to Neville that Snape survived Nagini's bite, even Professor Sprout and Madam Pomphrey admitted they couldn't have done it alone." Hermione glanced down the table and spotted said student with Luna Lovegood, presumably arguing by the looks at it. "He even got an order of Merlin, and acceptance into almost any Herbology school he wants."

"Yea, yea bloke's a hero, congrats, he still avoids Snape wherever he goes."

Hermione raised an eyebrow and smirked. "You aren't exactly on friendly terms with him either Ron."

"W-well no, but I mean come on, that would probably make Harry uncomfortable, right Harry?"

Harry grinned and rolled his eyes. "Oh yea Ron, definitely, I don't want you stealing my man." He snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Well regardless Ronald-" Hermione huffed as the bell for first class rang through the halls. "I guess we better get going, come on then Potions first."

Harry settled into his stool next to Hermione, ever since she found out about Snape she had taken the spot between Ron and himself to keep any conversations from sparking up and possibly getting Harry into trouble. Now that Ron finally knew everything he took his old spot between them.

"Did you finish the essay Harry?" Hermione whispered as she dug through her own bags to fish hers out.

"Course, it's not like I exactly can slack off, especially in this class." Harry set the roll of parchment in front of him before he glanced towards the door and waited.

The dungeon door swung open and Snape strode in, black robes still trailing fearfully behind him. Harry smiled, he actually liked watching the older man, especially when he wasn't aware of it.

"Five points from Gryffindor." Snape snapped as he snatched of a piece of chalk and scribbled instructions on the board.

Alright maybe the man did notice.

"What!?" Someone, probably Lavender Brown, in the back exclaimed.

"And another five points. Potter wipe that smile off your face or I'll have you scrubbing the first years' cauldrons."

Harry huffed and glared down at his essay roll. He knew he should act more outraged but he knew McGonagall would give him the points back later. "Yes sir."

He could have sworn he could hear the sharp intake of breathe from the other classmates but Snape only raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Learning some manners Potter? Perhaps I won't have to give you detention tonight."

Harry rolled his eyes and chose to ignore the remark; they played this game nearly every day. Harry would say something, anything, and Snape would tear him apart, it was odd but almost fun. Even if the class thought he was insane for picking fights.

Harry unrolled his parchment and scribbled a few lines at the bottom for Snape to read as he graded and smirked.

The roll of parchment startled and whisked itself into Snape's hand. "Ah, ah, if you aren't finished I am fully assured a few scribbled lines won't save you from a Troll Potter."

The rest of the class handed their essays in without incident and Hermione sat down. "Laying it on a bit thick today isn't he?"

Harry glanced up to see Severus was currently trying to pry an essay from Ron. "I think he's trying to make up for the detention comment earlier, doesn't want to seem soft on Mr. Potter." Harry snickered back as the Slytherins walked back to their seats glaring at one of the girls as she thumped into him on her way past.

"Silence. Now that I have all of the essays you will be making the Muffling Draught." The sound of texts thumping open and pages flipping interrupted him. "Anyone know what it does?"

Harry flipped through his book slowly, he knew the potion, Severus had even tutored him about it, if teasing someone about the effects and how it could be used for sex counted as tutoring. He flushed slightly and wriggled in his seat, that had been an interesting conversation.

Hermione's hand shot up, even now she still tried. It was in vain though as Snape gazed across her and Harry felt his eyes upon him as he found the potion in his text.

"Potter. Why don't you give us an idea."

Harry stared wide eyed at the man, he wasn't serious?

"I-I don't know sir…" He whispered his face heating up as the professor leered at him.

"Really now, you look to be on the correct page, can you not read now Potter or is it too beneath you? I suppose it would be too much to ask our savior to read now wouldn't it?"

Harry swallowed roughly and glanced down at the page, he could see Hermione blushing furiously, for him or because Snape still ignored her he didn't know.

"Created in the 16th century, and given as a gift to King Charles II by one of his alleged eight mistresses after she had been dismissed. It causes the user vocal numbness for up to twelve hours or as briefly as five minutes if properly dosed. Improper brewing can result in, swollen tongue or cheeks, a permanent inability to speak, and the reverse, an inability to stop speaking." Harry cleared his throat softly and glanced up to see Severus watching him curiously.

"Correct, the fury of a witch scorned. This potion is non-volatile while brewing, you have one hour, begin.

Harry glanced at the board and groaned. Snail slime was one of the first ingredients.

Half an hour later the room was filled with a sickly grey green smoke that left the entire room in a haze. According to the text it had to sit for the next half hour, that was right, a pale grey-green smoke was correct. Harry looked into his cauldron and scowled. It just didn't look right…

Glancing up at the front of the room he noted Severus was busy grading, the potion, as foul as it looked, was utterly harmless to brew and it seemed he deemed the class unworthy of his attention if they couldn't blow it up.

Harry dug in his bag for his old potions text feeling only a minimal pang of guilt for having lied about it burning in the Room of Requirement. It seemed his half-blood Prince had placed more than a few protective charms over it.

Flipping through he found the page and skimmed down over the mostly unmarked paged until he hit jackpot at the bottom. Don't wait the whole half hour; kill the flame when more green than grey and smoke is nearly pearlescent.

Harry grinned, he knew it. He turned the flame down to low and let it sit.

"You followed all the instructions right Harry?"

Hermione's whisper caught his attention as he put the old text away. "Yep, down to the last sentence." Just not our instructions.

"Good, see if you can help Ron, I think he's mucked his up…"

Harry turned to see blackish green smoke coming out of the cauldron and winced.

"Need some help?"

Ron looked up and shrugged, "Ah well, you know, never really been my thing anyway…"

Harry looked into and frowned, "You added the root too fast, give it an extra counter stir and a spoonful of slime, that should help."

Ron looked at him skeptically. "You sure?"

Harry licked his lips nervously and grinned. "It was something I read out of the Half-blood Prince's book."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Isn't that weird? I mean the fact that you had his book and now…" He shrugged, "I know that you guys are all whatever but it seems weird just the way things ended up."

Harry glanced up at the front, he was still grading papers. "Yea, a little, but I still think, I dunno maybe it was meant to be?"

"Yea or maybe Malfoy's just a git?" Ron grumbled and after giving the pot a quick turn dumped in the slime. The smoke faded to a light grey, lighter grey than Harry's but better than black.

"Well yea, but imagine if you got the book, I wonder if anything would have been different…"

Ron shuddered and shoved Harry off his stool. "That is sick mate, no offense on you but I wouldn't want to be stuck with Snape and I don't even want to think about the shagging."

Harry snickered and glanced at his potion, still fine. "Put the flame on low now." He pointed to Ron's fire and put his parchment papers away.

Hermione was watching her own pot avidly and Harry felt a little guilty. "Hey Mione, you shouldn't let it sit the whole half hour, let go just until its more green than grey." He gave her startled look a little smile.

"That's not more rubbish from that book is it?" She rubbed her arms crossly, "I can't believe you ever used that book.

"Mione… I uh, no um Severus has been tutoring me, he mentioned it is all. Thought it might help…" He couldn't meet her gaze as she straightened up.

"Oh well that's different. Honestly, taking the word of a student over a potions text is ridiculous."

Harry just rolled his eyes, he wasn't about to start this argument up again.


Harry felt a paper ball smack against the side of his head and glared at the Slytherin half of the class. A girl sneered at him and pointed to the floor. Confused he bent down to pick up the paper and straightened it out.

I know. We all know.

Harry felt himself freeze, his limbs went numb and everything slowly tuned out until all he heard was static rushing in his ears. They knew? If she knew, they all knew… they all knew… He felt the bile rising in the back of his throat and he pushed himself away from the counter and bolted out of the room ignoring the calls for him, the confused worried glances. He didn't know where he was going but he climbed the stairs out of the dungeons regardless, he needed air, he couldn't breathe. He was going to puke, he was definitely going to be-


Harry realized he was outside the girls lavatory, Moaning Myrtle was inside but right now he didn't care, his insides were churning. Ignoring the rising wailing from one of the stalls he picked the farthest one and tossed up his oatmeal gagging as the acidic taste coated his tongue. He heard a soft hiccupping sob behind him.

"H-harry? Is that you?"

He groaned and heaved up another mouthful. "Y-yes Myrtle, it's me." He heaved again and panted against the cold porcelain. "Sorry but I'm kinda busy…" His stomach lurched and he gagged but held it down as his panic subsided. He wasn't sure how he could handle this, he wasn't sure if he would ever want to leave this stall to be honest. Staying here sounded nice, Myrtle could chase anyone else away right?

"What's the matter Harry?" Myrtle popped up above the cubicle and folded her arms, resting them against the wood. She looked calm but Harry noted the creases in the corner of her eyes. Could ghosts get worry lines? Did they even change?


"I- uh, I honestly don't know…" Harry stared blankly at the wall and scooted back until he hit the stall door as far away from the vomit filled bowl as possible. "How do you tell the future will be better when the past keeps coming to bite you in the ass?"

"The past? Yours?" Myrtle sighed and looked around the bathroom. "It's strange honestly, having no future when you're dead. Everything is over, I have nothing to do but watch over this bathroom, to keep out students from the terrible fate I suffered and even that is over now." She sighed. "No don't look guilty over it Harry, I'm glad honestly. I just wish I had been less concerned with what everyone thought of me, I let my life be ruined over one boy's opinion of my glasses. I let my past become my future and now I can't escape it…"

Harry blinked at the somber tone and sighed. "I'm sorry… I never thought of it that way it's just…" He looked down at his hands like the answer would be there. "How do I move on from here? How do I stop what's happening now?" He looked up at the transparent face gazing down at him perplexed. "They know Myrtle, they all know about the bonding…"

"Oh my… Oh Harry I'm so sorry, does Severus know?"

Harry sucked in a breath, oh Merlin; he had left Severus, alone in a classroom of Slytherins who all knew his darkest secret. "I-I have to go back!" Harry scrambled off the floor and flushed the toilet before rushing out of the room slipping over the slightly wet floors.

Myrtle floated by the entrance and huffed. Honestly, one moment that boy was inconsolable the next he was dashing through the halls. He was such a… boy.

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