10 Years Later

This is Chloe

*Beep Beep Beep*

I turned and looked at the clock. It read 7:15, time to get up for school.

I got up and stretched. I had 7 hours of dance the previous night, and my

muscles were killing me. I walked into the bathroom my brother and I shared.

It looked like her hadn't been in here yet, which was always a treat.

Looking into the mirror I glanced at my refelection. I had bluey-green eyes with

gold specs in the middle. My hair was blond, but not overly blond. I had the

typical dancers body; Short and a petite frame. My hair was naturally wavy so

I could either curl it or straighten it. I washed my face and got out my curling iron,

today felt like it was going to be a good day.

After I had curled my hair, I went through my room into my walk-in closet. I

was one of those girls who had an over amount of clothes. Since my brother

and I's parents weren't in the picture that often I pretty much had free reign.

Give a sixteen year old a credit card and put her in New York City its to be

expected. I looked over my clothes and decided on a new Guess top that was

a little see-throughish but would be fine with a tank top. I added some cute

DKNY Skinny Jeans and heals with it. Then throwing my required school blazer over top.

Today was gonna be great.

The car drove my brother and I to the front gate of the school downtown. We walked next to each

other in comfortable scilence. Chris, my brother was at the awkward age of 14. Not really a pre-teen,

but not really acting like a teenager yet. He was a shy guy also. He had my blond hair, but a darker

skin tone, and his eyes were much bluer then mine.

"So I'll see you here again after school, OK?" I asked Chris

"Yeah, sure...Wait, I said I'd go over to Jake's house after school."

"Thats fine, But do Mom and Dad know?"

"You think they really care?" Chris asked.

"Hey, They care. Moms just busy in L.A managing her clients, and Dads got a lot going on with his work..."

"Chlo, Dads in still in New York and he sees us what, Every two weeks? Yeah he cares a lot all right." he replied in a harsh tone.

"Look we can talk more tonight, I'm cooking dinner. Be home on time." I warned.

"Yeah, Yeah OK Mom" He said while walking closer to the School door.

I walked in the school doors and to my locker. Where I saw my 3 best friends. Lydia- A girl whom I'd only met

this year, but bonded with instantly. She had really blond hair that went a little past her shoulders. She had a slender figure

and green eyes. She moved here from Canada last year.

Then there was Caroline- A girl who I met when I was 4. She is my very best friend. She has a similar hair colour to mine, a thin body,

and beautiful purple coloured eyes.

And Finally, Nate- My only guy friend. He had brown hair, a button nose, and emerald green eyes. I love talking

to Nate because I've always found it eaiser to talk to guys about my problems then girls.

I walked up to them.

"Hey guys, Thanks for waiting for me. Chris is upset about the rents again, I think." I told them quietly.

"Do you want me to talk to him, you know Man to uhh... Man?" Nate asked

I laughed. "It's fine. He just goes through times where he finds it harder."

"Well what about you? You seem so put together, but it's not easy not having any parents in the

picture and having to raise a 14 year old when your just 17..." Caroline asked me.

"I'm fine. I mean I have to be. I can't fall apart. I just have to keep feeding him false hope,

and also hoping myself that my parents will come through." I answered

* *

And with that we started walking to class. Today was still gonna be great, I was determined to make it.

School passed rather quickly and I waited for my car to come pick me up. I looked around the front

of the gate. There were some kids just lingering around waiting for cars, taxis, and buses I'm sure.

For late September it was freezing. I prayed the car wouldn't be any longer since my legs

were starting to feel numb, along with the rest of me. All of my friends had brought their

fall jackets today but I hadn't thought to. Thats what not having a mother does. No one to remind you

to bundle up. I hated these times. The times where I had time to think. It was Tuesday, so I didn't

have any dance until tomorrow. Which gave me time. My thoughts were interrupted by A black car with

a driver inside pulling up to the curb. Thank God.

When I got up to the Condo it was around 5. School ended at 3:45 but the traffic in New York City was so bad today

We were stuck in it for a good hour. I walked in the door and placed my keys on the rack. Hanging my blazer on its

hanger in the front closet. I looked at the answering machine. 1 new message. I pressed listen.

" Hey Chlo call me when you get this, It's Chris."

I pulled out my iPhone and dialed his number.

"Hey Chris, Whats up?" I asked, Slightly concerned.

"Jakes mom wants to know if I wanna stay for dinner, I can call a cab to take me back to the Condo."

"Uh yeah sure, I guess thats fine." I said slightly dissapointed. I was looking forward to not being all by myself


"Invite your friends over for dinner, They're probably not doing much tonight." Chris suggested.

" Yeah OK. Have fun!" I said slightly more cheerfully.

I sent a group text to my friends.

Hey guys, you wanna come over to my place? I can send a car. Chris

bailed on dinner and I really don't want to be alone all night.

xoxo Chlo