Hey guys, I'm really not loving this story, So this is the last chapter of it. Use your imagination to guess what happens at the end if you want. Thanks everyone!

10 Years Later

Chapter 3: Explanations, Discoveries, and an Understanding

"Let's think of this logically, What are the realistic possibilites of us being here?" Nate asked me

"I've already thought of any logical reasoing my brain could come up with, then I came to this conclusion.

There is no logical reasoning. It was that magical dust you brought to my house last night!" I explained

"That doesn't make sense though, I made a wish and it didn't come true. So why did yours?"

"I said my wish out loud after you guys left, I got in a fight with my mom over the phone. So I

started crying, I said a wish outloud and then fell asleep and I guess it came true..." I said.

"Wait a second if your here, and I'm here...Then what about Lydia and Caroline?" He asked me.

"Oh god, They must be so confused! And we don't even know where they are, they could be anywhere

in the city to the entire country!" I said painicing and wondering where on this earth they could be.

"Hey, calm down." He said in a calming voice, "Chances are you or me or future you or me, I guess,

are probably friends with them still. We just need to find a phone of some sort.

We got up and looked around the condo, which was apparently one we shared. Neither one of us bringing

that up for two major reasons, Number one was the fact we needed to find Lydia and Caroline and explain

to them what is happening, and number two is the awkward conversation that follows waking up in bed

together, and learning your living with one of your best friends and having some sort of romantic involvemen

together. Yeah best to leave that one for a while. I got to the kitchen and there I found a what looked like an

extremely high-tech iPhone. I pushed down the main button and looked through the contacts on the phone,

reaching Caroline first. I tapped the call icon and waited for someone to pick up on the other line. It rang for a

while then went to voice mail.

"Shit" I muttered after I put the phone down, defeated that no one picked up.

"Why don't you look for Caroline's mom's contact information? She would probably know where Caroline is, or

if she's even in the city." He suggested

"Yeah, that's a good idea."I said agreeing. I pulled up Debbie- Caroline's mom- and called her. I was in luck

she picked up on the second ring.

"Hello?" The same voice I knew so well

"Hi Debbie, It's Chloe Tottenham calling. I was just wondering if Caroline still lived in the city? And if you could give me her

address?" I asked hoping my answer would be positive.

"Umm Chloe, dear. Caroline lives down the hall from you, has for the past 5 years..." She said, Clearly thinking I was crazy.

"Right... Thanks I said." Maybe she would think I just had too much to drink last night. I hung up and turned to face Nate.

"So to our convience Carline lives right down the hall. Suppose that would make sense, us being bestfriends and all." I said

happily. We'd finally gotten a start.

"We just need to find out which apartment is hers." Nate said.

I ran and opened the door, There were only 7 other doors on this floor. Peice of cake.

After Knocking on 4 peoples doors and receiving strange looks from all of them, we finally reached

Carolines apartment. A scared Caroline opened the door, looking at the two of us strangely at first, but then

realizing who we were. She opened the door, then asked a simple question when we got inside.

"Where are we?"

"We are infact 10 years into the future." Nate said

"What? Thats not even possible." Caroline said.

"Oh it is..." I said then explained the whole story, I'd explained to Nate earlier that morning.

"So we're stuck 10 years into the future? Well thats great, I didn't even get to go to my

senior prom!" She complained.

"Well we don't know, for sure that we're stuck. And is it such a bad thing if we are? Maybe this is the

life I want. I'll have no parents to lie through my teeth about to my brother. And we're adults. No more school."

I said as they all considered the idea.

"Well even if that is true, How are we supposed to find out who we are?" Caroline asked

"Easy. We back track our lives 10 years ago, and then work forward from there."Nate said.

"After we find Lydia." I said and with that we got to work trying to track her down.

Finding Lydia was a lot harder than finding Caroline. For one she was in brooklyn. We traveled down there

around 11 o'clock and explained everything. She took it well and agreed that this really wouldn't be so bad.

We all decided to go back to our houses until 6pm tonight when we would meet at my house to

discuss what we discovered about our lives for the past 10 years.

Nate and I still hadn't discussed the pressing issue of him and I being boyfriend and girlfriend. Neither one of us really wanted to.

I dug up college and universtity year books and old texts and emails, While he looked through any notes and photographs he could find.

I found a class year book from 2015. I flipped through page after page, looking at unfarmilar people. I only stopped when I recognized a picture

two very farmilar people. One was me and the other was Nate. There was a picture of us walking along, what

looked like a campus, hand-in-hand, smiling. Underneath the photo was a caption tagged as Cutest Class Couple.

So Nate and I had been together for a long time then? And we attended the same university?

I wasn't going to bring this up until after dinner, We'd have to talk about it then. I read through my collection

of texts and emails I'd recieved. Apparently I'm an advertising manager for the NYC Ballet.

Not too bad. I was surprised since that had never been anything I'd considered before.

I also apparently made quite a lot of money according to the bank statements I'd found.

I found clippings of the ads I had made, and some buisness cards. I decided to go find Nate

and see what he'd found out about our lives. It was the weirdest thing saying "our" lives. Like we

were really together.

"Hey" I said, as I sat down beside him.

"Hey, you find out much about either one of us?" He asked

"Well I'm apparently an advertising agent, and graduated from Universtiy, in 2016. So did you, We attended the

same school. I learned that you're a cook. For some high-end restaurant downtown." I said smiling.

"Well that explains what all of these recipies are for." He said laughing. Nate was always a good cook, I'm glad

he'd found a profession that showed off his talent.

"Well I learned that we took a trip through all of Europe about 2 years ago with all of our

friends. Also I'm apparently a wonderful Photographer" He said while showing a few pictures.

"Wow, these are amazing!" I said to him.

"Yeah, Well I thought I'd give you the scrapbooks to look through so I can start dinner." He said

"Sounds good." I said smiling and taking the scrapbooks in my hands.


I flipped open the first page, and looked at a me that looked only about 20. This could take a while.