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"Hey, have you seen Link around lately?"

Mario's ears piped up in attentiveness. Popo was talking to his fellow Ice climber, with Toon Link, Ness, and Lucas in toll.

"Now that you've mentioned it." Toon Link's large eyes widened in horror. "I haven't seen him at all!"

The more rational boys, Ness and Lucas, shared a disbelieving glance.

"He's probably training." Ness assured the toonish Hylian. "He's facing Ganondorf next week right?"

"Oh yeah." Toon Link immediately lit up in delight. "Link is totally going to kick his butt!"

Mario sunk back in his seat with a relieved sigh.

"Mamma Mia." Mario murmured exasperated. Exactly how much time did those Brawlers need to save Hyrule?

'That is the least of my problems' Mario thought with a troubled expression. His fingers brushed the letter, that was supposed to be sent to Peach, residing in the depth of his overall pocket.


Mario quickly hid behind a hallway door. He quickly tore up the envelope containing the letter without hesitation.

Dear Princess Toadstool,
We regret to inform you that your father has died due to an unforeseen incident. You are the next heir to the throne. However your mother now has full custody to you and wishes to overtake your spot on the throne. The Royal Court await your decision. We hope you shall choose wisely.
Sincerely, The Royal Court

Mario re-read the letter several times. He could hardly believe what he was reading.

"Princess-a Peach's mother passed away-a when she was-a born." The Italian plumber muttered.

"Oh, Mario!"

Mario's eyes widened at the sugary sweet voice that undeniably belonged to Princess Peach. He quickly hid the letter and stepped out into the hallway.

"Mamma Mia." Mario grumbled. His head ached just at the thought of it.


The Italian plumber turned to the direction of the voice. Princess Peach stood defiantly in front of him, shaking in a mix of anger, paranoia, and sadness. Not wanting to make a scene, the princess took Mario by the elbow and dragged him out of the dining room.

"What is-a it?" Mario asked with a peculiar look.

"As if you don't know." Peach spat uncharacteristically. "My letter, please?"

Mario's eyes widened in surprise but complied and handed the princess the letter. Peach cocked an eyebrow at the ripped envelope but didn't speak a word. She quickly scanned the letter then promptly placed it in its envelope. Mario glanced at the princess confused.

"I am-a sorry about-a your dad. Mario mumbled apologetically. Peach waved him off.

"I was already told of this a week ago." She murmured. She wiped her eyes furiously to rid of the brimming tears.

"It's-a okay to cr-"

Peach whipped her head around angrily.

"I won't cry." She growled. She clutched her brooch that was given to her by her father.

"Not anymore."

Mario gazed at the princess sadly. Luigi and him had no parents, it was them together from the start with Yoshi. But at least they didn't have memories with their parents; it would have made their deaths ten times harder to deal with.
Mario placed his arms around her waist and pulled her into a tight embrace. Tears began flowing freely from Peach's eyes as she sobbed into Mario's overalls.

'Don't try to keep a facade with me. You know I'll never judge you.'

Shiida stood in front of two large wooden doors. A sign hung messily on the twin doors clearly read 'Auditions'.

"This is it." Shiida muttered quietly. This was the only ticket to getting Marth back. With only slight hesitation, the former fiancée pushed open both doors. Two large gloved hands and a middle-aged women turned to greet her.

"Welcome to Smash City." The large white glove with a slight blue tinge spoke. "We expect your visit has been well?"

Shiida nodded slowly. The white glove with a red tinge was slightly shaking erratically. The middle aged woman stood up and led Shiida to the middle of the room.

"For your audition you will be fighting one of these two." She whispered quietly. "I pray you do not receive the Master Hand's brother."
Shiida gulped audibly and glanced at the red tinged glove again. This time the shaking was more obvious and uncontrolled.

"Let me test this one, brother." The glove whispered to the Master Hand sadistically. The Master Hand slightly curled it's fingers in what Shiida assumed was concern.

"Are you sure?"

The red tinged glove clenched it's fist tightly. "I will not go too far."

The Master Hand gestured to the playing field.

"Oh no." The woman gasped. She gave Shiida one last sympathetic glance before resuming her seat next to the Master Hand. The red tinged glove floated above the princess' head ominously.

"Send them to our place." The Master Hand boomed. The woman turned to him in concern.

"But he will have too much of a advantage." the woman protested vehemently. "Surely yo-"

"Do not worry." The glove spoke calmly. "I sense great strength within this one."

The woman hesitantly took out a tablet and pushed a few buttons on it. The room started changing destinations. Shiida glared at the glove unintimidated as the room began shifting and changing landscapes. Finally the destination stopped moving. Shiida and the red tinged glove were standing on a single platform with large luminous indigo and lilac colours cascading in the background.

"Welcome to Final Destination, child." The hand hissed dangerously. Shiida narrowed her eyes in determination.

"May I have your name?" She asked curtly as she unsheathed her sword. The hand descended to her eye level.

"I am the Master Hand's brother, Crazy Hand." A large purple cylinder of dark energy began to form between two of its fingers. Shiida fell back in shock of the sheer dark power enveloping from the hand.

"Prepare yourself."

Ganon plunked down on a large bench on the far side of the Training Room. He reached into his large duffel bag and brought out a water bottle.

"I have grown much stronger." He murmured quietly. "You have taught me well."

'Anything to rid of the hero.' A voice hissed in the depths of his thoughts. 'He had nuisanced us long enough.'

'The hero from my era is in this contest as well.' A slightly different voice growled. 'Do rid of him as well.'

"Do not worry." Ganon spoke curtly as he stood up from the bench. "I will destroy everything single one of them for what they have done to my legacy."

Suddenly figures began to form behind the Gerudo King's body. A being almost identical to Ganon and another ,who shared the same physical traits but appeared to look more toonish, stood together.

'Have you had any luck finding the Demon King.' The one identical to Ganon spoke. Ganon shook his head angrily.

"He will take longer than the others."

'At least you have the two of us.' Toon Ganon assured. 'The Hylians have not yet been able to contact their spiritual ancestors.'

'That is not an achievement.' Time Ganon spat angrily. 'If the Hero of Twilight accesses the Hero of Time and the Hero of the Skies, this mission will be impossible to complete.'

"That pathetic hero is too busy training to even think to finding his spiritual ancestors." Ganon smirked cockily. "I would not be surprised if he did not even know if he has these beings within him."

'That is not a chance we are willing to take.' Time Ganon threatened warningly. 'You have already failed once, do not do so again.'

'Has the hero entered his dark being yet?' Time Ganon inquired questioningly.

"Not that I am aware of." Ganon rubbed his chin in thought.

'If you notice one sign, you are to notify us immediately.' Both spirits spoke simultaneously. 'His corrupted side will aide greatly.'

'You are our only chance for redemption Ganondorf.' Toon Ganon spoke. 'The legacy of the Heroes must be stopped and destroyed immediately.'

"Do not worry." Ganon assured. "Not only will I halt the timeline, I shall destroy the hero in front of all the citizens of Smash City."
Maniacal laughter bounced off the walls of the large gym as the Gerudo King triumphantly clenched his fists in victory.

"This win shall be mine, Hero."

Link's ear twitched uncomfortably as he, Samus, Calista, and Zelda entered the room all the other Brawlers were residing in.

"So did you find anything?" Ike questioned as he glanced at the twin large grins on Samus and Calista's face.

"Party crashing time!" Both girls shrieked simultaneously. All the boys cocked an eyebrow at the more rational humans.

"Ganon is sending an informant to the annual Kakariko village ball." Zelda explained. "We need to attend it and intercept him."

"Hence 'party crashing'." Link piped up.

"Unfortunately the non-humans must stay." The princess continued. "They would be recognized immediatley if they attend."

Falco and Wolf shared looks of disappointment.

"I could've met some girls." The wolf muttered angrily.

"We could use this time to train." Fox pointed out to his glum lieutenant. "Something tells me a large battle is starting up."

"I wish I could take you." Samus whispered forlornly to Pikachu. The two had grown a tight bond after the events that brought Super Smash Bros Brawl characters together.

"Alright, buddy." Ike said to Donkey Kong as he stood up. "You should train Diddy Kong as well while we're gone."
Donkey Kong pounded his chest in affirmation. Snake and Ike turned to the group of four in questioning.

"So when is it?"

"Oh it's tomorrow evening." The princess assured. "But we need to get outfits and masks."

All three human males sighed in exasperation.

"Goddesses, I hate ties." Link muttered bitterly. The two other males nodded glumly in agreement.

"Are we going or not?" Calista called from the top of the stairs. Zelda took Link's hand and smiled assuringly at him.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Link returned the smile and squeezed her hand before following the group of humans up the stairs. A light blush etched itself on the princess' features.

"I hope this doesn't screw it up." She spoke quietly before joining the group on their new 'mission'.

Just so you guys know, Time Ganon stands for the Ganon in Ocarina of Time and Toon Ganon stands for the Ganon in The Wind Waker. If you played Skyward sword you would know who the Demon King they were referring to is. I know Time Ganon and Twilight Ganon are the same person (oops if you didn't play those games) but for the sake of this story, I have split them into two different people. And Mario and Peach's story isn't nearly over, there is still a plot twist ahead. Review if you wantsss more! And more OCS will be entering next chapter.