The walls closing in, the air around me getting thin, my head filled with confusion and dizziness. there is only one explanation for all that is occurring- Madness~

"Don't worry, darling. Your pain will soon end." echoed the sweet voice of my lover. I had doubt in his words as my confusion increased and darkness swarmed my vision, I raised my arms and reached for the walls to steady myself, but when my fingertips touched them they turned numb from its cold surface.

"It's ok, sweetheart. We'll soon be together, forever…," he whispered, his voice sounded so close yet so far. He seemed different, he was not the man I once knew, he changed. Had he been overcome by the madness as well? Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I touched it to find it wounded and bleeding, I winced in pain and I looked up to find a small light. It was beautiful, so pure and bright, but something held me back from entering the light. I looked down to find myself wraped in chains and I jerked back and I fell…

I fell so far…into the darkness. I opened my eyes and I was chained to a chair at a small tea table with my lover, only a small candle shone in the dark. "Isabelle, why did you leave me for him? Was I not good enough for you? Huh? I loved you and you left me alone… all alone!" He smashed the teacup he held in his hand against the table and it shattered into pieces. I then realized that the table was splattered with dry paint and bloodstains. He looked at me with red eyes filled with hate and rage, and his once nice baby blue suit turned red and back. "I-I'm s-sorry, John!" I stuttered with hot tears running down my face like a waterfall. "It's too late for apologies…," he said as he took the small knife in his hands and held it to my arm and slowly made a cut deep into my flesh.

Pain exploded my entire body and a screamed in pain, but no living soul heard me. "yes! Scream in torment!" his eyes were filled with madness and insanity. He then made other cuts around my body and the pain so too unbearable for me to handle. My vision was going blurry and I swear he did the strangest thing. He took a goblet of my blood and forced to me drink half, he then drank the other half. "You are now forever mine!" he slowly cut my throat and I could feel the my life being torn away from me, my vision went blurry and I was overcome by pain and agony. All I could hear was John's sinister laughter and its all went black…

I woke up in a dark room in the arms of my lover, in our new home of Madness, with our neighbor's being Misery and Torment on Melancholy Avenue. We have Hell Hounds as pets and the sounds of screams sing us to sleep. Bloodstains decorate our house beautifully and darkness is our closest friend. I have found a new life in this insane place with the one I love. Oh how I love Madness!

….Help! Help! Help! I'm trapped! Help me! Please! Save my soul from this hell!