Wolf's Secret


I sat and stared as the snow came down onto the ground. I knew I should hurry home before it got worse, but it was so beautiful in this place, the place of sanctuary. I saw a wolf emerge out of the condensed trees and come toward me, into the clearing. His beautiful gray coat and deep green eyes that seem to penetrate my very soul which always mesmerizes me no matter how long I look at them.

My consciousness started to waver and before I knew it everything seem to blur as my eyes drifted away, not into blackness but deep inside my mind. Inside it swept me into the nothingness of my past memories. There wasn't anything I could do so I just let it take me to the beginning of it all.

Chapter one Alex's memory

I was sitting in my yard close to the deep dark green forest that extended into my yard. It had started its first snowfall of winter a while ago and I hadn't moved from my spot since then even though I was covered in snow and very cold. I just had to see if my wolf would come or not.

I rubbed my cold hands together and readjusted my platinum blonde hair inside my hat as I waited. My toes were starting to get cold in my fur boots that were covered in snow. I wanted to see my wolf so bad, but knew I had to get warm soon. I got up and started walking back to my porch to go inside, but decided that one last looked wouldn't hurt. To my surprise a gray wolf sprung out of the woods right into me knocking me down into the snow. A burly man with a gun came charging in after the wolf. The wolf turned and growled at the man. It was a furious growl that came deep from inside. I normally would have been frightened by the growl, but as the hunter positioned his gun to fire at the wolf, nothing seemed to matter. The only thing I could think was "No, not my wolf," as I lunged in front of the wolf. I felt a searing pain as the bullet logged into my side. I suddenly felt the cold snow against my face as I saw from the corner of my eye, my wolf lunging for the man's throat but only to be battered away by the man as he turned and ran into the forest.

My eyes felt heavy as they fought against the blackness that tried to consume my consciousness. Just as my eyes were about to close I say a boy I have never seen come towards me. I felt the ground disappear from underneath me and so did my consciousness.

Kiba's Memory

As I carried her into the house I did not think of any consequences of involving her in this dangerous situation, for all that mattered at that moment was that she was injured and "I would be damned if I was gunna let her die," I thought.

I laid her on the couch, carefully so not to cause her any pain than she already had. I knew how to remove a bullet because of how often they showed up in the pack that it had become almost second nature to me. So as I lifted her shirt to see where the bullet had logged into her side I sighed with deep relief, "Thank god it hadn't gone in far." I went to work in getting out the bullet, cleaned and dressed her wound. I put back down her shirt and went to the telephone that was on the counter in the kitchen. I dialed Cindy Ian's number and waited as it rung only once before a breathless voice picked up, "Hello Alex, what's wrong? You've never called me at work before honey."

"Cindy it's me Kiba. I ran into a little trouble and a hunter followed me here. Alex, the girl here, is okay now. She is unconscious right now but she is in no danger. I think it is best if you come over here as fast as you can. I don't want to explain to a girl that's never met me what I'm doing in her house and why she has a lovely bullet hole in her side courtesy of a hunter."

"Alright I'll be over in ten minutes and Kiba,"


"Thanks for being there for my daughter," then the line went dead. I turned back to look at Alex as she rested peacefully on the couch and waited for Cindy to come.

It wasn't a long wait, and Cindy came charging in the door and falling to her knees at the couch where her daughter was sleeping peacefully considering the pain she "should" be in.

"Kiba, how did this happen?"

"As I said I was chased by the hunter and ran here and somehow in the confusion she got hit," I said even though it was only partly true. I had already been on my way here to watch her. Even though it is wrong and forbidden I can't help but be attracted to her. I thought as I looked at Cindy's face become less stressed.

"What has happened here is now none of your business Kiba and I think before she wakes up you should leave."

"Normally I would but "she" is not normal and since when do "you" have a daughter? Huh? Care to explain this," I said as I addressed the girl sleeping.

"Kiba I beg you to reconsider and to not meddle," Cindy pleaded as she stood to stand.

"Sorry, but I can't let this slide Cindy. Is she a wolf ling? Why are you hiding her? I demand to know as your ascending alpha," I said with my alpha might that made Cindy shudder and hang her head.

"Alright, but I warned you." Cindy said as she brought her head up to glare at me. "Her name is Alex White, she is the Akura.