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William Nichols

Chapter One: School Daze

            The warm afternoon light filtered through the old windowpanes washing the small classroom in its golden glow.  It's not terribly hot, nor is it very comfortable in the tightly packed cell with its neat rows of desks and dominant chalkboards.  The room is filled with the musty scent of textbooks and chalk dust hangs in the tepid air, causing the nose to twitch slightly if over-inhaled.  This ambiance, coupled with the drone of the professors' monotone voice, was enough to lull even the most dedicated of students to dreamland. 

Tenchi Masaki sighed.  This was not what he envisioned an art history class to be like.           

            How much more boring can this be? Tenchi asked himself.  I'd rather be back in structural engineering retaking that exam from this morning…Yeesh!  If he says one more thing about the nature of Corinthian columns… The professor had been droning on for at least a half an hour now on possibly the driest subject he had ever heard of in his relatively short collegiate career: his fascination of ancient column design.  Last time I take a class under this guy, Tenchi added as his pen began to doodle on the margin of his notebook. 

            At first the doodles were random kanji and runes, just seeing what unique combinations he could form to make nonsense words.  After that the doodles took the form of ellipses, ovids, and other geometric shapes.  Soon the shapes began to come together to form manga inspired chibis.  The first one Tenchi sketched was the class's rather rotund professor, standing at the black board drawing a column that was just as short and squat as he was.  Off to the side of the chibi instructor was a chibi Tenchi, head down and asleep at his desk.  A swarm of 'Z's' was buzzing over the sleeping Tenchi's head.

            Finished with one doodle Tenchi moved on to the next.  His family was next thing he started to doodle.   With a few pen strokes Tenchi transformed a bunch of angles and swirls in to the likeness of his grandfather Katsuhito.  The chibi-Katsuhito was replete with a steaming cup of green tea held to his lips and a bokken slipped under his left arm.  The chibi-Katsuhito's eyes were closed behind the rectangular lenses of his glasses.  But behind the chibi's serene look Tenchi was sure that it was planning some new form of training to tax the 'lax college boy.'

            With a muffled chuckle Tenchi began to sketch Mihoshi.  He portrayed the blonde bubblehead in her usual attire of a pink sweater and khaki slacks.  A black ribbon bunched her mane of blonde hair into a ponytail.  The chibi-Mihoshi held a hand to her mouth in surprise and pair of saucer like eyes finished off the innocent look on her face.  Tenchi couldn't resist adding the first signs of tears, a look that was all too common on Mihoshi's face.  Obviously the chibi-Mihoshi had just broken something, more than likely in Washu's lab.

            Speaking of Washu, the red headed scientist was next to be immortalized by Tenchi's pen.  With her ever-present holo-laptop at the ready the chibi Washu came to life seated on her floating cushion.  The look of discovery was splashed across her eyes and smile.  Moving down from the face, Tenchi had the chibi give a victory sign. After finishing Washu's cargo shorts and blouse Tenchi moved back to her face to fill the fine details.  Her shock of red hair jutted out and cascaded to the floor, overly exaggerated, but appropriate.  The final touch to the chibi-Washu was her crab like bangs framing her face.

            Sasami flowed next from Tenchi's pen.  The chibi was turning out to be more adorable than the real thing.  Skipping along an unseen path the little Sasami was smiling broadly and a sparkle dotted her eyes.  Her twin aqua pigtails arched up before gushing back down behind the princess.  Her striped dress was bunched around the waist by an over-sized bow that protruded from either side of the chibi's body.  Rounding out the doodle was Ryo-Ohki perched atop Sasami's head.  The little cabbit's ears were double the size of its body, but to Tenchi, the scene looked perfect.  All that was missing was a carrot somewhere…

            Ayeka was the next one to be immortalized as the professor droned on about the different types of plinths and capitals one would find on Corinthian columns.  Whereas the other chibi's had a playful air to them, Ayeka's captured her regal stature.  Dressed in a harlequin patterned kimono with a broad obi Ayeka was posed looking back over her shoulder.  Her dark tresses flowed behind her in an imaginary breeze whilst her bangs fluttered over the ornate circlet that adorned her forehead.  A wistful look was placed on the chibi's face as it caught sight of what ever it was looking back at.   Barely noticeable, the chibi-Ayeka was holding a hand to her heart.  Tenchi smiled.  This Ayeka mimicked the looks of the real one perfectly.

            The only one missing from Tenchi's chibi family was Ryoko.


            Tenchi's mind zeroed for a moment before his pen once again began its silenced skritches on his notebook.  The chibi's features were a little softer than the real Ryoko, but nonetheless the emerging drawing captured her spirit.  Cast in her yellow and blue striped dress the chibi-Ryoko had a mischievous grin on its face.  One eye was closed in a wink and two fingers were held up beneath the opened one.  The spikes and bangs of her cyan tresses poked out and up, before flowing into their natural resting places.  The finishing touches to the chibi-Ryoko were her belt and its tail, dangling playful behind its master, and her slippers.

            Tenchi shook his head. 

Something about this chibi just did not set right with him.  It was a perfect image of Ryoko, but it did not feel right.

            Moving on to the next incarnation he began to draw Ryoko in her red and black battle togs.  This time Tenchi sketched the sleek and muscular lines of Ryoko's body, uninhibited by the rather concealing dress of the prior doodle.  Each curve and contour was captured beneath the skin-tight cat suit.  With the shoulder flair finished, Tenchi moved down Ryoko's arms.  On hand held a ball of energy whilst her energy saber was clutched in the other.  Now on to the face: Tenchi drew her cyan spikes and bangs with a little more attention this time.  Finally the feline-like eyes and a playful smirk rounded out the chibi.

            But this incarnation of the ex-space pirate did not set well with him either.

            Turning his notebook to a fresh page Tenchi began to sketch once again.  But this time his drawing was not a semi-comical manga inspired chibi.  He wanted to capture the real Ryoko.  For some funny reason that he could not exactly explain, the previous drawings just did not feel right to him.  They were not demeaning or overly exaggerated; they just didn't seem appropriate.

            The third characterization of Ryoko was more serious, more life-like.  Two vertical ovals became her feline eyes.  Careful shading brought the iris of each eye to life before the dark ovids of the pupil were inked in.   Framing these cat eyes were the soft lines of Ryoko face.  Added next was the outline of her nose, accented by soft shadows.   Ryoko's lips were pursed into a slight smile, and the general orientation of her gaze was to her left.  Next Tenchi began to sketch her cyan tresses once more.  An unseen wind blew her bangs and side locks to the drawings right, which prompted Tenchi to place her left hand and arm in the motion of smoothing a few pieces of hair back behind her oblong ear.  The other arm was positioned across her chest, just blocking from view her nipples, but leaving the roundness of each breast in plain sight.

            Tenchi sat back and blinked a few times as he pondered what to do next to his portrait.  Nodding approvingly to himself, he began to shade and highlight the half-figure.  As he did so, his thoughts became less and less on biding the time of this cacophony of boredom called class.  With each pen stroke the drawing became more life like, and his thoughts began to drift to other things as well…

            "How much longer?" Ryoko whined in a seductive voice.  She had been posing for Tenchi for nearly two hours now, and her rear end was starting to get a bit numb.  That and with what little she was wearing was letting her know how chilly it was outside on the little balcony.

            "If you keep moving I'll never finish," Tenchi said in a mock tone of agitation as his charcoal stick scratched on the heavy cotton artists' paper.  "Just a little more," he reassured as Ryoko settled back down.     

            "Uh-hmm." Ryoko straightened back up and adjusted the edges of her opened robe under her arms as Tenchi instructed her to do.  A gentle breeze picked up and began to play with her hair.  Tenchi smiled slightly as she pushed a few windblown wisps of hair back behind her ear.

            "There," Tenchi announced as he scribbled his name down the right-hand corner of the study portrait.

            "Lemme see!" Ryoko giggled as he bounded over to where he sat, pulling her silk robe closed as she did so, eliciting mild blush from Tenchi.  Tenchi proudly turned the sketchbook around so that she could see it better in the dim light.  "Oh my," she said breathily as she got her first good look at the portrait.  Arm across her chest, and one hand straightening a few errant locks, the drawing was perfect.   Ryoko tired to say something as she looked at her own face brought to life in charcoal.  The shading of her eyes, the curve of her nose, the purse of her lips; all of it seemed too perfect.  Each line and shadow was gazed upon as if were the first time she had ever seen her self.

            "Do…do I really look this…good?" she asked a somewhat hesitantly, not sure if she wanted an honest answer or not.

            "No," Tenchi said, taking the book from her trembling hands.  Ryoko looked at him with the first sign of hurt and tears in her eyes, but his next words took that hurt away.  "You look so much more beautiful than this."  Ryoko blinked a time or two as he laid the book on a small table and drew her near so that she was straddling him.  "You are so beautiful…" The rest of Tenchi's words were lost as he kissed Ryoko passionately.

            With what sounded like a cross between a moan and a sigh, Ryoko deepened the kiss.  All feeling or reality was lost as she and Tenchi's tongues explored each other's mouths.  Breaking the kiss momentarily, Ryoko leaned back and looked into Tenchi's eyes. She saw her own amber orbs reflected in his pools of brown, both burning with the same fire.

            "I love you," Tenchi breathed, as she began to kiss his bottom lip.  Tenchi inhaled sharply as one of Ryoko's fangs nipped him as she pulled the ridge of flesh with her mouth.  By now his hands had begun to explore her body thru the thin silk of her half-drawn robe.  Smiling evilly Ryoko rotated her shoulders allowing the robe to fall down to her waist, freeing her breasts.

            "I love you as well, my Tenchi," Ryoko purred into his ear as she took one of his hands and guided it to her left breast.  A soft moan escaped her lips as Tenchi caressed the mound of flesh, her nipple hardening between his fingers.  Soon his other hand found Ryoko's right breast and gave it the attention its opposite had been enjoying.

            Tenchi's breaths began to come in ragged huffs as Ryoko's mouth traced down his neck from his earlobe to his collarbone in a series of tender bites and kisses.  Every now and then she would inhale sharply or moan as his hands found a magic spot.  "I want you," she breathed into Tenchi's ear.  She could feel his desire grow in his trousers as she ground her pelvis into his.   "I want you…my Tenchi."

            A shiver ran down Tenchi's back as Ryoko's hot breath washed across his ear.  He couldn't take much more of this.  "I want you too, my Ryoko," he said back, almost begging her to take him. 

Pushing Tenchi into the chair back, Ryoko loosed the tie to her robe revealing her self fully to him.  All Tenchi could do was admire her beauty as his drafting lamp cast a warm, golden glow onto her alabaster skin.  A fanged, feral grin crossed Ryoko's face as his eyes explored her uncovered form.  From the beads of sweat that clung to her breast down to the firm musculature of her belly to the glistening patch of cyan fur nestled between her legs; Tenchi took it all in. 

"Are you ready?" Ryoko asked softly as she tugged at his belt and pulled it free from his trousers.  Tenchi nodded and licked his suddenly dry lips while she unfastened the button at the top of his pants and slid the zipper down.  Easing off of him slightly, she shrugged his trousers and boxers down enough to free him.

"Yes…" was all the reply Tenchi could muster.  Resting one hand on his shoulder, Ryoko gently guided him into her as he held onto her hips.  A look of anticipation splashed across both of their faces as they melded into one being.  Eyes locked, Ryoko began to move up and down, back and forth, all in time with Tenchi's breathing.   His hands kept her hips in place and added extra pressure as her gyrations continued, but all he could think about was Ryoko. 

Nothing else mattered at that moment.

Tenchi's existence was focused on the picture of beauty that he was sharing his love with, and that was sharing her love with him.  "Oh…" Tenchi moaned as Ryoko turned the heat up a notch.  "Oh my…"

Ryoko nodded and kissed his top lip as the sensations of climax began to course thru her as well.  "Tenchi…" she muttered weakly as her barriers slipped away.

"Ryoko…" he breathed, his ordeal nearing an end.

"Tenchi!"  Only Ryoko calling his name kept him grounded in reality as his climax washed over the both of them, sending her off as well.


Grounded in reality…

Tenchi slowly returned to the real world, his vision of loveliness lost.  "Hey!  Tenchi! You hear me?" asked a tall fellow with brown hair parted down the middle.  Tenchi blinked his way back to the classroom to find everyone closing his or her books and filing out of the cramped cell.  Quickly flipping the page of his notebook back over to the half page of notes and chibi characters, Tenchi finally looked up.

"You all right man?" his friend asked.

"Yeah," Tenchi said scratching the back of his head.  "I'm fine Jonouchi.  I just dozed off there for a moment."

"I know the feeling," Jonouchi replied as he stretched himself.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the chibis adorning the bottom half of Tenchi's notebook.  "Say Masaki," he began as he hefted the book from the desk, "whatcha got there?"

"Just some doodles," Tenchi replied as he finished packing his backpack.  "I got really bored there."

"Not bad," Jonouchi complimented.  He chuckled at some of the more whimsical drawings, especially the cute little girl with the cat/rabbit thingy sitting on her head.  "We may have the next Hitoshi Okuda here," he laughed as he flipped the page over to the serious drawing of Ryoko.  Jonouchi whistled.  "Say Masaki," he began with sly smile, "who's the major league hottie here?"

"Just a figure study," Tenchi said sheepishly as he took the notebook from his friend's hands and abruptly closed it.

"Are you sure?" Jonouchi teased.

"Absolutely," Tenchi swore.

"Then you sure are blushing a helluva lot for a figure study."  Tenchi opened his mouth to retort, but he promptly closed it.  "If she's nothing to you," Jonouchi prodded, "you could always hook me up with her."

"I never said that," Tenchi defended. 

"But you didn't say otherwise, either," his friend taunted.

"Whatever," Tenchi retorted. "Besides, what would Toka think if she knew you said that?" 

Jonouchi chuckled as Tenchi started out of the classroom.  Masaki was a good guy, but a little too easy to rile up at times.  "Tenchi," Jonouchi called out.


"Don't forget about the study session tomorrow night."

"I'll be there," Tenchi said over his shoulder before he exited the class. 

Jonouchi just chuckled as he pulled his books together and shouldered his bag.  "Man he's got it bad," he laughed to himself as he left the classroom. 

Tenchi's pace quickened as he crossed the campus of Hiroshima University, his daydream from class along with the teasing from Jonouchi still fresh on his mind.  Happy couples sat on blankets in the warm afternoon sun enjoying the scents of late spring.  Tenchi usually enjoyed the walk back to his apartment, but this day the beauty of his trek home was lost to him.  After crossing the green commons of the campus Tenchi made it to his apartment.  It wasn't anything fancy, just a standard efficiency apartment that was part of the university system.  Compared to home it was quite Spartan, but it had all the amenities Tenchi needed.  The two rooms were divided into a kitchen/living room and a bedroom/bath.  In the corner of the bedroom stood a drafting table with an articulated lamp extending from the left side. 

Tenchi tossed his book bag on the bed and pulled the notebook out.  With a click the light above the table was on, and notebook was splayed open to the page containing the figure study of Ryoko.

He stared at it.  

Did I really draw this? he questioned himself, his finger tracing the outline of the drawings face.   I can't believe it…and that fantasy… It seemed so real and intense, but I've never really fantasized about the girls all that much… much less in class!   Tenchi blinked a time or two as the mental of image of him and Ryoko making love flooded back to him.  Had he really professed his love for her in that fantasy?  Did I really say that to her?  Better yet, he wondered, is it true?

No! a strong voice reprimanded in the back of his mind.  It was his own, but more forceful than he had ever heard his conscious reprimand him before.  It was just a fantasy, and nothing more!  It was lust, not love! Ryoko has a beautiful body, and you were attracted to it.  No more; no less.  You cannot hurt any of them like that over a stupid, lustful fantasy!   

Tenchi shook his head. 

            Nothing made sense to him at the moment.

            Sighing to near deflation, Tenchi did the only thing that felt proper.  He opened the drawer beneath the drafting surface and produced a heavy bond artist's sketchbook.  After flipping thru the various still and figure studies he came to a clean page.  Propping the notebook up on a small easel, Tenchi adjusted the light so that it shone down on his clean slate.  Next to be procured was a set of charcoals, similar to the ones used in his fantasy.   After giving a graphite pencil a few twists in a sharpener, Tenchi began to recreate the rough pen-sketch.

            Carefully, diligently, Tenchi started his new drawing.  His mind kept telling him that finals were only two weeks away and that he needed to be reviewing, but he kept drawing.   As before, he started with those feline eyes that seemed to captivate him so.  Whilst Tenchi sketched, his mind kept leaping back to the daydream.  A flash here, a snippet there, the dream would come to him as he drew.   Each time his gaze seemed to be fixated on Ryoko's eyes.  In those eyes he saw nothing but pure, unbridled love. 

            Love directed solely towards him.

            Love that longed only for him to return it.

            But also while he portrayed Ryoko his conscious kept nagging at him.  Telling him that it was not love.  It was lust.  It was a simple matter of his hormones overriding his common sense for a brief moment.  Telling him that he wasn't ready for that type of commitment, or the consequences such a confession would entail. He was just feeling his wild oats.  No more than that.   A simple matter of attraction to a beautiful body that he had seen flaunted in front of his young eyes too many times to count. 

            It was by no means love that he felt for the beautiful…sensual…alluring…

            No! No! No!  Cut that out! his mind raged.  It was not love and you know it!  It was lust!  Lust!  LUST!  LUST!

            Tenchi was taken somewhat aback by the mental tirade that been unleashed within his subconscious.  Was he really that adamant against showing the slightest signs of affection towards one of the girls?  Had his 'I love you all equally' charade finally become so entrenched in his mind that the thought of warming up to one of them in particular would be so diametrically opposed?  In all honesty, he had no answer to that question, or to the sinking feeling that was settling in the pit of his stomach.  All he could think of was a one-word reply:


And to that very question he had no good answer.

            And that frightened him.

            Feeling that his mental debate would consume him this night, Tenchi prayed for anything to come along and alleviate this burden.  Fortunately for him the gods must have been listening and decided to take pity on his wretched soul.

            Tenchi was snapped from his internal duel by the ringing of his telephone.  After the second ring, he had blinked enough to remember where he was and where he had last laid the cordless receiver.  By the fourth ring he had punched the 'talk' button right before his answering machine cut on.

            "Masaki's," he announced as coolly as possible.  Instantly his smile returned to him as he heard the chipper voice on the other end of the line.  "Hey Sasami," he warmly returned.   The voice from home did wonders for his mood.  Maybe that is all that's the matter with me, he concluded inwardly as Sasami recounted the day's adventures in the Masaki home.  I'm just a little homesick.  Yeah, that's it!  Man it'll be good to go home for summer break after finals.  Working the fields; my duties at the shrine; Sasami's cooking- Kami knows its light years beyond mine!  Ryoko trying to glomp me…

            Where did that come from? Tenchi asked himself as Sasami chattered on about Mihoshi's latest mishap in Washu's lab.  "That's too bad," he replied with a half-hearted chuckle.  He could just imagine Mihoshi begging Washu not to be mad.   Some things never change, he laughed to himself.  But what Sasami said next, brought back that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach once more.  It felt like a ball of lead was sitting right on top of his navel.  It wasn't dread that he felt, that was more like a burning sensation.  This was more like, more like, anticipation?

            "Hello Ryoko," Tenchi said as Sasami handed off the phone back in Okayama.  "I'm fine.  Schools going well," he answered to her questions.  "How's your day been?"  Tenchi chewed his bottom lip as Ryoko laughed off the day's occurrences.  It seemed like the typical day for her.  She had taken a lengthy bath in the Onsen, tried to skirt her chores just to get a rile out of Ayeka, and argued with the aforementioned princess over who should get the last rice cake while they were watching soap operas.  Tenchi chuckled as Ryoko revealed that in the end Mihoshi slipped the cake past them both while they argued.  All the while Tenchi was transfixed on her each and every word, each syllable tantalizing his auditory system.  His mouth was dry; his face was flushed, but he was so wrapped in her words that he did not notice.   But what Ryoko said next made Tenchi wonder if the gravity constant in his apartment had suddenly been increased.

            "I miss you," he heard her say across the phone line.

            "I miss you too," Tenchi replied in a daze.

            "Well," Ryoko breathed, "I have to help Sasami set the table for dinner.  Do well on your finals."  Tenchi nodded as she paused for a second.  "I love you," Ryoko finished, an octave lower than usual and with a hint of sensuality added on for effect.

            "I…I, I know," Tenchi, said somewhat dry mouthed.   "I'll see you all soon," he added in closing.  A full minute passed before he realized that Ryoko had hung up on the other end.  Clicking the handset off, Tenchi sat it on the small island counter and walked over to the sink.  After procuring a glass from the overhead cabinets, he filled it with water.  He had just noticed that his throat and mouth were parched. 

            I've never felt this way before, he thought as he refilled his glass.  I can't be sick, but I feel like I have a slight fever.  Looking in the mirror Tenchi found that his face was flushed as well.  "Oh boy," he breathed.  Shaking his head Tenchi walked back to his drafting table.  He had lost track of what he was doing before the phone rang.  Once again Tenchi was taken aback this day. 

            He had begun transposing the original rough pen sketch onto the larger sketchbook.  All he had finished of the portrait was Ryoko's face.   Looking up at him from the page, her feline eyes were framed by her spiky bangs whilst the rest of her hair hung freely around her face.  Her lips were once again pursed into that wistful smile he had sketched in his fantasy.   The shading, the highlights, everything about the drawing was perfect.  Somehow he had even managed to capture that spark of energy Ryoko's eyes had held in his fantasy…

Those eyes…

 Tenchi shook his head.  "What's the matter with me?" he asked in disbelief.  Once again brief images of his daydream flashed in front of his eyes.  Shaking his head to rid himself of the quarrelsome imagery, Tenchi clicked off the lamp above his drafting table.  The portrait could wait till later.

Much later.

After fixing a quick bite to eat and breaking his rule of 'no alcohol during the school week,' Tenchi sat back on his modest sofa with a bottle of Orion and began to look over his notes.  He had no intension of getting drunk tonight; he just wanted to calm his nerves a little.  Dinner had gone along way towards that goal, and before long he was engrossed in his studies once more.  

Before Tenchi realized it was nearly eleven-thirty.   He had an eight o' clock class in the morning, so he decided enough reviewing for one night.   The study session with Jonouchi and the others would go along way tomorrow night.  After packing his bag for the morning and brushing teeth, Tenchi retired for the evening.  With the type of day this had been, a sound nights sleep would be welcomed.  Settling into his futon, Tenchi was out like nearly as soon as his head hit his pillow.   Unfortunately, his slumber would be anything but peaceful…


Tenchi found himself back on the same balcony from his earlier fantasy.  He was sitting on an old-style high-backed chair while Ryoko sat posing across from him on a red and black settee.  Her arms were still in the sleeves of the blue and gold silk robe she wore; whilst the back had slid down to reveal her bare shoulders and chest.   A small end table was to Tenchi's left, and an assortment of various artists supplies were laid neatly across its surface.  Apart from the three-tiered lamp casting warm light on his page and Ryoko, the only illumination was that provided by the gods.  

A myriad of stars dotted the blue-black sky, which faded from a deep cerulean nearest the city lights, to almost a carbon black where the silver moon sat nestled in its perch.  The dark silhouettes of the Kantō-Sanchi range provided the backdrop for the surrealistic scene.   Yellow specks of light from homes and the occasional shrine off in the distance flickered on the mountainsides like the summer fireflies.  A gentle breeze played with Ryoko's tresses and carried the scents of late spring as Tenchi realized his environ. 

"Tenchi?" Ryoko asked, a little concerned about his momentary trip into outer space.  "Earth to Tenchi!" she giggled as he blinked a few times.  A smirk edged across Tenchi's face at her last comment.   "Are you alright?" Ryoko laughed as he sat his sketchbook on the table and walked over to her.  "What's gotten into you?" she playfully asked, drawing her robe closed.

"Nothing much," Tenchi replied, kissing her.  At first the kiss was rose petal soft, but it did not take long for it to become passionate.

"What ever it is," Ryoko said between kisses, "I like it."  Tenchi mumbled something in response, but his words were lost in her mouth.  Before long he was seated next to her on the low divan.  Ryoko purred softly as Tenchi began to move his kisses from her lips down the side of her neck to her shoulder.  Ryoko clenched her fingernails through Tenchi's black tee shirt as his teeth brushed her skin in a loving bite.   "I definitely like it," she said softly, shivers chasing up and down her spine.

Tenchi chuckled.  "I'm glad."   Ryoko moaned in pleasure as Tenchi's hands found her breasts.  Slowly he began to smooth his palms over the firm mounds beneath the thin layer of silk.

"Here," Ryoko proffered.  A quick roll of the shoulders later and her robe was slid down.  Tenchi ran his hands gently over the sensitive skin of her breasts, before he pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefingers.  All Ryoko could manage was pleasured moan as she clawed at the hem of Tenchi's pants.

"Let me," he said.  Ryoko smiled as he pulled his shirt off, revealing the physique of someone who was used to outdoors work his whole life.   

"Thank you," she said softly, raking her fingernails down his chest.  With a kiss she showed her gratitude.

"No," Tenchi breathed, as he lay back, pulling her with him onto the divan.  "Thank you…my love…" Ryoko smiled a devilish smile towards him before she covered his mouth with hers once more.

Breaking the kiss, Ryoko looked into Tenchi's eyes.  "I love you," she said barely above a breath, but loud enough for him to hear.  The look in her eyes told him that those simple three words were meant wholly and unequivocally.  Before Tenchi could respond in kind, she kissed him again.  Both moaned softly as ones tongue explored the others mouth.  Sighing contently, Ryoko nuzzled her nose against Tenchi's cheek.  "I love you," she reaffirmed in a low whisper before she gently bit his earlobe.

Shivers ran up and down Tenchi's spine as Ryoko planted a series of soft kisses down his neck and collarbone before moving the kisses down to his chest.  The feeling was electric as her tongue ran down his taught pectoral and circled his nipple.   Tenchi slid his fingers thru Ryoko's soft, cyan locks as she continued to kiss down his stomach, only stopping at the top of his trousers.  Shooting Tenchi a feral grin, Ryoko began to unfasten his belt and work on the trousers catch and fly.  In a fluid motion she pulled his trousers and boxers off and dropped them to the side.

"Now you're mine," Ryoko said playfully.  Tenchi could feel his heart pounding in his chest like the worlds wildest rock 'n' roll drummer playing the wildest solo ever as Ryoko gently began to kiss his groin.  Slowly, teasingly, she kissed him, all the while stroking his manhood. 

"Ryoko," Tenchi laughed as she found a somewhat ticklish spot, but all the former pirate did was flash him one of her patented grins.  "Ryoko?" he asked in a nervous voice as she traced her tongue around her full lips.

"Like I said," Ryoko began seductively, "you're mine."  Before Tenchi could protest, if he even wanted to, Ryoko licked the length of him from the base of his scrotum to the tip of his penis, her tongue lingering teasingly at its sensitive tip.  "You like?" she mischievously purred.  All Tenchi could do was nod and try to keep his heart rate in check.

"Good."  That was the last cognizant thing Tenchi heard before Ryoko slid her moist lips down his full length.  Tenchi gasped she slid her lips back up him, her warm saliva quickly cooling in the night air.  The feeling was more than electrifying as Ryoko continued this motion over and over.  At first her strokes were slow, but as Tenchi's breathing increased, so did she.  Tenchi's fingers became interlaced in her hair as Ryoko continued to drive him completely and utterly wild.

"Oh gods…" Tenchi muttered as he felt his restraint slip away.  "Ryoko…" he trembled, but she ignored him.  Tenchi's pleas for help only drove her further to giving him his release.  Every muscle in his body tightened and the world swirled in a warp of colors as Tenchi found his climax.  Ragged huffs of breath passed between his lips as he watched Ryoko seductively run her tongue around her lips once more before his world faded to black…            

 After a few disoriented, blinks the dark confines of the bedroom became discernable to Tenchi.  His head was throbbing and the back of his neck was soaked with sweat, matting his long plait.  "Oh boy," Tenchi moaned in a raspy voice.  His lips were dry and his throat was parched once more.  Not to mention the room felt like a sauna at the moment.  With a groan he rolled over and squinted, waiting for the glowing red numerals of his alarm clock to come into focus.

 Tenchi cursed when he saw the time. 

"Two-thirty," he whined.  Feeling the need for a glass of water and to relieve himself, Tenchi swung his feet off the bed and cautiously made his way through the darkened apartment to the bathroom.   What a dream, he mused as he scratched an itch on the back of his left arm.  He was amazed that his mind could come up with such a scenario, much less twice in one day.  That dream was pretty intense, more so that the one earlier...  I wonder if Ryoko would even do something like that? No! he reprimanded himself once more.  Don't even think such a thing!  It will only cause trouble and heartache!

Blinking furiously once more to ward off the sudden incandescent brightness of the bathroom lights, Tenchi got a good look at himself in the mirror above the sink.  "Shit," he muttered as he caught sight of the dark stain on the front of his boxer shorts.  Obviously his dream was more intense than he thought it had been.  "What am I going to do," Tenchi said shaking his head. 

After changing shorts and fixing a glass of water Tenchi sat back down on the sofa.  With a hiss of static the television came to life.  After a less than rousing bout of channel surfing, Tenchi finally settled on watching some old Dragon Ball reruns that he had seen umpteen times before.  At least the mindless violence could offer him a slight respite from his mental duel.

"Am I falling in love?" he asked himself as the television flickered from some out of this world energy ray unleashed by one of the characters.  "Or are my hormones just going nuts?"  Once again Tenchi had no good answer for either question.  The one thing that he was certain of though, was that if the former proved to be true, things would never be the same again.

Notes:  I hope you enjoyed this foray into a new genre for me.  To be honest, I was leery if I could even write such a story to start with, but with a little prodding from a fellow writer, and a little help from the selfsame writer, we have this result.  Thanks Di.  I hope you all enjoy this I endeavor on this new odyssey of sorts. 

William Nichols 6/10/02