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Spring Break—every student's favorite week during the second school semester, and for Sam Evans it was no different. He spent the week away from Lima and enjoyed the brief getaway. The only thing that would have made it better was if his girlfriend, Quinn Fabray had returned at least one of his calls or text him more than 'goodnight' in the evenings. He knew she was going to have plans over Spring Break also, but it didn't cross his mind that she was going to blow him off for seven days. As much as he tried not to let it get to him, come Monday morning, his eyes were excessively vigilant for her perfectly groomed blonde head.

On his quest to find her, a number of female peers cast sultry looks at him and greeted him 'hello'. It wasn't unusual for Sam; he considered himself to be a decent-looking guy, but his incessant participation in sports coupled with his dad's accumulated wealth launched him into the 1 percent of McKinley—the crème de la crop. Politely, he nodded and smirked back with a low, "Hey," leaving his lips in the process. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his red and beige Letterman's jacket while only vaguely aware of the morning announcements that boomed overhead throughout the quad.

"Goooooooodddd Morning! What's pizzity poppin'? What's happening, Titans? Coach Sue is out on maternity leave, dropping a frontal deuce if you know what I mean and this is your master of the mic, the inventor of all things swag, the newly single, ready to mingle Artie A. here with the morning announcements. First up, the hella fioonnee Coach Roz wants all you guppies to know practice is canceled today. Next, Chord loves Amber: Will you be mine? Meet me at the bleachers! How romantic! What kinda name is Chord? Damn! Last but definitely not least, on anyone's list, summer vacation's two months away which means one thing and one thing only: Party at my house suckas! Nah! On the real, it's time to be looking forward to graduation. Yeah I'm talking to you, seniors. Let the countdown begin!"

As he trekked up a series of steps, his narrowed focus on finding Quinn momentarily absolved. He grinned at the sight of his two best friends, Finn Hudson and Mike Chang Jr., about to head inside one of the main buildings.

"Finn! Mike! My Brothas from another motha!" He called out to them.

Both fellow jocks turned their heads and grinned at him; it was like the opening scene in Grease, and Sam was definitely Danny Zuko.

"Sam! What's up, my man—how was Spring Break?" asked Finn as the two friends clasped a hand and drew the other in for a one-armed hug.

"It was cool, bro. Y'know—went up to Canada with the parents. Water skiing with my little bro and sis. What about you guys?" he asked, pulling back to give Mike the same greeting.

The three walked in their own cluster inside the nearest main building, exchanging Spring Break stories until Sam completely shifted gears. It was a delayed reaction but the morning announcements had just hit him, so he asked, "You guys realize we're looking at 2 more months of high school? I mean…two more months and we're done! It's kind of bittersweet."

Finn chuckled once, giving his friend a dubious look, "Uh. Yeah, no duh, dude. It's not coming' fast enough! I can't wait till I'm out of this hell hole!"

"No, but…I mean this is it. No more "Brothas from anotha motha handshakes!"

Mike clapped a hand to his shoulder, grinning, "Yeah, we get it. No more Sue's Corner in the morning."

"No more Coach Bieste making us do a thousand burpees every time we're late to practice. No more smelly gym lockers, no more detention with Figgins, no more sucking up to Scheuster, and best of all? No more hearing the glee club make our ears bleed at assemblies!"

Mike and Finn cast agreeing nods and chuckles at one another before high-fiving. Sam shook his head in amusement; sure his friends were right but it wasn't what he was thinking about. Not with college on the brain and a girlfriend who had been M.I.A. for the past week…

"Well you best make room. My family's from Lima Heights Adjacent. I'll say it again—Lima Heights Adjacent. And I always get my way! Do you what happened to the last person that didn't do what I asked? No? Well, neither do I! Daddy made one his calls and boom! Just like that, guy disappeared. Never heard from him again. Papi loves his little girl and you better not mess up because he'll go all Freddie Krueger on your behinds if you don't make room for my party!"

Finn, Mike and Sam all turned to hear the boisterous spitfire, Santana Lopez storming down the hallway, projecting her angst to an unknown recipient. Her Cheerios skirt swished with each irate step she took; she hung up her phone as she neared the group of men and barely gave them a fleeting glance.

"Hey to you too, Santana," spoke Finn with a smirk.

"Not now, Beanstalk. I'm busy," she spat back.

Finn caught up to her in two short strides and slipped his arm around her shoulder; an arm that she quickly shrugged off. He continued to smirk down at her while he said, "But I heard you mention a party. It's your lucky day, I happen to be free on…well, what party and when should I be there?"

"My grad party at Breadstix and when pigs fly out my ass, Hudson—you're not invited."

Finn pressed both hands over his heart, feigning an ache, "Aw don't be mean, Satan. You know you'll miss me if I'm not there. I'm the life of the party!"

Sam and Mike were trailing down the hall behind the two but Sam jogged up to Santana's other side, "Hey Santana. You look nice; you haven't seen Quinn, have you?"

"Flattery will get you nowhere. Sorry Trouty, haven't seen Barbie, try her locker or something," was all she said before veering off into the girls' bathroom.

Sam's shoulder's fell while a glint of irritation flashed across his face. Where was his girlfriend?

"Ladies! Bow chicka bow bow! " cheered Mike.

Sam and Finn's heads turned to see two more of Quinn's posse approaching—fellow Cheerio, Brittany S. Pierce and Mike's girlfriend, Tina Cohen-Chang. Mike sidled up to Tina with his arm slipping around her waist while Sam approached Brittany.

"Brittany, have you seen Quinn at all today?"

"No," she quickly replied in her usual airy tone. "Wait…" Sam looked up, hopeful for an answer. "No, nevermind that was Lord Tubbington in a blonde wig."

Sam's brows furrowed. "Seriously? You guys are like…her best friends, how have you not seen her yet?"

With absolute seriousness, Brittany replied, "Quinn told me to tell you that we don't know where she is if you came asking and then she gave me a grape jolly rancher. It turns my tongue purple. Wanna See?" Brittany began to stick her tongue out when Tina rolled he eyes and glared at her friend.

"Brittany!" Tina hissed, elbowing the petite blonde and shaking her head trying her hardest to reprimand Brittany without Sam noticing.

Sam squinted a glare at both girls, "Okay, what's going o—."

Before he could complete his thought, the sound of his girlfriend's voice carried over the droning voices that filled the busy halls. Sam turned his agitated expression to the left, just as Quinn rounded the corner with her phone to her ear. Like Brittany and Santana, she was sporting her Cheerios uniform today while her shiny blonde ponytail flounced from shoulder to shoulder with each step she took. Heads turned in the hallway and a few people cast timid smiles at them but she hadn't acknowledges a single one.

"I know, Daddy but this is my senior year—I'm not going to get another chance like this and I know it's the perfect dress. Please daddy, I'm your princess. You know you can't say no to me. Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" she softly begged and even pouted as if her father could see he through the phone.

"Hey Quinn," Sam spoke sternly but she walked right past as if he wasn't standing there. Her eye did manage to catch her friends however as she threw a quick smirk at them.

"Thank you, Daddy…okay, I love you too. Yep. Buh-bye."

Sam had followed her and as she got off the phone, she abruptly turned and faced him. He opened his mouth to try and talk to her again but she beat him to speaking.

"Sam? Listen, this…? Us, just isn't working for me anymore. I've moved on." She said in the most patronizing tone Sam had heard since he was in little league. But once he got past her condescending tone, her words sunk in, and he gave her a double-take.

"Come again?" he asked, turning his head slightly.

Quinn sighed and rolled her eyes, making haste towards exasperation. She grabbed his wrist and started to lead him out of the hall and back out to the quad where they found a bench to sit down and talk.

Neither of them were attentive to the fact that their friends had tagged along but they maintained distance that made it appear as though they were giving the two their privacy.

"So what exactly happened last week? You blow me off, come back and just tell me it's over?"

"Oh, Sammy—that's sweet that you think we were gonna go the distance but…I mean really, don't act like you didn't see it coming, we're just…we're two different people. You know?" she said—her voice dripping with more condescension.

"What happened, Quinn?" he demanded.

Quinn rolled her eyes and proceeded to give Sam the story of her week in Miami with Tina and Brittany. Thanks to Russell Fabray's connections, the three were granted access to a Spring Break celebration and danced with "Miami's hottest", poolside. One wrong step nearly sent Quinn head first into the pool, with the possibility of ruining her freshly re-done highlights. By the grace of God she was saved by the convenient broad shoulders of one acclaimed D-List actor. One thing led to another, and by the end of the week they were an item.

"Cooper Anderson?" Sam couldn't believe that that's who she dumped him for.

Quinn's face brightened up as she gushed, "He's just finished shooting some commercials for the Freed Credit Report company. He's so cool but like a retro cool and he even promised me a guest spot in his next gig! You can't expect me to just give that up, that would be very selfish, Sammy!"

Sam didn't say anything back but his silence spoke plenty of volumes. He clenched his jaw tightly and turned his head away from her but her perfectly manicured fingers came up to either side of his face, turning it to make him look at her again. "Listen, Sammy…we can still go to prom together. You and I are a shoe-in for prom king and queen."

She stood up, pecked his forehead and flounced away without a backwards glance.

Sam watched her go for a few seconds, and then let an aggravated sigh leave his lips.

"Retro-cool? YEAH! BEACAUSE HE'S LIKE TWICE YOUR AGE!" Sam shouted after Quinn feeling like the biggest fool.

He snatched up his backpack and strode away in the opposite direction, ignoring the hustling steps of Finn and Mike.

"That was a good one man." Finn shrugged looking over to Mike, begging him to help him out.

"Yeah, totally. You got her where it hurt!" Mike added, also shrugging at Finn and whispering: "That's all I've got."

"Shut up guys." Sam rushed down the halls of his high school, not caring the looks he was already getting. Yep, word got around fast in McKinley. Sam tried his best not to pay attention to the onlookers and didn't even realize he had knocked down a set of books a student was carrying.

"Hey! No Consideration! Can't even walk through the halls of my high school safely! Oh sure! Go ahead! It's okay! I'm not hurt! Nope! I'm fine! No need to help me with my books!" Mercedes Jones sighed, watching the three boys rush past the rest of the student body. She shook her head. "Dumb jocks." Mercedes knelt and started picking up her books thinking she'd rather be chained to her bed post being forced to watch episodes of Barney the purple dinosaur than to ever be friends with Sam Evans.