Crimson Sakura

Part 1

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

"Kikyou I'm home!"A young man with long ebony locks fumbled his way into his home. Tired beyond belief the twenty three year old business tycoon tossed off his shoes and jacket following his nose into the kitchen.

"Inuyasha you're home early!" The woman with waist length midnight tresses turned from the stove to give her husband a proper greeting by kissing him on the lips.

"I know. My meeting got out earlier than expected." Leaving the kitchen Inuyasha headed into the bedroom to change out of his suit and into something more comfortable. He plopped onto the couch flipping through the channels for something interesting to watch.

Turning his head Inuyasha watched as his wife dashed in and out of the kitchen to finish dinner and set the table. Time slowed and he noticed everything about her. The way her chest rose and fell as she took a breath. How many times she pushed her hair behind her ear and how many times she wiped the sweat from her brow. She was beauty and grace in every sense of the word.

Sometimes he wondered what he did to deserve a woman like her.

"Inuyasha!" Jumping at the noise he gave his wife a strange look. "I said dinner is ready." He nodded his head standing from the couch and walking over towards the table.

"Are you okay?" Kikyou said in a worried tone.

"Yeah." He said with a small smile hoping she would drop it. They ate dinner mostly in a comfortable silence with pleasantries such as "how was your day?" being exchanged every now and then. After dinner Kikyou returned to her nightly chore of cleaning the kitchen and putting away the extra food while Inuyasha finished last minute paperwork due the next morning.

"You know I saw Ayame today." Kikyou said from the kitchen.

"That's nice babe." Inuyasha said without looking up from his laptop. Walking around the table to sit next to her husband Kikyou took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"Her and Kouga are expecting...again." Inuyasha sighed shutting his laptop.

"Kikyou..." rubbing his brow the last thing he wanted or needed was another argument.

"Inuyasha I want a baby. This is Ayame's second child and her and Kouga got married two years after us!"

"Kikyou we've only been married for four years. You know I'm still getting use to running the company on my own since Sesshomaru and Rin moved to America to start a new branch overseas. I'm too busy to be a father."

'And I'm not ready.' He secretly added.

"They moved almost a year ago! How long does it take to get settled in? I'm getting lonely Inuyasha. Most of our friends already have children. I want to go out with Ayame and her son to the park for a play date. When Rin and Sesshomaru come back to visit I want their daughters to have a cousin to meet! I don't understand why you don't want to start a family with me." Her last sentence so soft spoken Inuyasha almost missed it. There was no way to explain it to her without sounding like a selfish prick. Kikyou was dying to be a mother, but the thought of fatherhood scared him shitless. He wasn't ready to be a dad. To be responsible for a life besides his own.

"I'm sorry Kikyou." He said somberly. On the brink of tears she quickly stood from her seat and ran into their bedroom undoubtedly locking him out. Rubbing his face and letting out a groan of frustration Inuyasha walked to linen closet grabbing sheets and an extra pillow.

It was gonna be a long night on the couch.

"As your friend I'd like to tell that you look like total shit."

"Fuck you Miroku." Inuyasha said settling into his office.

"What's wrong? Long night with the misses?"

"Actually yes. We got into another argument about having a baby. She's ready and I'm not." Taking a seat on the sofa Miroku made himself comfortable as Inuyasha finished telling him about the heated debate.

"If your not ready then say so man. She can't really force you to make a baby with her. Although making the baby is half the fun." Miroku said suggestively.

"Can you ever have a serious moment?" Looking at his friend Miroku could see the frustration written all over Inuyasha's face. The poor guy seemed close to banging his head against a wall.

"Okay, in all seriousness, if you are not ready to have a baby then don't have one. You don't want to be the father who can't be there for his kids even with them living in his house. On the contrary fatherhood does seem and can be very scary but it's worth it. Holding your child and watching them grow are the most beautiful things you'll ever do in your life. Don't make any hasty decisions but it's definitely something you should think about." Patting his best friend on the shoulder Miroku thought about his own kids and how much they loved their 'uncle yasha". He was scared now but Miroku knew Inuyasha would be a great father if given the chance.

"Thanks man." Inuyasha said.

"Don't worry about it." Miroku said with a nod.

As Inuyasha continued to sit at his desk he found himself unable to focus on his work. The only image in his mind was Kikyou's distraught face as she pleaded with him to give her a child. Maybe he was being selfish in not starting a family with Kikyou. They bought a bigger house than necessary in order to have room for children. And with Inuyasha's new position at the head of his brother's company he made more than enough money to support a family should they have one.

Then again being the leader of the company meant more work, which in turn meant longer hours. Sometimes he would have company emergencies that kept him away. Business trips and unexpected meetings. Inuyasha wanted to be their for his kids. He wanted to be the father he never had. The one that came to all his son's sporting events and all his daughter's dance recitals. He didn't want to miss his child's first steps or first words. He didn't want to be a screw up.

'Though I'm sure Kikyou has enough parenting skills for the both of us.'

Letting his head fall on the desk it seemed the more thought he put into the situation the more complicated it became.

That was it! Pounding his fist on the desk Inuyasha steeled his resolve. He knew what he was gonna do and no matter how much he thought about it, or changed his mind he would stick to his decision.

"God I hope I'm making the right choice."

"Kikyou? I'm home!" Stepping cautiously into the house Inuyasha took his time removing his shoes and jacket. He didn't smell any food and when he peeked in the kitchen he realized Kikyou wasn't there. Going back into the bedroom he found Kikyou sitting on their bed looking at their wedding album. Slowly she flipped through the book, taking her time looking at each and every picture.

Inuyasha cleared his throat and it was apparent that she hadn't been aware he'd come home.

"Oh I didn't here you come in." She said softly as she brought her attention back to the photo album. Taking a seat on the bed Inuyasha joined his wife in reminiscing their wedding night. They had decided to have a western style wedding and reception. Inuyasha remembered how beautiful Kikyou had looked in her western styled wedding gown. When she came down the isle he was stunned. She had left her long hair loose and flowing down her back, which was a change from her normal low ponytail. Her makeup had been simple, enough to accentuate her features, while still preserving her natural beauty.

Flipping the page they both laughed at a picture of Inuyasha's best man, Miroku. His eyes were half lidded as he held his drink in one hand the mic in the other. A goofy smile was plastered on his face as he tried to deliver his toast to the new couple half drunk.

Underneath was a picture of Inuyasha reaching under Kikyou's dress to remove her garder. The photo next to that revealed Kikyou preparing to throw her bouquet into a hopeful pile of single women.

Finally the couple reached the last page of the album where a picture of Inuyasha and Kikyou sharing their first kiss as husband and wife was blown up to fit the entire page. Closing the book Kikyou wiped her teary eyes as she looked to Inuyasha giving him a gentle smile.

"I love you Inuyasha."

"I love you too Kikyou." Leaning in he placed a loving kiss on her lips. She pulled away and he gently grabbed her face to keep her from going anywhere. It was now or never. Closing his eyes Inuyasha let the words flow from his lips.

"Let's have a baby." He began to grow nervous when she didn't respond. Opening his eyes he released her and was a little shocked to find tears running freely down her cheeks.

"Really?" She said disbelievingly. It seemed like a dream when Inuyasha had said the words she'd been dying to hear for months, and when he nodded his head yes she pounced on him, smothering him in hugs and kisses.

"Oh Inuyasha you don't understand how happy you've made me! Almost as happy as the day you asked me to marry you." He laughed and gave her another long kiss. She moved to get off him saying how she was going to make a celebratory dinner, but he was faster. Using his body weight he rolled them over pinning her to the bed.

"You can start dinner later. How about we get a head start on making that baby?"