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Mine is a story untold. Mine is a story forgotten. I was once loved by my people, my life was once valued, and then everything changed when my baby brother was born. The minute I saw him I knew that his life would be important and full of the greatest love imaginable. The Earth Kingdom celebrated for months and I was so happy and in live with my baby brother, sadly this joy didn't last forever. I became forgotten. It became apparent that my brother would inherit the throne that was rightfully mine. But I was not angry or upset, I loved my brother so much that I wanted to do everything in my power to keep him sage and happy, but as a forgotten princess I had no power to fulfill this. So I did the only thing that I could think of that would give me the power to protect my little brother. So aligned myself to the most powerful kingdom and gave myself in service to Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

This was surprisingly easier to do than I expected. I was so forgotten that no one even noticed that I had left the palace, let alone the planet. And once Queen Serenity understood my reasons for leaving my kingdom and my family, she readily allowed me to enter her service and train in her armed forces. I spent years training my mind and my body, stripping myself of all that would make me weak and all that made me of the earth kingdom. As much as I loved my brother, there was no love lost between me and my kingdom. My brother was just a baby, he had no control over what people did, and he did not know how his birth had changed my life and the kingdom so. I dedicated myself completely to being anything and doing everything the Queen asked of me. Eventually I became the Queen's right hand and was given the ultimate responsibility of protecting Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

For years I went on with this not even thinking about the kingdom I left behind, but always missing the little brother I left. Yet the more I watched the little princess grow, the guiltier I felt for missing out on his life. I had to constantly remind myself that I had done was the only thing I could do to protect him, The Earth Kingdom was still a new kingdom and the only thing that really kept it safe was its alliance with the Moon Kingdom. So by serving the Moon Queen and keeping her Kingdom strong I was keeping him safe.

I had not laid eyes on my little brother in years, yet when the day came that I saw him again I recognized him instantly. He was everything that I knew he could be, he was strong, and brave, and honorable. He was also the male image of me, with raven black hair and sapphire blue eyes. However as proud as I was seeing him, there was no way I wanted him to see me. But Queen Serenity would not take me off from my assignment to guard the princess, so I prepared myself. To my surprised, yet not surprised at all, my brother didn't recognize me and when the Princess Serenity asked him about his family he claimed himself to be an only child. I was so forgotten that they didn't even tell him that he had a sister. Even though I was relieved that he did not recognize me, I was a little saddened for it really closed the door to having any relationship with him outside of royalty and servant.

Even with the sadness over my own chances of having a familiar relationship with my brother, I was over joyed with the relationship and love that was growing between him and the princess. The happiness and the greatest love that I knew he would have as I gazed upon him as a child was happening right before me as he was an adult. Little did we all know that this joy, love, and peace would soon be destroyed. If I thought my world changed when my brother was born, then my world was about to be turned upside down.