Alec and I were down the street, doing some window shopping, when I felt it, when I smelled the stink of a demon of the Dark Kingdom.
"There." I said, pointing to a jewelry shop with bunch of women crowding into it.

"A jewelry store? Are you finally going to make an honest man out of me? You want to look at rings?" Alec says to me in a teasing, yet shocked voice.

"Yes and no. But we'll talk about that later. No, there is a dark aura coming from that place."

"Okay, let's go."

As we finally pushed and shoved our way into the story a lady approached us. She had such a bad stench of dark energy around her it was hard not to gag from it.

"Welcome! Welcome! Come on in! Try on anything you want!" she cries before moving along.

"What do you think that demon is up to" Alec says. It is so loud in the store with the cries of women oohing and cooing over the jewelry, we don't have to worry about anyone over hearing our conversation.

"Let's sit back, wait, and see what happens?" I reply.

No one is paying us any, so we boost ourselves up to the second floor windowsills. We didn't have to wait long before the demon disguised as the owner of the store made its move. All of a sudden the women started to faint and fall to the ground.

"It's like they have lost all of their essence." I observe.

"It must be the jewelry. That's why the demon is encouraging them to try the jewelry on, so that it can suck the energy out of them." Alec determines.

"Well let's go then." But before I can to anything, all of our attention is drone to a girl standing in the window.

"…I am Sailor Moon. And on behave of the Moon, I will punish you!" the girl states.

"Please tell me I'm not so old that I have forgotten that there was a Guardian of the Moon?" Alec asks me.

"No, you're right, there wasn't. Let's wait and see what she does." What she does is fail, epically, as she runs around screaming, barely dodging attacks. Finally she's pined to the wall with nowhere to go.

"She's not going to be able to dodge the next one!" I shout and am just about to jump down and save her, but before I even move, a red rose flies through the air and embeds its self in the floor in front of the incompetent Sailor. Again everyone's attention is drawn to a figure standing in a window, except this figure is a man in a tuxedo and top hat, wearing a mask.

"Oh. My. Goddess." I gasp.

"What?" Alec asks me.

"It's Darien." I reply.

"What? Who? Him? How do you know that?" Alec questions

"He's my brother. His blood calls to my blood." I explain.

"Why is he here? I thought that he doesn't remember."

I look over at the girl. "It can't be. But it must be."

"Sweetheart, I love you, but I have been working 50 hours a week and killing demons. I am not following your speak the way I normally do." Alec says giving me a weary look.

"Darien doesn't remember, but his subconscious has probably taken over."

"Okay, why has his subconscious taken over?"

"Because he has to protect her, he can't help himself."

"Protect her. You mean…" Alec looks over at the girl, "that girl is Serena?"


"Demi, I think this is going to be harder than we thought."