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Hello my darlings, I'm back once again.

This is a three shot and it will be updated once a day. So by the end of Thursday it will be complete. It's all in EPOV.

This is so different from what I've done before. We deal with sensitive subjects here, such as human trafficking, drugs and violence. Nothing too graphic, though. But I feel the need to warn you before you read.

Unfortunately, it's a reality. So…read with caution.

You've been warned. Ready? Here we go.


Chapter 1.

"Fuck off, Emmett." I huffed from behind my desk. "I am not going, so stop annoying the fuck out of me."

"But dude…come the fuck on." He argued trying to reason with me. Like that would get him somewhere. "It's Jasper's bachelor party. You have to go."

"I am not going to a strip club, Emmett…and neither should you or Jasper for that matter. Those places are just…ugh." I rolled my eyes as I loosened my tie and plopped my feet on my desk.

Long fucking day is all I'm saying. After fourteen hours of doing nothing but fucking paper work, the last thing I wanted to do was go to some fucked up strip club with nothing but drunken assholes and faceless women. I just wanted to go home and sleep my fucking mood off.

"Dude, come on. See? This I what I was talking about the other day. You never even have fun anymore. You need to get out of here like…like…yesterday."

I sighed. I knew Emmett was right. I just wished he would stop. I knew I did need to get out of here. Spending so much time in the office…well, this place was eating up my mind. Actually that wasn't true. My mind was the one making things harder than they fucking needed to be.

I was a Federal Agent. I had joined the Agency about six years ago and it was practically a coincidence. It wasn't even what I had planned for my life…but shit happened. So I entered the Bureau so eager and exited to work and learn and itching to get my hands dirty… and everything had gone smoothly and as good as it was going to get…until it didn't.

A year ago, after a mission went badly, I ended up on desk duty. 'It was for my sake' as my superiors had said. And I really couldn't argue with them there. All the shit that happened left me exhausted and anxious for a break.

And I got it. And six months later and after I got cleared to get back on the field…I just wasn't sure I was ready for my break to end.

Coming in here you think you're pretty much prepared for it. For everything. All the preparation, all the training they put you through…it even gets to a point where you think you're fucking invincible.

God, was I wrong.

I was so inexperienced and young and foolish…and that had led me here today.

"Dude…don't." Emmett murmured bringing me out of my musings. One look at his face and I knew what he was referring to. "Don't go there…just come with us…you need the distraction."

I sighed again. "Okay. I'll go."


I seriously had to stop listening to Emmett and grow a pair. Seriously.

As I had predicted, this place was a dump. Well, not a dump, but it reeked of alcohol and sex and probably some illegal substances. Not my choice of smells, thank you very much. The music, the lighting and the neon signs were too much. Too clichéd.

"Relax, okay? This is for Jasper." Emmett said as we spotted out table. "And besides…you could get laid tonight. God knows you need it." He wiggled his eyebrows over and over again. I just slapped him in the back of the head.

"Fucker." He mumbled. "You know I'm right. You're one bitter son of a bitch."

Yeah, right. Whatever.

We spotted Jasper and a few of his work friends sitting in a booth near the main stage. And I mean right in front of it. Where we wouldn't miss a fucking thing.

Great. Nothing like seeing the ladies work their stuff up close.

Sense the sarcasm by the way.

I mean, it wasn't that I thought I was above all this shit. I had been to a strip club once or twice in my life. College was crazy and as a young and horny man, all I wanted to do was see tits and pussy, so I did end up in a place like this a couple of times.

Not my type of thing, though.

I preferred…those things natural. Fake was not for me. Definitely. I liked the softness of a woman. The natural roundness of curves and the right hair color. Not bleached blond and with a face full of makeup, like the couple of girls dancing on stage right now. Craving for attention.

This place was no different than the others. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Like I said before, faceless women who were here either for fucked up reasons or for…well, fucked up reasons. I didn't think anyone would be here out of their own will and joy.

We finally managed to get settled around out table and after greetings were made…I just watched. I watched the guys and how they behaved when they saw a pussy uncovered right up close. I watched the girls and how they removed their clothes piece by piece and how they thought they were sensual and sexy.

They did nothing for me.

I knew I should be worried about that fact. I mean…when you have a naked woman dancing in front of you, begging for your attention…you had to react. You just had to. It wasn't even a fucking option. But I wasn't worried. This life wasn't for me. I had experienced it and done every little disgusting thing you could think of…and I grew tired of it. It wasn't for me anymore. It hadn't been for a while. Not since that mission went south.

I guess I was bitter after all.

The hours went by and every time a girl made herself known on the stage…the crowd went wild. Specially Emmett and Jasper. I swear those two were fucked in the head. I had no idea how the fuck they manage to come up with so many single bills, but they were giving them out like candy. Seriously…Jasper was getting fucking married in a couple of days. I wondered if his fiancée knew this side of her lover.

"Maaaan…you have to chill." Jasper slurred from his seat. He was nearing the shit faced stage. "Come on…I'll buy you a lap dance. Just choose the girl and she's yours."

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks, man. I think I'm good."

"No…reaaaaally. I'll pay."

I took a drink of my beer and shook my head again. I was about to reply when something happened. What was it? I'm still not sure, but something fucking ached and…tingled? My body felt hot and I felt some sort of pressure everywhere. My first reaction was to look down at my beer. Fuck, did someone spike my fucking beer? I wasn't sure. I really hoped that wasn't the case because I would get really fucking pissed.

But suddenly something caught my eye. From the fucking stage. And when I looked up…I figured out the reason for my physical behavior.

Standing there, getting ready to mount the fucking shiny pool in the middle…was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

I frowned and looked down to my beer again. Now I was absolutely sure someone had slipped me a pill or something…because never -in my whole entire life- had I even thought those words. There was no such thing as 'most beautiful woman' in my book. Sure, some were pretty, others were even sexy and hot…but beautiful? Most beautiful? Again, not in my fucking book.

Fucking Emmett. I was so gonna get his fucking ass kicked.

I laughed at myself and my stupidity. I really had to stop drinking or I wouldn't put it pass to me to start calling Jasper my very fucking best friend in the whole entire world. Or Emmett my so so good friend he could be my brother.

Stupid alcohol.

Stupid Emmett.

But even in my entire mental rant…I could still feel my body reacting. Wanting. Craving…something. So I looked up again, expecting to see the girl clearly this time and find out it was just the fucking buzz making me see things that weren't there…but then my eyes connected with her and I swear the whole world fucking stopped.

And I wasn't even overreacting.

Okay, I was. But still…

My eyes roamed all over her body. She wasn't blonde. She had dark brown hair that went past her shoulders. Her skin was pale. She wore too much makeup for sure, but I could see a beautiful clean face beneath all that. Her body…fuck…her body was amazing and it didn't look fake at all.

But above anything else…her eyes were the ones that took my breath away. Never had I seen a pair of eyes that held so much in them. Just by looking at her, you could guess she was hiding something. You could tell she had secrets…secrets that went beyond your everyday issue.

I could see a hundred of emotions reflected in them that made me gasp for air. I saw despair. Confusion. But above anything else…I could still see…hope? I wasn't sure. Maybe even a spark and fire that were still lingering there. Almost hidden from the world.

God, what the fuck was going on?

She danced and moved slowly to the beat of the music gracefully, swaying from side to side. There were a few times she would hesitate, but only for a second too short for anyone to notice. Except I did notice. I was entranced by her.

She recovered quickly and moved her hands all over her body, caressing her skin. She removed her bra and as soon as her breasts were out in the open for anyone to see…I had a problem down south. A very hard problem.

What the fuck? Wasn't I supposed to be immune to this shit?

Once her bra was once the floor, she bent down to remove her tiny shorts, leaving her only in a thong that didn't leave much to the imagination. And when she stood back up, her eyes met mine and it was like I was under some kind of fucking spell.

I saw confusion reflected back at me, followed by…uncertainty? I wouldn't know.

I could almost feel she was dancing for me and only me. Her eyes never left mine. She twirled and jumped and bent down…but her eyes always returned to mine.

And then the fucking spell was broken when her song ended and she quickly left the stage. I was left totally speechless. What the fuck had just happened? Did she drug me?


I don't know how long I sat there but Emmet caught my attention when he tugged on my arm and pulled me up. "Come on fucker. Time to get you to loosen up."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Emmett?" I said yanking my arm out of his grasp. "Fuck off."

"No, old man. You're coming with me. I have a present for you."

"Seriously Em. Fuck. Off."

"Seriously Ed. Move. Your. Ass."

I wasn't listening to Emmett again in one night, so I wasn't moving. But then the other fuckers joined Emmett in his fucking bitching, so I had to go along with it.

Yes, I had to. Shut up.

They practically pushed me inside a private room and closed the door behind me.

Great. A fucking private lap dance. Just what I needed.

I was ready to –politely- tell the lady not to waste her time and leave the room with her money, when another door across the room opened and there she was.

It was her.

"Hello, handsome." She purred from across the room, closing the door behind her and inching towards me. She had an accent. She wasn't from the States, that was for sure. I just couldn't quite figure out where.

"Hi." Was my lame response.

"Shall we begin?"

"Look…my friends did this…you really don't have to…" I murmured somewhat flustered. I didn't get fucking flustered, so I had no idea what the hell was going on.

She ignored my words, stalked towards me until she was almost pressed against my body and slowly walked me backwards to a plush couch in the corner of the room until I was sitting down. She turned around with her back to me and turned to look at me over her shoulder. "Just relax and enjoy the ride, handsome."

I should have said no. I really should have. But being a fucking man with a very hard dick…I didn't. I shut my mouth and let her do her work.

I hadn't noticed the music in the room until she began to move again, just like she had done back on the stage. Only this time…she was so much closer. I could feel the heat radiating from her body and when she sat on my lap…I nearly lost it.

I wanted to place my hand on her hips and make her really grind on me. But I didn't, instead I tried talking to her. "Wh…where are you from?"

"Wherever you want me to be, handsome." She purred seductively, leaning back against my chest and running her hand through my hair.


"Does it really matter?"

No, it didn't. So I just shook my head and let her continue.

She was driving me absolutely insane. Never had I experienced something like this. So exhilarating and nerve wracking.

"Tell me your name." I asked quietly.

She smiled. "You know my name. It's Gianna."

No, it wasn't. "Your real name."

That caught her off guard. "That is my name." she gritted out as she turned around and straddled my lap. "Do you want me to do this or you're just gonna talk?"

Yeah, that did it. She managed to shut me up.

She kept dancing in front of me, rubbing her breasts against my chest and face every chance she got. Even though the lighting in here sucked ass, I managed to see those expressive eyes staring right back at me every time she move away from my body.

It seemed there was something passing between us and I could swear she could fucking feel it too. The way she kept looking into my eyes…it was like she was looking for something. Like she was looking for the answers to her questions and I was the one to give them.

I had no idea what she found there, but whatever it was made her bring her hand to my thigh and slowly crept upward, inching her way closer to where I wanted her to be.

But something in me snapped. Too many thoughts were invading my mind, so I just grabbed her hand and slowly pushed her whole body away. She looked confused at first but then she sighed and stepped back when she saw the look on my face.

I just got up and left the room.


"Fucking reports." I muttered and threw the twenty something reports that had arrived today at the fucking crack of dawn. If these people would just do their fucking job like it was supposed to be done, I wouldn't have to sit here and check them one by one.

My phone interrupted me from my rant and alerted me of a text.

Fucked the ho last night? ;) – Em.

Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with him? I was suddenly even more pissed at his crass comment, so I just grabbed my phone and threw it across the room as hard as I could.

"Fucking Emmett…I swear to God…" Damn it. I ran my hand through my hair over and over trying to get a grip on my emotions. I was really losing it.

But if I was being honest with myself…I knew what the real reason behind my bad mood was. And it wasn't Emmett. Well, part of it was…with him insinuating that…girl…was a slut…well, it just ticked me off.

But it was also her. Gianna, as she had called herself.

Ever since I got home last night…all I could do was think about her. Her eyes, her lips, her voice. I couldn't say she haunted my dreams, because you have to fucking sleep to be able to dream…and I sure as hell did not sleep. At all.

I tossed and turned all night and when I finally had enough…I gave up and went into the shower to take care of my very erect problem.

But I was still pissed.

It was almost midnight by the time I left the office. I got into my car and started driving toward my house, but in the middle of my way there, my body suddenly took charge and fifteen minutes later I found myself entering the strip club from hell. Except this time I didn't sit in the front. I searched for a booth in the back and sat my ass down there. Alone. Trying to distance myself…but at the same time I was still here. so how much distance could there really be?

And I drank. I drank until she came out on stage. And I watched her. I watched from a distance as she removed all her clothes. As she touched her body and climbed on that pool. As she let the hands of those disgusting scumbags linger on her body after they put the bill inside her g-string.

And I hated the whole process. I totally hated it. I hated her for letting them. I hated her for making me feel this…this way.

And I also hated myself. So fucking much.

She lasted longer on stage tonight. She was up to her third song when she looked up from one of the assholes on the front road and her eyes landed on me.

Unlike yesterday, her face gave nothing away this time. The only recognition I got from her, was when she brought her hand up and slowly beckoned me with her finger. She was calling to me. Telling me to go to her.

I wouldn't.

I was too drunk for that shit and I wasn't sure I could control myself.

So I just shook my head and watched her turn around and continue dancing until that song ended.

And then she disappeared behind the curtains.

That was how I spent the next four days. I would sit in the back of the room and wait for her to come out and…just watched her. And she watched me too. Every chance she got…I felt her eyes on me.

I must have looked like a fucking stalker, but it had to come to an end. This was it. This was the last time I would see her. I had to get her out of my fucking mind for good.

This would be the last time I ever stepped inside the fucking strip club.


Not a day had gone by when my mind became a jumbled mess. So many conflicting emotions were going through my head, I couldn't even begin to decide which one was the dominant one.

I couldn't fucking believe this. I was a fucking twenty eight year old man…a Federal Agent and that…that stupid little girl was fucking with my mind.

I mean, how old could she be? She didn't look beyond twenty and besides…she was a fucking stripper. Why was I allowing her to fucking mess with my head like this? I mean, what future could she possibly have is she kept that road? For all I knew she was just working there to pay for her fucking drug habit. And besides…what other things did she do? Did she fuck her clients to get more money? Was Emmett right when he called her that?

Yeah. It had to be it.

But even as I thought those words…my chest ached. It ached and it made it almost impossible for me to breathe. Something inside me told me she wasn't stupid. She wasn't in that place for pleasure or for being a junkie, as much as I tried convincing myself otherwise.

That night when I went to bed, I dreamt of brown eyes and full lips. But it wasn't dirty or I wasn't seeing her naked. I saw sadness and despair. I saw fear and desperation.

And for the first time…I saw what her smile…her true smile could really be like.

When I woke up from my dream it took me a while to realize I was crying. So in that moment…all the resolve I had conjured…slipped away.

I had made up my mind. I couldn't stay away.


That's how I found myself sitting in a booth in the club again. Only this time…I was in the front row. Near the stage.

And I waited. I didn't drink that night. I had to be clear headed for when she made her way out. I had no expectations. I couldn't have any. I just wanted to see her. And after a while she finally was announced. I loathed that name. I knew it wasn't her real one and it had become my mission to get her to tell me.

And then she spotted me. I could see in her face that she was trying not to look surprised to see me here. She was failing.

I took a look at her. She looked just as gorgeous as she did the past nights. And I finally got to see those eyes. Those eyes that had been haunting me for the past week…tonight I saw something different in them when she looked at me. Something I hadn't seen there before. What was that? Determination?

I didn't know.

We weren't in a private room tonight, so I was caught off guard when she got off the stage. She swayed to the music sensually, seductively. She moved around slowly. From side to side. Here and there. And then she was finally in front of me. Those eyes were in front of me. Those lips were right there. Her face was even more beautiful than I had dreamt last night. Her scent and her body invaded my senses, making me almost dizzy. Overwhelmed with the need to touch her. But all contact was reserved for the private rooms, so I kept my hands to myself.

She leaned in and placed her hands on the couch behind me. Caging me in. Dancing still.

"I didn't think you'd be back." She murmured.

"I didn't either."

"I'm glad you're here."

"Me, too."

I was so caught up in all that she was…so imagine my surprise those gorgeous long legs straddled my lap and against my ear she barely whispered "Help me…please."

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