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Chapter 4.

Fifteen minutes passed and just as I was about to call Emmett again…I heard gunshots being fired outside…and then all hell broke loose.

I pulled Bella closer to me and slowly opened the door.

Chaos was what met me outside. The girls jumping out of the stage, customers running back and forward not knowing exactly where to go. I saw a couple of guys fighting over by the bar.

Total chaos.

This was it. This was my moment to get us out of here. As I could, I opened my hoddie and removed my bulletproof vest and put it on her, leaving me only in my shirt. If gunshots were being fired…I couldn't risk her getting injured.

I used the hoddie to cover her up and grabbed Bella by the waist with one arm and with the other, I brought my gun out. I made our way outside and frowned when I saw all the craziness. I didn't notice before when I came in here, but tonight was especially crowded. Some sort of contest was being held for sure, because this many people on a regular night? Not likely.

All the commotion was making it harder for me to move. For some reason people weren't getting out of here, just running and making themselves paranoid.

Gunshots will do that to you.

Besides carrying dead weight in my arms was kind of slowing me down. She wasn't heavy, but I was trying to be careful and prevent her from bending over backwards.

And then…"ISABELLA."



Someone was yelling her name over all the noise in here. I looked around then…and right in front of the main exit…was one of the guys from before. And he was holding a gun in his hand.


They were looking for her.

I could try and take him down. I knew I could. But not with Bella in my arms.

Where the fuck was Emmett?

I looked around, searching for another way out of here, but when my eyes landed on the guy by the door…he was glaring at me…and at the girl in my arms.


And then he was moving.

So was I.

I went inside the private room again and immediately went through the door Bella always left. Bad move. I had no idea where this place led, but given the choice, you went for places you were familiar with, not ones you had absolutely no idea how they were built.

But I'd already entered this path, so I kept moving.

Somehow we ended up in some sort of a basement. This place was deserted with terrible lighting and no windows. But I could still hear what was happening upstairs. I no longer heard yelling or shouting. I now heard glass shattering. Things being smashed and Bella's name being called.


I looked for a way out. There was a door, but of course it was locked. It looked reinforced, so it could take some time to bring it down. I could do it, but not too fast.

I heard the voice getting closer and I knew he was just outside, ready to step into the room. In that moment…I…I realized I had just cornered us.

Fucking asshole.

Classic rookie mistake.

A mistake I had made over a year ago and now it was haunting me again. I brought my phone out and sent Emmett a text, hoping this would work, because…this place was too familiar. This scenario was too real. The girl standing behind me was too much like…like…

Flashes from…from a year ago invaded my mind.

"Step out of the way agent Cullen."

"You know I can't do that. Put your gun down. Now."

He just chuckled smugly and brought his gun up higher. "Do you really think I'll do that? Come on, agent…you know there's no way out of here. You should just move out of the way and let me finish what I came here to do. We don't care about you…you could just walk away right now…I only want her."

"Put the gun down. NOW."

He just kept laughing at my attempts, but I wouldn't back down. I wouldn't let them get her. Then…the girl behind me whimpered, a sign she was coming around. And somehow…for a fraction of a second…I turned my head to the side for just an inch, to see her…not even turning around fully…and the next thing I knew…someone to my right stepped out of the dark and shot the girl behind me.

Till this day I can't figure out why I did that. Why I turned my head. Why I let my guard down. I will always wonder the same fucking thing…because if I hadn't done it…she'd still be alive.

"Who the fuck are you?" someone spat from the entry way, bringing my attention back to the present and to the fact that he was now inside the room.

"I'm a Federal Agent. Drop your gun now."

"Federal agent?" he was shocked for sure. "That bitch…she said something? To a federal agent?"

"What you have been doing to her is a federal crime. If you surrender now, I would personally make sure to let the court know that."

I wouldn't. Ever.

But it was called negotiating.

He chuckled. "No, you won't. And I won't surrender. So you might as well drop the gun, man. Neither one of you is getting out of here now. There's nowhere for you to run." I could tell he was being serious. Then he cocked his gun, causing Bella to whimper behind me. "Edward."

That sound. Again.

This time…this time when I hear that sound…I had the same kind of urge to check and see if she was alright, just like all those months ago. Everything was happening the same way as it did back then. Except…except this time…there was something different.

This time, I checked the room before. There was no one else here to come out of the blue.

This time…somehow, I had no idea why…I put the vest on her before leaving the room.

This time…this time…I…I was…in love.

So I did turn around. Completely turning my back on him. I was met with those gorgeous brown eyes full of confusion and fear, but I just smiled at her and pressed my lips softly to hers, before pushing her against the wall and caging her in completely.

No one was dying today because of me…she wasn't dying tonight. I just hoped Emmett would get her out of here soon.

And then a gunshot rang out.

One year later.

I was starting to go fucking nuts, for sure.

I'd said this plenty of times before, but today…fuck…today was completely exhausting. At first, I thought being promoted would be fucking awesome, you know? More money, more benefits, different activities and functions…I thought it was gonna be fucking great.

Yeah. Foolish man.

I mean, at almost thirty years old…having to deal with fucking twenty year olds? Not good for my state of mind. And then on top of that, having to deal with Emmett? Yeah, fucking annoying. Seriously, if I kept this up I'd end up with grey hairs and a heart attack before I reached thirty five.

I parked my car in the driveway and was immediately assaulted with memories when I saw the house that I'd lived in for the past five years. A lot of memories had been formed here. A lot good…and a lot bad. But it was finally time to move on.

One year had passed since…since Bella happened…since those scumbags held her captive and tried to break her spirit. A year had passed since she'd asked for help. My help.

I shook my head to get rid of those memories. Nothing good came out of reliving those awful times. I reached over to the back seat and took the yellow folder I'd need for tonight. I made my way inside the house and looked around. This place was a mess. Boxes were scattered around the floor, making it almost impossible for anyone to make their way through. Moving would do that to a house. Except…I was immediately enveloped in the most amazing smells a house could ever hold.

Not even boxes making a mess on the floor could overshadow that fact. Then…I was assaulted with that beautiful voice that even invaded my dreams every night, and just like that all my fucking mood swings…all of it…it just went away. I walked into the dining room and there she was.

My Bella.

Standing near the table with her back to me, wrapping the silverware and china set. Completely oblivious to my presence.

"Ya no importa cada noche que espere…cada calle y laberinto que cruce…" she sang softly, so softly I could barely hear what she was singing. "..porque el cielo ha conspirado a mi favor…y a un segundo de rendirme te encontré." She swayed from side to side, never breaking her infamous task of wrapping whatever she had in her hands.

At first that little thing she did…singing in Spanish…yeah, it drove me absolutely crazy, for two reasons mostly. One of them…I didn't understand her. I knew nothing about that language, so it was clearly frustrating to me not knowing what the hell she was singing, every time she did it. And ever single time I asked…with a beautiful smile on her glowing face…she fucking said she wouldn't tell me. Driving me even crazier.

I mean, she had a beautiful voice and I loved hearing her, but…it would be nice to know what the words coming out of her lips meant. And two…yeah…she…um…she got me hard every time she spoke Spanish. Don't ask me why, I'm still trying to figure that one myself. But she did.

I also noticed, most of the times…she sang the exact same song. Every time. So one day I'd finally had it and ordered her to tell me what the hell she was singing. Well…I…um…I didn't order…I actually…begged…and begged…and yeah. Whatever.

At first, she explained her reluctance to tell me what the song said, because it meant so much to her, and she was afraid that if she told me…I would run out the door.

Crazy beautiful girl. Nothing she could say would make me run away from her.

So she did tell me.

'It doesn't matter every night I waited…every street and maze I ever crossed…because the sky has plotted against me…and one second away from giving up…I found you.'

So yeah.

And the way she said those words, so…so sweetly, so tenderly…so full of love…I almost cried…I almost did. A twenty year old girl almost made me cry, but I couldn't have cared less at that point.

That was the first night I told her I loved her.

And she said it back.

That horrible night, the last night she spent in that hell hole, just as I was ready to accept my death and praying for Emmett to come and get her…God must have answered my prayers, 'cause he did. He shot Paul right before he shot me. He saved us both, and for that I will owe Emmett for the rest of my life.

Both of them were dead. Laurent was shot by one of our officers right outside the club, while he was making a run for it.

There was so much paperwork to be done after, it was ridiculous, but I spent every minute of every day by Bella's side. I couldn't leave her. Not again. Not after leaving her all those nights by herself with those monsters.

When all of that was done, she was given her papers back and was granted permission to stay in the country, due to the circumstances of the case. Except…she didn't have a place to stay. Or a job. Or anything.

Well…she had me. She just didn't know it yet.

"You could stay with me." I'd blurted out right as we left the Bureau's offices. She froze on her spot and stared at me for a long time.


"You could stay with me…"

"I…can't do that, Edward. You've already been to kind with me…I couldn't impose like that…"

"You wouldn't be imposing." I admitted as I stepped closer to her. "I…Bella…please, come with me. I…" love you, I wanted to say. "Please. Please." I begged. I couldn't let her leave my side. I couldn't, so I took her face in my hands and kissed her softly.


I couldn't have been clearer even if I wanted to.

"Please." I whispered one last time, before releasing her.

She nodded, making me the happiest man on earth…right until two months ago, when she'd said yes after I proposed to her.

Cheesy, I know. Whatever.

We were getting married in two months. After a year of spending out time here, it was time to move out. We managed to find a house bigger and better that we both loved.

I was tempted to sneak up on her from behind, but I knew I could scare her easily, so I just cleared my throat, making my presence known. She turned around quickly and gave me the biggest and brightest smile in the whole world. She stepped to where I was standing, wrapped her hands around my waist and kissed my chin. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, baby. How's the moving going?"

"Great. Almost done. How was work?"

"As usual. You know the same stupid kid as always." I huffed and she laughed. "Enough of that…I have a present for you."

"You do?"

"Yes." I wasn't our official anniversary, but a year ago, it was the first time I ever laid my eyes on her, so that date made it in my book.

"What is it?" Her eyes sparkled like a kid in a candy store.

I took her hand and led her over to the couch. We sat down and I handed her the yellow folder. "Open it." She eyed me curiously, before opening it and inspecting what was inside. When she realized that it was she gasped and her eyes immediately filled with tears.

"What…w-what? Why…? What is t-this?"

"Plain tickets."

"I know, but…" She was staring back and forward between me and the tickets. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Wha…I don't…why?"

"Because I love you, that's why." I said simply, pecking her lips.

"You…you're taking me…to…Argentina?" She breathed. I knew how much she wanted to go back. She said there was nothing for her there anymore, but I could see the longing in her eyes every time she talked about it.

"Yes, baby. We're going. We…"

I didn't get a chance to say anything else because she jumped on my lap, straddling me and peppering my face with kisses. "I love you. I love you. I love you so much."

"I'm glad you like it, baby." I said chuckling, bringing my hand to rest on her hips. "I love you, too."


"Happy anniversary." I whispered, making her look at me in confusion. "Today…a year ago…was the first time I ever saw you."

"I didn't think you'd remember." She murmured as she placed her hands on my chest.

"Of course I remember. I'll always remember the day I met you."

"Well…I think I'm about to give you something else to remember this day for."

Huh? "What?"

"Um...I…I…I'm…I'm pregnant, Edward." She said looking down at her lap. And I just…what? What was that she said? Because I'm sure I must have heard her wrong, right? She…she said she was…um…pregnant?

"Say something, please."

Yeah, I know. But…what? My mind was trying to leave the fucking black hole where it had been sucked in. I mean…pregnant…as in…a child…a baby…with Bella…Bella's baby…and mine…our baby. Suddenly the world had become a perfect place. I looked at her and just…smiled…smiled so much my cheeks actually hurt, but that was beside the point.

"A baby? Our baby?" I asked in amazement.

"Yes." She nodded biting her lip.

"I…I love you so much, baby. So, so much."

And then I kissed the hell out of my future wife…and mother of my children.

Yes, children.


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