An Extraordinary Encounter With Another Human Being

It was summer time in the small community of Wheaton City,Texas.
I just got out of school when a bunch of guys started yelling and chasing me. I hurried across the field, running towards a house I knew was all too familiar.
I looked behind me, seeing the guys getting closer to me so I ran faster until I got to the door. "Mr. Reed are you there? I need in!" There was no answer. I turned the door handle to see if it was locked and it wasn't so I ran in and locked the door behind me. Trying to catch my breath I look around me. Everything still looked in place. "He must be out working on his crops again" I thought to myself. I sat down on the chair and decided to turn on the television set. My favorite show was on so I sat and watched for about 30 minutes until I fell asleep. I woke up 2 hours later to a young man looking over me, studying me with curiosity in his eyes. All the years I knew Mr. and Mrs. Reed I never met this young man before. Normally I would freak out if someone I didn't know was watching me sleep but something about him was relaxing, like I could sense his kindness.
"Hello..." I said as he slowly backed away, afraid I was gonna hurt him. "I won't hurt you, I promise. My name is Isabella, but everyone just calls me Bella or Bells." I extended my hand out and he slowly reached for my hand and shook it.
"I'm Powder..." He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I just smiled sweetly at him.
"I'm sorry about running in here like that, I was being chased by a bunch of guys from school and Mr. Reed always lets me come here. Where is he anyways?" I saw the look in Powder's eyes and I knew I said something wrong.
"He passed away a couple days ago. Why were they chasing you?" I sighed and sat sat down across from me on the couch, watching me with caution.
"Because they are just bullies and can't accept the face I don't wanna date any of them." I looked up at him and he smiled.
"You are not afraid of me? Do you...think I'm ugly?" He looked at me with his baby blue eyes and I almost melted.
"No, of course not. I'm not afraid of you and I certaintly don't think you are ugly. Listen, why don't you come back home with me? I live by myself and we both sure could use some company." I smiled and he smiled back.
"I would love that. Let me get dressed really quick." He went downstairs and I sighed. I knew it was gonna be hard to get him off my mind.