Hey guys, so this is after i finished chapter 25. I went back to read the beginning to see just how much my writing changed. I wasn't fully content with the first chapter anymore, so I chose to edit it. I didn't rewrite it, like i had wanted to, because i didn't want to change the story, so it's still short. This was written three years ago now, however, so it's a pretty basic showing of the story. (What im saying, new readers, is that it gets a lot better) :P haha

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Anyways, this is a SoMa fanfic, however, it takes a while to get there.

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(to enkindle courage)

Sleeping Confessions

She's falling to the earth now. He reaches out, desperately trying to reach her in time.

"Maka!" Soul roars as he sees his meister fall from grabbing onto Asura's robe after he flew from his prison under ground.

He reaches her, just time, and puts her on top of him as her lands on his back, on a crate, far to the ground below. Well that fucking hurt, so uncool. He watches as her hand reaches after the kishin, mumbling something incomprehensible, and allows it to fall to her side.

He just stares at her unconscious face, which had, not five minutes ago, been full of fire to save her friends and defeat the kishin.

"You are really are incredible."

The words slip out without them meaning to as he watches the face below. She was tired and beaten but still so beautiful.

He smiles. They're safe for now. Death, I'm glad she's okay. What they hell would I do without her stupid nagging and her… stupid smile and…

We should get moving.

"Come on lets go." He speaks aloud, to no one in particular. He slowly pushes the unconscious girl from his body to try to slowly stand, his body screaming as he did so. Falling back in defeat, he forced himself into a sitting position. Shit, my back is killing me and now I have to carry her! He glares down momentarily, frustrated with her recklessness before the feeling faded. It wasn't the time to become frustrated with her.

"Someone please help us! We need help!" He hollers out but he knows that it is in vain.

He hears explosions around him and knows that no one can hear him, or if they could, they wouldn't come to help. He continues to struggle against his weariness and tries numerous times to stand but continues to fall back down. Eventually he leans against the crate and looks to the sky. And that was when he fell unconscious.

He's first to get back into reality, the girl still unmoving by his side. He looks around to see Asura flying off into the distance and sees Lord Death fly back to the castle. He lost? What the…? A tiny voice brings him back to where he was.

"Soul…Soul?" Maka's moves to grip him with her eyes closed, her head raises slightly but immediately falls onto his chest.

"I'm here Maka. I got you. Don't move okay. You're hurt." Thank God she's not too injured.

"How… I was falling… I should be dead. How did I…"

"I pulled you on top of me before impact. Thank God you are so skinny, or you might have hurt me when we landed." He laughs but stops and cringes when he feels the pain in his side, which does not go unnoticed by Maka.

"What? I hurt you again?" She tries to turn to look at him but falls into his chest, her head near his neck. "I did it again. I'm such a horrible person. I'm so sorry, Soul."

"I said you didn't hurt me, idiot." She's thinking about the scar again. Dammit! Why does it hurt her so bad? So uncool.

"But Soul… I'm so sorry." He begins to feel wetness form on his neck. She's crying. Daaaaamn! He just pulls her close and hugs her as she sobs into him. He begins to stroke her hair. He begins to hums her a tune that he had long forgotten he knew. But she continues to cry.

"I'm… always….getting… you… hurt!" She whimpers between sobs. She gains some composure briefly and looks into his eyes, inches from his face, tiny tears still sliding down from her eyes. "I promise, Soul, that we get back, you can ask for a new partner, I wont be mad, I promise. All I do is get you into trouble."

Those words pissed him off. "Dammit, Maka! It isn't your fault! It was my choice! Don't you understand?" He shouts at her and she stops crying completely to listen to him, not moving her head from the crook of his neck, secretly enjoying the warmth from him.

"I will never let anything ever kill you, Maka. Never. Not because it's my duty or something. It's because…" He stops. She can't know. She'll ask for a partner change. She'll hate me. Ill have to move out. She'll never want to see me again! She'll…

"Because why?" Her breathing calms and she hugs him closer. "Please tell me why you think you should get hurt over me."

"Because…" She's always been here for me. She's never let me down. She's always forgiving me when I fuck up. Maybe she can forgive this fuck up too. "It's because if anything happens to you and I could have stopped it, I wouldn't be able to live with myself again. I… I care about you a lot, Maka. More than a partner; more than anything in this world. You're special to me."

He pauses and closes his eyes, a calm feeling washed over him as he began to speak again, "You make me feel better when I'm upset. You help me study when I need help. You always watch out for me, even when I don't think I need it. You are always thinking about others before yourself. Even though you say you hate your dad, I know you don't. You are incapable of hatred."

His mind flashes to the night they had shared together. "I didn't dance with you because I was afraid that I might say something stupid. But then when we did dance… it was amazing. I felt invincible, Maka. You make me feel like I can do anything. We've been partners since day one. I would never pick someone else over you… I care about you too much to do that. I… I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember. That's why I won't let anything hurt you. Can't you understand that? Maka?" He pulls away to look at her.

She had fallen asleep while he had been talking. He sighed and returned to his position. Maybe it's for the best. She wouldn't have heard what I said and she won't get mad. Good. But we should get back to the school before people start thinking we're hurt. And the last thing I need is Black Star seeing me like this. He had realized that as he was speaking, he had started blushing and smiling like an idiot. Now isn't the time for this. Maybe one day, I'll tell her again. When we're ready to face something like this.

He slowly stands up, careful not to wake her. He carries his meister; his companion; his friend; and his love on his back and makes his way to the school.

He walks carefully so he doesn't fall and slowly walks so he doesn't hurt himself more. He looks into the sky and hears something. Something that is so beautiful, that he almost always gets butterflies when he hears it. Her voice. And it was saying…

"I love you too, Soul."

If only it was that easy