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Light My Fire


Edward 36

Bella 20

Emmett 21

Edward's POV

Chapter 1

The sun was up, burning high on this glorious and heat stroke inducing Florida afternoon.

We had been outside all morning, teaching the new recruits the basic drills in truck safety preparations… what needed to be at hand at all times and how to properly handle our hose and no, I don't mean that one you pervs.

I mean the one that we use to save lives… the one that helps us douse and fight the nasty bitch we in the business have lovingly named Blaze.

So, as we stood with our group of ten on this sweltering day, I would have never guessed that through these few…one would stand out and be responsible for my meeting with a certain brunette that would drastically change the course of my once lonely and sad existence.

See you tomorrow for the next...