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Guest12/4/12 . chapter 188

I started reading this because it has 8000 reviews and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It is really good and I like it. Some of your ANs are ridiculous, so I am just going to ignore those. This fight you've gotthe whole family involved in has also turned ridiculous. They do need to work together. Howevet Bella could have found a whole lot better way to discuss it. In fact, she NEVER did discuss it. She just told him Cris would be the coolest kid in daycare completely blindsiding him. If this is how YOU discuss things with your husband I feel sorry for him. Oh that's right, this Edward and Bella aren't married, so this Bella has even less ground to stand on. Not to mention if they are going to drag their whole da*n family into every arguement, they are on their way to divorce court before they've even got their marriage license. Come on! I bet these two can work it out reasonably on their own like two mature adults.

Chapter 189

Bella's POV

"Bella," my munchkin yelled as soon as he noticed me, my aunt, Charlotte, and Rose walk in.

He was in my arms, and being swung around before the rest had settled down in the booth where the man I knew to be Peter sat.

"You," I began to sputter as the rest laughed, and he came over to hug me. This man had been a dear family friend of my fathers. He had been at my house more times than I could count – why was it that I was never told of our family's long running relationship?

"Because at the moment it seemed inconsequential, Miss Bella. My wife was one to never accompany me over for business dinners, and since we socialized out away from you young folk – by letting our proverbial hair down at the country club – you never met."

"But Daddy knew about me seeing Edward . . . Oh shit! Was that – was that why he so easily approved of Edward without meeting him and giving him the 'are you a gold-digging douche' interrogation."

"Pretty much, but I don't think he got off so easy tonight, sweetie."

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