See you all manana!

Chapter 203

Bella's POV

He had been gone a while and I think the family realized that with each minute that passed my resolve cemented. The thoughts of leaving him all together never once crossed my mind but if we were ever going to make it, changes had to be made.

"Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?" Alice worried, it was written all over her face as she didn't see this as me pushing him to react.

"If he loves me like he claims to, then he'll do what's necessary, Alice. He needs a therapist to point out what we all see and say, but that he refuses to acknowledge." Alice went to interrupt, but I held firm and continued on. "I'm not abandoning them, never passed my mind. My heart could never leave its home and that's what they have become… my home, but if we are to make it, then he needs to sort through the mess she left and he won't let go of. We are two different women yet he has placed us – on two different occasions no less – in the same boat. I will be his friend, help with Cris, and hold his hand through it all; but only in that capacity until he truly opens his heart and mind to me, and the idea of us being equals."

"Your mother always said you were a smart cookie." Alice sadly smiled while hugging me tightly.

"Well, she is her mother's daughter after all." With those words the tension between everyone seemed to lesson, well, that was until my Lieutenant walked back in and his angry face made my stomach revolt from just the look of fire Leah's encounter had left behind.