The New Year: a time for much celebration. What was there to celebrate in Fraulein Schneider's life? A new tenant, a few more gray hairs? Nothing really.

Herr Schultz is terribly kind. Fraulein Schneider thought to herself as she fiddled with her hair in the mirror, inviting a sorry old spinster like me to celebrate a holiday with him. Perhaps it made sense though, with Herr Schultz's wife being dead these few years who did he have to celebrate these things with? Her too. She had no one so celebrate with… come to think of it she had no one to… well… anything with.

Fraulein Schneider readjusted herself once more before shrugging at her appearance in the mirror and walking to the door of her room. She wasn't sure if she wanted a relationship with Herr Schultz… but she did enjoy his company…

Herr Schultz was straightening his bow tie when he heard the knock at his door. That would be her, Fraulein Schneider. The mere thought of her brought a smile to his face. He straightened up and looked at his reflection once more in the mirror, giving his appearance the once over before turning to answer the door in the next room.

He hurried to the door and quickly opened it to reveal Fraulein Schneider, looking as gorgeous as ever. She wore a simple, yet flattering black dress and had her hair up in its usual, messy bun.

"Fraulein Schneider," he greeted her warmly with a smile. "Please come in!"

"Thank you Herr Schultz." she replied graciously and brushed past him.

Some fruit and a few toasts to the New Year later Herr Schultz and Fraulein Schneider could be found laughing together, both looking very relaxed on Herr Schultz's settee. Fraulein Schneider looked over her shoulder at the clock.

"Ten more seconds!" she exclaimed, slightly slurring her words. Herr Schultz quickly refilled their glasses and the pair began to count down together.

"Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One!" they clinked their glasses. "Happy New Year!" they shouted together, a bit louder than originally intended.

"I'm so glad you were willing to start the New Year with me." Herr Schultz said, picking up a slice of pear.

"I'm glad you invited me." Fraulein Schneider replied with a smile. "It's not like I had other plans either." she gave a halfhearted laugh.

"None the less you could have easily found someone far better than me to spend your time with." Herr Schultz said, giving her a meaningful look. She waved it away and chuckled. "Oh yes, a sorry old spinster like me?"

Herr Schultz nudged her and smiled. "You do not look like a 'sorry old spinster' to me."

"Then you must be blind." she replied simply, though she smiled when he said it. "I should probably be going." she continued, wanting to change the subject, "I have a lot to do in the morning and I'm afraid that if I stay much longer then I will really be hoo-hoo!" she waved her hand in the air dramatically and gestured to her drink.

She and Herr Schultz stood. He walked to the door of the flat with her, both stumbling a bit as they went. She reached for the door knob but found her hand on Herr Schultz's. He then covered it with his other hand. She gazed up into his eyes.

"Happy New Year Fraulein Schneider." he said quietly, almost in a whisper. Fraulein Schneider blinked and suddenly found his face incredibly close to his. He tenderly kissed her cheek, though a bit sloppily thanks to the drinks. Fraulein Schneider felt her face grow very hot.

He pulled away and saw that her face had gone very red.

"Happy New Year Herr Schultz," she whispered back a bit breathlessly, suddenly finding her shoes extremely fascinating and although Herr Schultz could not see it, she was smiling.

Thinking that she was uncomfortable Herr Schultz quickly removed his hand from hers and opened the door for her, letting her out of his apartment.

He watched as she hurried past him down the hall to the next door over, swaying as she went. She fumbled clumsily with her key for a moment and then she was gone.

Herr Schultz sighed and reentered his own flat. Well that didn't go as well as he had planned…

Fraulein Schneider leaned against the door feeling a bit confused, though terribly flattered at the same time. Perhaps this would indeed be a happy New Year…


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