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He called her Firefly, saying she was the flame that lit his soul, never understanding he was the spark.

Memories passed through her mind while the images flickered on the screen across the room. Photographs from a different time. A time when they were young, their history not yet written, when the uncertainty of war hung over their heads like a dark cloud.

Their lives had always been connected. They were children together, friends and then lovers.

Watching him from across the room, standing next to the band that played, Bella saw not the wrinkled old man who had reached the sunset of his life. Instead, Jacob was to her an eternal soul who brought peace and joy to her life. His once jet black hair had grayed, but his life had enough color to paint the sunrise.

A smile graced her once beautiful face, now faded with the slow passage of time. Fifty years had gone by since they pledged their lives to each other. Those years blessing them with sorrow, laughter, children and grandchildren.

Those they held dear had gathered today, celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, honoring the life that she and Jacob had built together. Long standing friends, distant family members. Still, she only had eyes for him.

Bella watched her husband whisper to the bandleader, then turned in her direction with a smile.

Sweet notes of a long forgotten memory filled the air. The crowd of guests parted as Jacob made his way to her. After all these years, he still remembered the first song they had danced to.

Holding out his hand to her, Jacob looked at her with as much love and devotion as he did on the day they married.

"May I have this dance?"

Jacob's strong arms wrapped around her waist, holding her body as closely as he did her heart. There was no other man who had ever caught her eye. For as long as she could remember, there was only him.

Imagine me with my head on your shoulder

And you with your lips getting bolder

A sky full of moon and a sweet mellow tune

I'll buy that dream

Their story had unfolded naturally. Interrupted only by the anger of men millions of miles away. They completed each others souls, two pieces of the same puzzle.

Imagine me eighty three wearing glasses

And you ninety two making passes

It doesn't sound bad, and if it can be had

I'll buy that dream

Closing her eyes, she lost herself to the music. Immersing herself in the memory of a dance years ago. When their love story had only just begun.