Title: From Behind
Pan Am
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none || Up to 1x11 || PG
Summary: It is Colette's back that makes him weak at the knees.

From Behind

Sanjeev was strictly a breast man. So much so that when he showed off photographs of the girl his parents arranged for him to marry, he talked about her breasts before he told Dean and Ted, her name. Sanjeev also kept a running table rating the stewardesses racks, if Dean recalled correctly, the Cameron sisters were first and second and Colette was in the third place. Ted, by all appearances was a butt man. Dean often caught him staring at the stewardesses as they walked past. Though Dean had to admit that sky blue skirts they wore cradled their behinds perfectly. Dean just wished the Ted would stop staring at Colette's derrière when he was around.

Dean on the other hand was not so straight forward. He did not notice a woman bottom or breasts, upon meeting them. For each woman he saw, he found a different thing attractive. With Bridget it was her long blonde locks, he adored how it fell down her back. He also loved how it bucked the trend of collar length hair. With Ginny it was those big juicy red lips. Those lips were also temptation as he chased after a woman that another man had claimed. Those red lips also served as a warning that he was dancing with crazy.

The thing about Colette that made him weak at the knees was her back. Her beautiful, slender back. It seemed as if Botticelli had moulded it himself. Whenever they socialised outside of work he hoped she would wear an outfit that gave him just a peak of her slender back. He admitted how much he liked it while he watched her change, early in their relationship. She smiled and complimented his soft lips in response before going in for a kiss.

She remembered what he had said, and how much her back drove him crazy. When she wanted him to do something she would put on that dress she had worn in Rio, the one the she showed her back in all its glory. And he was powerless to resist. How do you think she persuaded him to take her to see Robert Redford?