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Princess Lessons For The Triplets

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Harris woke up early and he put on Merida's old green dress. He pushed Hamish out of bed and then went on to push Hubert out.

"What was that for Harris?" Hamish groaned, he rubbed the back of his head, and with blurry eyes glared at Harris. Hubert turned on his side and planned to go back to sleep for he wasn't picky about the sleeping location.

"You two dress like Princesses now." Harris told them, he grabbed Hubert's hands, and had him lean against the wall. Hubert yawned and Hamish blinked his eyes in confusion.

"There are no more dresses." Hamish said and he noticed Harris's little smirk.

"Don't worry there is since I asked our sister for more of her old dressed while you two slept like logs." Harris commented cheerfully. "I understand if you don't want to dress like one because you are frightened of mom's Princess lessons."

"Where is the dress?" Hamish and Hubert asked for they knew they would not hear the end of it from Harris if they refused. Besides it might prove to be interesting and good to find out new things. Harris handed his brothers green dresses.

"No corsets. Those things are for special occasions." Harris commented calmly. Hamish and Hubert quickly dressed themselves into the green dresses.

"Harris, It is time for your Princ-" Queen Elinor stopped in mid-sentence at the sight of her three boys in dresses. It seems the phase is spreading.

"We want Princess lessons too." Hamish and Hubert said to their mom at the same time. King Fergus stared in shock, he gapped at his sons, and rubbed his eyes.

"Am I seeing things? I thought only Harris wanted to be a Princess." King Fergus said as he looked at his boys. His boys who happen to be wearing matching green dresses.

"You have said a couple of times you wished we had more daughters." Queen Elinor whispered to her husband and he stared at her.

",But not like this darling." King Fergus whispered to his wife. He sighed to himself and to be honest he has no idea about to do at all.

"Dad, Do we look like Princesses?" The triplets asked innocently and they smiled brightly. To be honest they were having fun at their parent's reactions to them wearing dresses.

"Of course, boys. I mean girls. Oh, I need a drink." King Fergus said and he rubbed his forehead.

'What father knows what to do when all of a sudden out of nowhere all of their sons want to be daughters?' King Fergus thought, he rubbed his chin, and shoulders dropped slightly. 'I can't exactly ask around or anything.'

"I don't know what to do, Elinor." King Fergus commented quietly so no one expect his wife could hear him.

"Be supporting, dear. Recall being supporting of our daughter having and using weapons? You gave her some weapons along with teaching her how to use them." Queen Elinor said softly and her husband nodded his head.

"See you all at lunch." King Fergus said to his wife and sons before leaving.

"Now then your Princess lessons shall begin." Queen Elinor said calmly to her sons. Hamish, Hubert, and Harris nodded their heads. "Fair warning though it is quite difficult to be a Princess. A lady does not carry a weapon."

",But Merida carries one." Hamish said to his mom.

"True and the reason why she has one along with knowing how to use it is because of Fergus. The Princess lessons I'm giving to you are the exact ones which I recieved when I was young." Queen Elinor said to them and the triplets blinked their eyes. "Now then make sure to leave your weapons behind."

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