Supah ninjas : crime and love

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Ch.1 a start at love

Mikes p.o.v.

I was at my locker talking to Owen about how I don't like Amanda. I don't get why he always says I do and I always say I don't like Amanda anymore than a friend.

"Owen get this through your thick skull I do not and I repeat do not like Amanda as anymore than a friend." I said clearly annoyed at the fact that he still didn't get the message.

But the truth was I am in love with Amanda McKay I just don't want Owen knowing or he would find a way to use it against me. I love everything about her. I love the way she laughs, smiles, smells, the way her beautiful blonde hair falls just right, the way she is always confident, the way she knows a lot about technology, the list could go on forever. I wish I could ask her out but she's dating Cameron.

Than as if rite on cue, Amanda came to us with a sad look on her face but I could tell she was trying to hide it.

"Hey Amanda" Owen and I said in unison.

"Hey guys "she said in a normal tone but there was a hint of sadness I wonder what it was that was bothering her.

"Amanda are you ok you look sad "I said worriedly because she's never sad.

"Yah I'm fine it's nothing ". She said but I didn't buy it something in her voice just told me she was sad.

"I'm just going to leave you to love birds alone". Owen said and it was like you could feel the awkwardness in his voice. When Owen said lovebirds Amanda just seemed surprised I think it's because she doesn't know that Julie and I broke up.

"Owen how many times do I have to tell you we are not lovebirds ".I said calmly but annoyed because I've said like 5 times today. Then Owen started laughing I just rolled my eyes.

"Amanda are you okay you look sad ". I said caringly

"It's nothing like I said before ".she said trying to act happy but I didn't buy it.

Amanda p. o. v.

I was walking to Mikes locker when I heard Mike and Owen arguing about something at first I didn't think it was important but then I heard Mike say that he doesn't like me anymore than a friend. I am so sad because I was stupid enough to think that Mike actually liked me back but I was wrong. So I put on a brave face and walked over to Owen and Mike.

"Amanda are you ok you look sad ". He said clearly noticing I was sad.

"Yah I'm fine it's nothing". I said and I tried not to make it seem like I was sad but I don't think he bought it.

"I'm going to leave you two love birds alone. "Owen said I barely noticed he was there until he said that. I was a little shocked because mike is dating Julie and they don't know I broke up with Cameron.

Then mike said something about how we aren't love birds.

"Amanda are you okay you look sad and that's not normal." He said sweetly and caring.

"It's nothing like I said before."I said with a little less sadness in my voice. He grabbed my hand and said

" Amanda I know you to well to know when your sad and when you're happy I don't like it when your sad because it makes me sad too so please tell me what's wrong ".he very sweetly and then I started to smile and feel better.

"That's better I like it when your smile". He said happily. I think I blushed but I'm not sure.

"You always know what to say when I'm upset". I said happy.

Then I stared into his eyes and we started to lean in.

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