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Previously on Resurrection

"Now now, William, didn't Your mum ever tell you it's rude to hit a girl?"

"Alright darling. Let's dance."

"Your kind has pulled this domain apart."

"That's not fair."

"We have to stop these sessions."

"Hang on there a minute, love."

"Listen to soul-boy. All ready to look for a weakness in his enemies. You're acting more and more like Angelus everyday. It makes me so proud."

"Illyria destroyed eleven torture units before she finally found your man, two troop carriers, an ice cream truck, and eight beautifully maintained lawns. Not to mentions billions of employees rendered useless to the company."

"You alright mate?"

"That's funny. I didn't even see her leave."

"Like a blue little hoppity rabbit, that one is."

"'I slew the feminine one first.'."

"Feeling a bit pessimistic, are ya?"

"I lied."

Chapter 6: Italy

"We don't want to be rushing in half-cocked." Lilith could hear Gunn and Angel arguing.

"As opposed to the full-cock that's been working so well for us." Gunn retorted.

"What are you two girls talking about?" She asked as she shook her head to dispel the dizziness that made her brain go fuzzy.

"Huh?!" She realized that she had zoned out for so long that she was now standing in Angel's office.

"Hey, how do you say, 'Wank off' in Italian?" Spike asked no-one in particular.

"Sega spento." Lilith answered from her spot leaning against the wall with a tired look on her face.

"What?" 'Hm?' "When? Yeah, I understand. Thanks."

"What is it, princess. Lose your magic marble?" Lilith asked tiredly as she closed her eyes.

"Ubervamps? Demon Gods? Bloody, devil robots?" Spike questioned.

"It's Buffy." Angel stated causing Lilith to open one eyes to look at her.

The Sanctuary by Darling Violetta (Opening theme)


Clip of many faces. Terrified faces.

A clip of Angel slamming a file closed.

Clip of angel clashing swords with Lilith.

Clip of Angel and Lilith talking.

Clip of Angel getting thrown through glass.

Clip of Lilith staking a vampire.

David Boreanaz As Angel

Clips of angels head basically spinning around.

James Marsters as Spike

Clips of Spike and Angel arguing, Spike kissing Lilith, and Spike looking worried.

Jessica Grace as Lilith Omirou

Clips of Lilith flicking her wrist causing the glass windows to break and air to come in as well as clips of her summoning the other elements and closing her eyes in defeat.

J. August Richards as Charles Gunn

Clips of Gunn as a lawyer, a fighter.

Amy Acker as Illyria

Clips of her fighting.

Andy Hallet as Lorne

Clips of Lorne talking on the phone, and singing.


Alexis Denisof as Wesley Windum Price

Clip of Wesley sending a grappling hook to the ceiling, and of him looking at books.

Clip of Lilith looking horrified and staring at some unseen figure.

"I said! I'll take care of it!" Angel yelled over his shoulder as he walked at a fast pace towards the elevator.

"Take care of what?" Gunn asked as he followed with Spike right behind him and Lilith merely keep up but not saying anything.

"Is Buffy all right?" Spike asked, worry clear in his voice.

"She will be when I get there." Angel snapped over his shoulder as he came to a stop in front of teh elevator only to stumble back a couple of steps in shock and a little bit of fear as Lilith appeared right in front of him.

"What happened?" Lilith asked as she popped a cigarette in her mouth a lit it.

"What happened!" Spike repeated.

"The immortal." Angel stated which caused both Lilith and Spike to look up in shock.

"The who?" Gunn asked,

"The foulest evil." Spike said.

"Right. The foulest evil that hell ever vomited forth." Lilith added, her eyes flashing blood red for a split second.

"Worse than you?" Harmony asked in surprise earning a glare from Lilith which quickly shut her up.

"He was spotted in Rome near Buffy's-"

"Wait a second, Rome? That's where the capo died." Gunn said.

"Good. I'll go to Rome, get teh capo, say hi to Buff, and then bring it back." Lilith said calmly as she walked into the elevator with Angel and Spike following. "I did mean, Alone, fellas." She said, irritation clear in her voice.

"We're coming." Spike and Angel said in unison.

"Like hell you are." Lilith snapped pushing the 'emergency stop' button on the elevator.

"Look it's not up for discussion. Either you let us come, or you're fired!" Angel snapped and then his eyes widened and he visibly gulped as he saw the dark aura start to form around her.

"I know you did not just try to boss me around, now did you?" She said in a deadly calm voice.

"Uh..." She giggled.

"Good." She said before she slowly walked over to the plane, immediately going to the mini alcohol.

"Just admit it. You think you're gonna ride in, save the day, and sweep Buffy off of her-"

"Like you're not thinking the same thing." Spike retorted while Lilith rubbed her temples.

"I'm already seeing somebody."

"What, dog girl?"

Nina's a werewolf."

"Fido know her boyfriend's flying halfway around the world to see his ex?"

"Look, I was gonna call her, and we're just hanging out she's not my ex."

"This rate, never will be."

"Okay will teh two of you just SHUT UP! I don't give a shit about your petty jealousies. You, Spike, with your insane desperate need to sleep with Buff again, and you, Angel, you're just as bad. You have a bloody girlfriend for fucks sake! So the two of you will shut your hole, until we get to Italy, or so help me god, I will toss you both out the window and watch with great satisfaction as you burst into flame!" She yelled her eyes now blood red and her nails digging into her armrest.

They both gulped before nodding vigorously.

Italy, Rome, 1917

"William." Angelus bumped into the vampire before noticing Annabelle chained up on his other side with part of her dress ripped and dirt on it.

"It's about time you two sleepy heads woke up." She snapped, clearly very testy at the moment.

"The Immortal thinks he can do this to us?" Angelus growled out, trying his best to put aside the desperate hope that she would take her anger out on the Immortal.

"He's gonna curse the day he ever crossed paths with Angelus." William grunted as he tried to get out of his chains.

"And William the Bloody." Angelus countered as he grunted and tried to get his own chains off.

"Are you two done? Cause' I already tried that, mate." Annabelle said from her spot just hanging there.

"And, Annabelle the Poisoned Thorn." William and Angelus said in unison.

"We'll see how Immortal he is, when we're through with him." William growled.

"We'll carve him up like a Sunday roast, and make him watch as we feast on his steaming flesh." Angelus growled.

"Thanks, a lot, Angelus, now I'm hungry." Lilith snapped.

"His Benevolence, the Immortal..." Lilith narrowed her eyes at the tiny little man, wanting nothing more than to rip his throat out with her teeth. She grinned as he came over to her and unlocked her shackles before he continued talking this time to all three of them.

"Wishes to convey his regrets at having detained you, but-" He was cut off as Annabelle snapped his neck and sunk her teeth into him.

"Uh, Annabelle?" Angelus asked after a couple of minutes of her drinking the guy.

"We are done here, Love." Spike commented.

Annabelle looked up with blood trickling down her chin. "Sorry." She said as she licked her lips and wiped the blood off of her chin. "I was hungry." She explained.

"Look what they did to me shirt!" Angelus exclaimed.

"Your shirt? Look at my dress." Annabelle complained.

"There's gonna be some action. After a good drink and a long rest in the arms of,"

"Darla!" Angelus exclaimed as he ran over to the bed.

"What have they done to her?" William questioned as Lilith crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the door frame.

Rome, Italy 2004

"Spike, Lilith! Oh, mio dio!" Andrew exclaimed as he hugged Her and Spike.

"What are you doing here?" Andrew questioned.

"I was about to ask you the same question Andrew."

"Buffy and Dawn are letting me crash. My place was incinerated when that thing happened."

"That thing?" Spike quetsioned.

"Yeah. Jeez, William, your memory really is awful! Remember. about a year ago. Give or take a few days. Sunnydale gets incinerated. Any of this ringing any bells?" Lilith mocked.

"I don't think that's the 'thing' he was talking about." Spike argued.

"Well, how do you know?" Lilith asked with a slight tilt of her head.

"Just, don't argue with me, okay. I just know." He snapped turning to give her a warning glare.

"Ooh! I'm so scared." Lilith mocked.

"You should be, Okay! I am your sire, so just, shut up."

"Don't you tell me to shut up, you ponce!" She snapped.

"Children! You're giving me a headache!" Angel complained as he rubbed his temples.

"You have no room to talk." Lilith said calmly as she nodded to Andrew before walking into the apartment.

"So, I have plans tonight but I can cancel, you know if you guys wanna hang. You should see Rome at night. Oh! I'll take you anywhere you wann go, anything you wanna see." Andrew promised.

"Buffy." Spike and Angel said simultaneously.

"Right because you guys both-" Andrew nodded and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yeah. She's not here." Andrew said.

"Where'd she go?" Andrew just looked at him. "To meet the Immortal."

"By herself?" Spike asked in shock.

"I told you I had plans." Andrew said nervously.

"When did she leave?" Angel asked Andrew.

"You just missed her."

"Then we're too late." Spike commented.

"Of course it could be worse." Angel commented.

"You're telling me." Andrew said as he plopped down on the couch. "Most nights they don't go out, just curl up on the couch and snuggle."

"There's snuggling?" Angel questioned, looking hurt.

"For starters." Andrew answered before quickly sitting up. "Wait you didn't know they were... together?" Andrew asked causing all three vampires to freeze.

"It's worse." Lilith growled.

Rome, Italy, 1917

"Angelus! You're back." Darla said weakly while Annabelle leaned against the door frame before walking into the room.

"He's been here." She murmured.

"I'd crawl back from the depths of hell to lay by your side." Angelus breathed into Darla's ear before her gently pulled her in for a kiss. He abruptly stood up, recoiling and dropping her as he wiped his mouth. "He's tasted you."

"Who?" William asked clueless as ever.

"Who do you think?" Annabelle snapped.

"Did he hurt you?" Angelus asked Darla.

"No until I asked him to." Darla said as she stood up, wrapped in sheets and rolled her eyes at them. "Oh, come on, Have you seen him? With the eyes, and the chest, and the..." She trailed off to sigh blissfully. "Immortality."

"We're Immortal." William commented.

"Not like him." Darla said as she walked over to the side of the room and pulled on a robe. "He's not some common 's-I don't know what he is. A giant. A titan straddling good and evil, serving no master but his own considerable desires." Darla ranted.

"Darla-" Darla cut Angelus off as she went into another rant.

"And spiritual. Did you know he spent 150 years in a Tibetan monastery? Which I guess explains all the desire." Darla went on.

"He's my arch-nemesis." Angelus commented.

"Oh, darling. It was just fornication." Darla chuckled. "Really great fornication."

"Okay, it's official, grand-sire. She's lost it." Annabelle commented.

"She's glowing, mate." William commented as he stepped forward to get a closer look at Darla.

"She isn't." Angelus snorted as he brushed the vampire off.

"Little bit." Darla said as she nodded.

"Time for another pony ride?" Drusilla asked as she stepped out from the next room wearing a lacy negligee.

"Son of a bitch!" William yelled causing Annabelle to giggle in amusement.

"The both of you?"

"He's insatiable." Darla retorted.

"Drusilla, you...you let him touch you?" William pretty much whined.

"He felt like sunshine." Drusilla purred.

"Uh, no. No." William stammered.

"It's not like we were the only ones." Darla defended herself shifting her gaze from Angelus to Annabelle and back again.

"Wh-What! You too?!" Angelus and William screamed in unison.

"Why do you think I'm out to get him?" She commented with a shrug. "I dislike the fact that he caused me to turn into, that." She said gesturing to Darla and Drusilla.

"That's why he had us tossed. So he could violate-"

"He didn't-"

"Violate our women!" Angelus interrupted.

"Violate, in succession!" William added.

"Concurrently." Darla added.

"Concurrently? You never let us do that." Angelus complained.

"Blood vengeance. I'm sure we're on the list, under Blood Vengeance." Angelus argued with the Bouncer in front of a club.

"No. No blood vengeance sorry."

"Maybe it's under Angelus?" William suggested while Annabelle face palmed.

"Ah, you know what, screw the list." He said to William before charging at the entrance with William at his side. "Augh!" He grunted.

"You're not in here, You're not getting in there." He said gesturing first to his list then to the club. "Piss off!" He yelled, his italian accent adding to the affect.

Annabelle laughed before clearing her throat and slowly walking forward until she stood in front of the bouncer and smiled. "Name?' He asked.

"Lilith Annabelle Omirou." She said calmly.

"Go on in, Ms. Omirou." Annabelle turned around and beckoned her sire and grand-sire when an announcement sounded.

"I apologize for all those who wanted to meet the Immortal but he has urgent business to attend to."

"Oh, fuck no, bitch!" She growled in annoyance before spinning around and storming off in anger.

Rome, Italy, 2004

"It's over." Spike whined. "Just like that. Not that I thought I had a chance anyway."

"At least I have a girlfriend." Angel countered.

"Oh stop your whining." Lilith snapped. "It's making me want to convulse."

"Grazie, Signora Lilith. Grazie. Grazie." The demon maid said in Italian causing Lilith to smile.

"La vostra accoglienza, signora." Lilith responded as she took the bag from her and turned around to find Spike and Angel gone. She tracked them until she found herself in the middle of a club. "Okay. Time to find tweedle dee and tweedle dum." Lilith muttered as she walked up to the bartender. "Hey, love. You speak English?"

"Si, Si. I love the English."

"Good. Tell me, Have you seen a couple of guys in here. One has bleach blonde hair, probably looking around while talking to the other one, dark brown hair, very broody-like." Lilith questioned.

"Hm...Si. Si, si. They were here. Looking for their little blonde friend and The Immortal." She responded, her thick italian accent adding to the affect.

"Idiots." She muttered. "Do you know where they went?" She asked, her hand subconsciously going to her stomach.

"They went after little green senor."

"Thanks!" She called over her shoulder as she sped through the club until she found something. Very faint, but it was indeed the scent of broodiness.

Lilith sweat dropped as she watch Spike punch Angel, Angel punch Spike, and the both of them touch each other. She rolled her eyes before she stalked forward and punched Angel in the face before she smashed her knee into Spike's face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Angel yelled.

"Punching idiotic little boys who can't do as their told." She said calmly with a pointed look at Angel and Spike. That silenced them.

"Where's the head?" Angel asked.

"I thought you had it?" Spike questioned.

"Well I thought you had it." Angel retorted.

"Excuse me ladies, but I have it." Lilith said with a smirk as she held up the bag.

"Okay so-"

"Oh no. I get to go and do what I please. You two, don't lose the head. Or there'll be hell to pay." She said, tossing them the head before she ran off into the night.

"Where's the head?" Lilith snapped as she saw Spike and Angel standing in an alley. With no head.

"Well, you see-"

'You idiots!" She yelled before she disappeared.

"You must be so lonely. Your boyfriends, girlfriend, is with the Immortal. How Unfortunate for the and you. How fortunate for he-" He broke off as she flicked her wrist causing the bag to fly into her hand. She grinned.

"You annoy me. I think, it is time for you to die." She smiled sweetly before snapping her fingers, causing him to catch on fire, savoring his screams before turning around and darting away, dodging the bodyguards as she went and burst through a window in the Roman offices of Wolfram and Hart. "Come on, ladies. We're going."

"Um..." The CEO of Wolfram and Heart said. Lilith blinked to see two bodyguards each the same height as Angel and Spike, one with dark hair and the other with blonde hair.

"Oh for fucks sake." She disappeared and kicked down Andrews door to see Angel sitting on the couch looking like he was about to cry. She sighed as she leaned heavily against the door frame before smiling, as she felt Spike hand on her shoulder.

"Let's go home." He said.

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