I've changed my mind.
Instead of leaving it to the imagination, I'll put where I thought Antonio was.

So it can be left as a one shot, or as a two shot with the epilogue.

Of course if you don't like it, stick to your imagination. ha~ :)


I awoke to the smell of pasta coming from the kitchen.


I got up and stretched, sleepily stumbling to the kitchen. I saw Antonio going through the cabinets.
He turned, "Oh Good Afternoon mi Lovi~ Sleep well?" he asked. "Yea…" I mumbled. I sat at the table and sighed…

'I'm glad to have him back but,… Where'd he do for all that time?' I thought.

Antonio sat a plate in front of me, and at a place for him.

"Antonio wait."

"Yes mi tomate?"

"So… Where did you go? Why couldn't you call? What was so important to not let me know where you were going, or that you were even leaving in the first place?"

He sighed, "Ok, you do deserve an explanation."

'Damn right I do.'

"Lovi, I am so sorry I just up and left. I should have told you of course. That was beyond horrible and idiotic of me. I couldn't call because my phone got lost somewhere, somehow, on the trip. My family was having some… problems, and I was so worried that I rushed without thinking things through, without taking you into mind, and because of that I hurt you. I was gone much longer than I had expected to even be gone in the first place. I am so sorry I hurt you mi amor. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

My anger had subsided a great deal.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Yes, anything at all."

I thought carefully about what to have him do. "All I want is for you to promise to never do that again 'tonio, don't just up and leave me ever again."

"Of course Lovino. I promise to think things through, and I promise to never leave you, ever again."

He smiled, that famous Antonio smile that makes anyone smile… Especially me.

"Good…" I continued, "Glad to have you back… bastard."


There you go ^^
this was last minute haha. I wasn't expecting to write an epilogue
but hey I don't mind, i thought some people might prefer it to be there. Maybe?

I apologize for any incorrect spanish. I don't speak spanish but i tried to make everything correct.