So this is the Sequel to Life's Puzzle, I've been told you don't have to read it to understand, because a lot of the past is not going to come into play in this story. Katniss boxes that is a big one to know, Gale was abusive, CatoxKatniss love, Enobaria will be big in this story along with Annie and Finnick.

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Life, I figure is like a puzzle. One little piece of time can fit everything together perfectly. Some people's moment happens right away, other's takes some time. Then there are puzzles like mine; the puzzle that time tears down, not builds up. And now, I have my final piece.

I often look back at the past year, and wonder what the hell I got myself into, but then I realize without my problems, I wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't have Cato, and An, or even Finn.

There's a lot that you should know about me, and a lot that I shall tell you.

My father was shot right in front of me at a fight, yeah I box, and it ruined my life. I was beat by my best friend, he was supposed to protect me, he was supposed to love me unconditionally, but instead he used me. He threw me down flights of fire escape stairs twice and hit me until the day I turned seventeen. I moved my little sister and me, who knows where mom is, to PC.

He followed us, and tried so hard to ruin my life, but I have Cato, and he protects me. He always will.


We kiss often, never leaving a chance to see problems. Weve learned that we can stay sane by focusing on each other, and it works.

The wedding is coming up, two weeks to be exact and I don't think I have seen anyone more excited for a wedding than my Maid of Honor Annie, Prim just like I always dreamed of, gets a spot as Honorary Maid of Honor. Rue is walking her bouquet down the aisle, everyone carries primroses, just another reminder that she is here with us.

Cato and Marvel remain as civil as they can be; at least Cato hasn't ripped his head off yet. Although it would take a lot to do that, but I wouldn't put it past Cato.

We have a routine, I go boxing every morning and he tries to make a healthy breakfast, but most of the time he makes my favorite, slightly burnt pancakes, it seems I could eat them forever, and never ever get tired of them.

After breakfast, we visit his mother at the new house that never seems to change. She's lived in it for the past three months and hasn't moved a bit of furniture in. She claims she likes it more that way, but I can see past the smirk on his face and know that behind his cool mask something big is going on. I don't push it though, I'm just happy to have him.

He starts his summer internship at some weapon place, I'm not sure, but it takes up all of his time already and he hasn't even started.

When he got the letter, everything changed. We went from days on the sofa watching movies wrapped in each other's arms, to me watching movies wrapped in a blanket wishing he was there.

I get nightmares at night, but he works so late he doesn't see them. I go to sleep on the couch and wake up screaming on the floor.

He isn't there to comfort me anymore and it terrifies me. Eventually Marvel moves into the apartment building just so he can be around when the nightmares come. He can make them go away just like Cato always can, but Cato doesn't know about Marvel coming over.

He sneaks in and leaves before Cato gets home.

I wake when Cato carries me to bed, but I pretend to sleep. He's grumpy late at night and I hate seeing him that way. He always tucks me in, and then ruins his perfect tuck job with a sigh when he lies down next to me. Just like clockwork it happens every night.

Gale got what was coming for him and was sentenced to life in a super max prison. No escape from one of those.

My mother plead guilty, I didn't even attend the trial, or as En what the outcome was. Enobaria acts like an overprotective sister nowadays, taking care of me like I took care of Prim.

I get in the ring for money, but Cato always tells me to stop. We have become weekly volunteers at the children's shelter now, trying to help the kids that are like we were. None of them have to be that way.

I don't know where we are headed, but I know it can only be up; after all I almost have my final piece.


"This year has been one of the best and worst years of my life. I met new people, reacquainted with the old, and most importantly I found myself. Finding myself wasn't the easiest thing to do. There were some low spots. Times I wanted to give up, and times I did give up. My little sister was murdered; I almost followed in her footsteps. The good thing about life is that there is always a new chance to get back to where you need to be. When we graduate and go into the real world it's not always going to be fair. There are going to be times that we want to give up too. Times that we will wonder why we have to struggle through them. I know now why we do. We have to fight because it's what makes us stronger. There is nothing we cannot do, we are strong, and we will continue fighting to the end. Staying strong forever. Congratulations graduating class of twenty twelve" I finish and everyone is silent. For a brief moment in time nobody utters a word.

. . . . . . Line Break . . . . .

Suddenly one person stands and starts to clap. I can barely make out Delly's blond hair before everyone is on their feet too. As I walk off the stage, Cato's arms engulf me, spinning me around in the air as our lips crash together; our last kiss as a highschooler.

"Mom, we'll meet you at the new house alright?" Cato gives his mom a bear hug and I laugh at the scene in front of me. She is completely encompassed in his muscular body. I don't know how it's possible that he came from her.

As she nods and walks away I look up at him, resting my chin on the center of his broad chest.

"What new house?" I whisper and he leans his head down to give me a soft peck on the lips.

"Don't worry about it, just think about now ok?" he responds with a small smirk on his face, I can't help but return it with the same smile.

. . . . . . Line Break . . . . .

I stand and walk back to the truck; on the windshield is a sign, one that I can read as I get closer.

Flowers decorate the rim of the sign, and I can barely make out the words 'turn around'.

Cato, he's in the middle of the road, flowers strategically placed around him as well.

He looks beautiful, standing in the setting sun.

I walk towards him, wishing I could run to him instead.

"I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. Everything about you makes me want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I will spend the rest of my life with you, if you answer one question correctly" he smiles and my hand claps over my mouth.

"Katniss Everdeen, will you marry me" I fall to my knees nodding and whispering yes over and over again furiously.

A ring slips onto my finger as he gets up off of his knee to spin me around, kissing me feverishly as he does.

We walk away after what seems like minutes, into the sunset. I've realized something in the short year I have been with him. The final piece of my teenage puzzle is clicked into place, now I'm ready for an even bigger puzzle, life's real puzzle. This was just a test, and I passed with flying colors.

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