Snow was nearing the end of her pregnancy… Actually, she had neared the end of her pregnancy about a week ago. Now, she was ready for the baby to come. She stood in her and Red's kitchen, standing idly by as she waited for her teapot to sing. She felt the baby start kicking enthusiastically as looked up silently asking why her and Red's daughter loved to play 'kick Mommy's bladder until she has to be like a horse' all the time. She couldn't wait any longer and waddled as fast as she could to the bathroom.

As she slowly walked back out from relieving herself, she found her wife finish her project for her.

"Red…" Snow said, mouth agape as she made her way as gracefully as possible over to her.

"Hello my darling." Red grinned then leaned into to kiss her. After their kiss she leaned down to Snow's stomach, "And hello my little darling." She grinned and kissed her stomach again.

Snow unconsciously rubbed her ever-growing belly, "She's kicking her hello."

Red handed Snow her tea and brought her to the only chair that was comfortable and Snow could get in and out of with minimal effort, "Stay. Relax. I'll make dinner."

Snow wanted to argue, but couldn't as the fire warmed her and the chair brought her comfort.

Red came back with Snow's favorite… at least it was her favorite now that she was pregnant and they both dug in, Red on the floor looking up at Snow and Snow doing her best not to show how ready she was for this small human to be out of her already.

Once finished, Red took Snow's feet and rubbed them.

"Mmmmm!" Snow moaned happily, "Red, what you do to me."

"Keep up with noises like that, and I'll want to show you what else I can do to you…" She said coyly.

Snow shot her head up and looked down, "You… you still want to do to me what you do to me even now?"

"What do you mean even now?" Red asked as she stood on her kneed and leaned over the arms of the chair. She started rubbing her wife's stomach, "You mean even now that you're carrying our child? Darling, I think that's the greatest thing anyone could do… and I think you're even more beautiful now then when I found you hiding amongst the chickens." She grinned.

"You do?"

"Yes of course I do." Red leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"Show me. Please."

Red grinned and nodded as she leaned in and kissed her wife. "I love you."

"I love you too." Snow said into another kiss, "You've been so good through every mood I've lashed your way." She was getting a little sentimental… like she knew it was going to end soon.

"Hey, hey… What's going on with you?" Red asked.

Snow's features suddenly knit together as she looked to her lap, "Either Emma as kicked my bladder so much that I have lost feeling and just soiled the only chair I can sit in, or she's decided it's time to make an appearance to the world…"

"She's coming?" Red stood up quickly and stared down at her wife.

"The baby's coming." Snow nodded.

"GRANNY! SHE'S COMING!" Red yelled up the stairs as she helped Snow to their bedroom.