The Captain's Hulk

Written for the prompt : Avengers, Captain America & Hulk, he learns to keep Hulk's orders simple (to be filled in exactly five sentences).

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Steve has learned that Hulk is more than just 'the Other Guy', a lot more. He'd learned that when Banner loses control and The Other Guy gets out, there is a phenomenal degree of difference between that Hulk and the one Bruce can consciously call forward. The 'angry' Other Guy doesn't seem able to listen, let alone follow the orders of anyone else. Steve has found that 'the Other Guy' Bruce calls forward knows that he is there to protect, that he's there because Bruce has identified a danger that he can deal with and he immediately turns looking for Captain America to tell him out what to do, what his target is.

Steve keeps his instructions clear and unequivocal, "Smash!", "Catch!", "Pull that down!" because Hulk isn't one to wait around for long listening to be told; he needs to get on and put things right : Steve's learned to work with it and make Hulk as much an asset as the other Avengers.