Note: Bella in the story i'm writing greatly hates Nos but this is just for Fun.

Sleeping Beauty

Joan 4 2A-Sleeping Beauty

XR- Prince Charming

Zurg-Evil Witch

Amy 62-Blue



Nos 4 A2- Joan's king dad

Bella Heart- Joan's mom

"XR come on you no choice" bella said

"No way I don' t even know who her highness is" XR said in a tone.

"Just go to he evil and kill Zurg RERE!"

"FINE!" he said


"NO NO NO NOOOO!" Joan screamed

"OH for the love of... Just go ta sleep" Nos said


"Please" he begged

"UH FINE, YOU GO MAKE OUT WITH Bella" she said

"Oh I will" Nos said

Joan closed her eyes and fell asleep


XR rolled up to the castle front door

"Hello any body home"

Then a girl dressed in a blue dress came out

"Hey XR" the girl said

"Amy" XR held in a giggle

"Don't laugh i'm not the only one dressed like this"

XR peeked behind her and saw X-ray and Pheonix dressed in pink and green and started to laugh.

Don't Laugh" they both yelled

"Hey oh noble prince take this sword and destroy Evil witch Zurg." Amy said dramadicly


"He's gonna die" The green fairy Pheonix
"Have a little fate" said the pink fairy X-Ray

""I'm Not" said the blue fairy Amy 62


XR had finally killed the evil witch Zurg and was going to awaken the princess

He still din' t know who she was but didn't matter.

"Mabye it Mira" he said to himself

As he aprouched he bed chambers he opened the small door and and lavender curtains hung infont of the bed. Only her small form could be seen.

"Here goes nothing" he said. hethrough back the curtains and saw a sleeping Joan 4 2 A.

"AHHHHHH!" He screamed "I'm not kissing her" he yelled not screaming"Bella noway am I kissing a vampire"

XR's optics widen as he looked off set and saw Bella kissing Nos. "Muh XR you half to"

"Just do it she won't Bite" Nos said smirking

"Okay just stop making out with Bella" XR said

"Muh no" he said going back to kissing her.

XR carefully lend over and kissed her through his glass dome

"Kay kid get up" he said

Joan opened her eyes and they widened and she screamed "AHHHH! Dad i'm going to stake you for this"

"Bella your dead for making me kiss Joan" XR yelled

And so the Prince and the Princess chased the princess's parents and they lived happily ever after.