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Babies and Mothers.


She shimmered like burnt gold as she hovered above their sleeping bodies completely relaxed in sleep like two children.

Well, that's exactly what they were. No, not children, infants! Her babies. She lovingly contemplated the infinitesimal specks of her essence housed in their human bodies, which reached out to her as any child to its mother.

She had never had twins before; each of her older children had been born as a unique single being and somehow even an entity as timeless as herself had been taken by surprise at their birth. It had made her cherish them all the more, often coming to this Earthly plane to comfort them with her nearness.

Their spirit was strong, pure and valiant and when the eons had passed and they had become as powerful as she, their mother; they would be her crowning glory. She enveloped them one last time in her iridescent embrace, wishing that she could linger, but she had her duties to attend to in her own reality.

"Sammy," Dean mouthed sluggishly still half asleep, "you okay?"

"Yeah," was his sibling's drowsy reply. "I had this weird dream but I feel really good," and Dean's eyes fluttered for a few seconds while he listened to the regular breathing of his little brother as Sammy fell back instantly into sleep

Dean soon followed. He had experienced a strange dream too but for the life of him he couldn't recall what he had been dreaming about. Morpheus laid his gentle hands on him once again and he surrendered to his soothing touch.