As their supersonic jet entered Tokyo, Dylan looked out the window, at the huge robot standing at its epicenter. It was night now, the attack on the London base, as well as the invasion of Tokyo, had happened earlier that morning. Dylan was fine overall; thanks to his Kevlar vest the bullet had done no more than bruise a few ribs. But even though his body was fine his mind was troubled. Akio had told him time and time again that he worried about him; about how revenge could devour the soul. Dylan had written these off as pointless babble, until today. Since he was shot, he was thinking clearer than he had since the death of Dr. Everett. He felt many things, but overall he felt incredibly stupid. There were four of them on this plane, him, Smithson, Akio, who was flying the plane, and Jane who, despite the danger involved, had come along for the scoop out of pure stubbornness. Smithson sat by Dylan and, noticing how troubled the young man was, attempted to comfort him.

"You know you really should feel privileged."

"Privileged? How can I feel anything but guilt? I attempted to betray G-force, all of humanity for that matter. And I got shot."

"You should feel privileged because you got shot. Akio and I were both worried about you. Dr. Mifune could've allowed you to come along, but I think he- at least subconsciously- decided to spare you that fate. After all, it's too late for him, but not you. That gunshot was your second chance."

"I don't know Dr; I think you may be over-thinking this thing."

"Let me give you an example. As a boy, my favorite book was Moby Dick. Ever since I met you, I worried about your attitude towards Godzilla. We all work to kill him but for you it was so personal. I often worried that you were Captain Ahab and Godzilla was your Moby Dick. I don't know how familiar you are with the story, but Ahab, like many others with an obsession, didn't have a very happy ending."

As Dylan thought about what had just been said, their plane caught Mifune's attention.

"Z! A plane! Shall we shoot it down, as we did the others?"

"Why bother? The other planes we've shot down were attempting to leave the city. This one is coming in." That wicked smile crossed the aliens' face, "I don't mind people entering the city, because they will never leave!"

They finally reached the G-force landing strip, and so Akio brought the plane to a stop. As the four of them exited the plane, George Martin came out to meet them.

"Good to see you've come. We're in a real predicament here, thanks to your failure to guard the Mechagodzilla mech."

"Now now George. Try to be civil. We weren't very successful in trying to stop Z and Mifune ourselves." George spun around quickly, and found general Ishiro talking down to him once again. With gritted teeth, George stormed back into the base, and Ishiro, turning back to the others, spoke again. "My apologies for George. But you know how he is…still, what he was trying to say was this; we have a serious situation here, and your opinions will be very helpful to me."

And with that they entered the base, and did just as they had done so many times before, when King Ghidorah arrived for the first time and when the Nebulans first attacked. They called an emergency meeting. The question was a simple one. Would they give in to Z and Mifune's demands? General Ishiro would be the one to decide this, with Smithson and George arguing the different sides. George began.

"It pains me to say so, but I'm afraid we've been defeated here. The enemy has taken possession of the greatest weapon ever designed and built by human hands; they've also cut off all roads bridges and tunnels so that nobody can leave the city. Some panicked citizens, against our recommendations, attempted to flee via plane or boat, only to be swiftly destroyed. Our forces are decimated, and we cannot call for reinforcements because it would in all honesty be futile. Therefore, we have no choice but to give in to their demands."

Ishiro turned to face Smithson. "Rebuttal?"

Smithson took a moment to compose a reply, and then spoke. "It worries me, George, how quickly you decide to give in to these terrorists. Why is that? Is it cowardice?"

This angered George who jumped up and yelled a reply. "Cowardice? Do you mean to call me a coward? I'm simply stating that we have no other options!"

"But we do." Smithson said, in a firmer tone. "We will refuse, outright. Fire me for this later if you so wish, but I call you a coward because your decision is obviously made out of fear of death. But there is more to lose here than our lives. We saw what Mifune did with just a few G-cells and a plant. We also saw, during the Nebulan invasion, that Z knows how to psychically control monsters, presumably through some form of neural implants. Connect the dots here. With that many G-cells we're looking at an entire race of mutant monsters, under Z's control. The entire planet is at stake here!"

"I've heard quite enough." said Ishiro. "If they want the G-cells, they will have to pry them from our cold dead hands."

George, still enraged and insulted, slinked out of the room. The decision had been made. Tomorrow Mechagodzilla would destroy them, and only a miracle could save them now.