Crimson Knight

Chapter 1

I smelled him coming before I saw him. Little leather bag in hand, the look on his face was that of a smug ass bastard. He always thought himself better than someone with the likes of me. Carlisle Cullen, ugh! He and little Eddie thinking their shit don't stink. Well, I got news for those two; I beat them at their own game.

There was no way in Hell Lonnie Knox was spending any "down time" away in some pathetic excuse of a prison. Shooting hoops, playing cards, and whatever the fuck else those assholes do in their leisure time. Letting that fucker off the hook with a little slap on the wrist and the chance to become Bubba's Bitch for the next 15-20, then what? Out again for 'good behavior'? I don't think so. Carlisle and Edward were just gonna have to kiss my ass on that one!

They made a stupid plan to knock Lonnie out and call the police to come get him, to face extradition to another state to full fill a warrant for multiple rapes and a possible homicide. FUCK THAT!

I heard their plans. I knew what they wanted to do. I just couldn't let Lonnie walk away after what he did. After he put his hands on HER like there were no consequences for his actions. The Cullens don't know. I saw him. I saw what he did. He touched her. HE FUCKIN' TOUCHED HER! Not on my watch pal. Not gonna slide.

Bitch found out though didn't he. I never took so much pleasure from draining the life source out of a piece of shit like Lonnie before. His blood was stained. Stained with so much drugs and alcohol that I thought I was high when his lifeless body fell from my hands. The truth of the matter was; I WAS high. I still am. High with the knowledge that that little bitch ass punk couldn't hurt her or anyone else ever again.

What a fuckin' surprise Carlisle's gonna get when he sees that someone already beat him to the punch. Little needle prick and a phone call is just not enough this time. Not enough by far. It's okay though, Lonnie's blood will sustain me for awhile, and at least he was good for one thing before he had to die.

His little punk ass buddies are next. They just don't know it yet. What the fuck? Blood is blood. And I need it. It's what I am. It's what I was meant for. Whether I take it from some sweet little old lady with a house full of cats, or the nasty pieces of shit that walk the earth, so be it. I just personally prefer to try and take those outcasts in society, those that really won't be missed, not in a real sense of the word anyway.

Edward was lucky, he was REAL lucky. He arrived about five seconds before I was about to make myself known to her. And to THEM! When he finally did make it to Bella, he looked insane, crazed even. PUSSY.

He doesn't hold a candle to ME. Death on legs, and Lonnie found out first-hand what terror was really all about. Fucker shit himself when he saw me, when he looked into my crimson eyes, he knew. He knew he wasn't walking away from this one, not this time.

If little Eddie Cullen hadn't shown up when he did, Bella would've come to know all about ME, me watching her. And at that point, I couldn't be sure if I'd be able to distance myself from her any longer.

You see, I've watched her ever several times since the day I came across her scent in the woods. I was on my way to see my brother. I like to just drop in and say howdy when I'm in an area I know he's living in. I didn't make it that far, at least not at that precise moment. I followed the scent; it was something new, there was something strange drawing me to it. It wasn't that it made me thirsty, HELL I'm always thirsty. Its part of what I am. After all this time, it's nothing I can't handle. Nothing I can't look past.

The scent traveled in many directions the closer I came to the residential places. I took the stronger path and I followed it for some time, the more I followed it, the more it became interlaced with the scent of a vampire, a vampire I KNEW, a vampire that shouldn't be anywhere near humans. I couldn't help myself, I ran faster.

The vampire and human scent came to a stop at a little place on the edge of the woods. That's when it hit me full force. Just then, I saw her. She was stretched out on a blanket in the back yard reading a book, her chestnut hair lightly blowing in the breeze; I didn't dare step out of the shadow that I was under. I would've lit that backyard up like Studio 54. So I stood there watching her; I don't know how long I was there for. I only knew it was some time though, the sun began to fall behind the trees.

I finally snapped myself out of the self-induced scent coma I was in and trucked back toward the ol' Cullen place. I had to know why Edward Cullen's scent was all over that beautiful human's place. Why was he near her so much? Was he stalking a human to drink? That was a puzzle to me, those Cullen's pride themselves on being 'vegetarians' HA! Fuckin' ridiculous, that's what it is. We're vampires for fucks sake! Blood is what we NEED! Blood is what we crave. How my brother drank from Bambi and his furry little friends is still beyond me after all these years.

Jasper had problems though. Real fuckin' problems when it came to the emotions of the newborns we trained and that of his prey. I can see how that might benefit him when it comes to his power though. Emotional bastard, depression took him down real low at times back then, I hated to see him like that. I tried to help him out as much as I could; I'd shield him as well as myself at times when he was at his worst. He'd feel better for a time, but there was only so much I could do, I didn't know my shield then, like I know it now.

Jasper would start projecting and I could tell by the newborns we trained, he was hurting something fierce. One of the strongest vampires I have ever known if not the strongest vampire I've ever come across, besides myself of course. He'd take a beating and keep going. Motherfucker would drag 3 or 4 of those newborn ass clowns around like they were feather pillows.

We fought side by side for nearly 70 years; we taught each other everything we knew about fighting. We were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with he and I, and I'm damn glad he's on my side. I'd never cross that fucker for anything. I like living my undead life and I'll love his pansy ass like my blood brother, till the day my stone cold corpse drops to the ground and turns to ash.

As I stood across the vacant lot near the bar Lonnie left, I can't help but smile at the reaction Carlisle has when he approaches the lifeless body now lying motionless on the cool concrete of the alley way I found him in. He drops the little black bag, and checks him for a pulse. Ha, a pulse? I'm not sure he even had one to begin with. Well, I guess if you put it in a technical sense, I don't have a pulse either and I'm still walking around this earth. As this thought crosses my mind, I slide myself back a little more into the shadow of the wall as he notices the side of Lonnie's neck where my fresh bite mark blesses his lifeless skin.

Carlisle snaps his head up to look around and I take off back toward Forks. I know he's got a suspicion, but there's no way he knows it's me, not when I have my shield around me. He can't hear me, he can't smell me. I'm as good as incognito baby.

There is a lot of fuckin' talented vampires out there, and we come across them from time to time. On occasion we become 'friends' with the others. And I use the term 'friends' loosely, because some, you just can't trust. Vampires are not accustomed to change, at least not frequently.

I got back to Forks no more than ten minutes later and decided to check out the Swan residence before heading back to the Cullen place to clean up and talk to my brother. Bella must have been in the shower, because I didn't see her on the first floor of the house. So I climb a tree 30 yards out in the forest and check her room. Sure enough, that little sneaky bastard Edward Cullen was sitting in her room. He was sitting in the corner in her rocking chair, waiting for her to come out. He'll never know I'm out here. I can tell the little pussy is nervous about something; his leg keeps twitching every now and then. Vampires don't twitch.

Bella was out of the shower soon after that, hair still wet and laying down her back. She was wearing some type of worn out sweat pants and a t-shirt. This girl is totally not worried about being underdressed at any time. I've noticed in this last week or so that she never likes to dress in more than jeans and the casual top. It's Alice who makes her dress in those crazy get ups she wears so uncomfortably.

Alice, my brother's wife, she's in a line of crazy all on her own. Crazy little vampire tried to get me to wear those oxfords and sweater sets she picks out for Jasper, when they stayed with me for a few years before they found the Cullen's. I can't help but laugh my ass off at him when he argues with her about them too. Bastard always backs down to keep her happy.

I found his favorite section in the closet and dresser drawer where he stashes his jeans and band shirts we had accumulated all these years together. I gave him a pair of snake skin boots for his 'birthday' one year. I'm surprised the bitch never got rid of those as well. I was happy to learn he warned her about touching those bad boys. Cost me $500 bucks. I also had to get a pair of my own.

Bella was a bit startled to see Edward sitting there in her room, but then she became slightly relieved he was there. She slowly approached him as he stood up and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. His actions made me mad to a certain extent, and a low growl erupted from my chest. I was thrown back by this. Why did it bother me so much? I knew I enjoyed watching this girl. I needed to make sure she was safe. I knew from what Jasper had told me and what I've learned that Edward was 'mated' to this human. But it still bothered me to watch a vampire or man touch her anyway.

"Hello Edward." she said.

"Hello Bella. How are you feeling now, love?" Edward asked.

What the fuck? Did he just call her love? She blushed at this endearment. Love? Really? I swung myself swiftly thru the trees as I came closer to the edge of the forest. Why? I have no idea, when I can see and hear everything from where I was sitting a moment ago.

"I'm feeling much better now that I have taken a hot shower; it helped me relax a bit after my trip to Port Angeles today. Thank you again Edward for being there for me. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't shown up when you did to save me." Her soft voice let out. Reaching me, and making me angrier that I didn't make myself known to her when I was going to.

Now, here she is, thanking the little pussy who couldn't even get out of the fuckin' car and kick those guys' asses that touched her, who put their hands on her. How could he consider her his mate, when he's not willing to fight for her? Not willing to put himself out there to take out some scum who put his mate in danger? FUCK! I took out that asshole for her, and she isn't my mate to protect.

I made it right! That was ALL ME, not HIM! He had to call Poppa Cullen in to try and do it for him! He's a fuckin' boy. I guess I really can't expect a boy to do a man's job now can I! The longer I listened, the more pissed off I became. I had to get outta there, and I had to do it fast. I saw him bend down and kiss her on the forehead, that's when I fuckin' snapped!

"I'd do anything for you love. You don't have to thank me, it was my pleasure."

Another growl escaped me at his words and I took off. I ran. I ran my ass off. I came upon a small clearing in the forest, I stopped and looked around. It was an oval shaped area with a few nice little wild flowers growing and a few boulders littered the edge of the forest and off in the distance you could hear the trickle of water in a small creek. I set myself on the largest of the boulders and lay back with my hands behind my head. The night sky was filled with bright stars and the moon was full and high.

Its nights like these that make me happy to be what I am, to be able to look upon so many wonderful stars, to see them for what they truly were meant to be viewed as. I could never see the stars this way with my human eyes. I let out a large sigh and closed my eyes a moment picturing Bella with her wet hair down her back. She really is a beautiful young woman. I've been alone to long in this life, I have my brother, but there are things that even Jasper can't satisfy in me, like the love of a good woman.

I felt my pocket vibrate a moment before I took my phone out to check the message, knowing it could only be Jasper. His message read 'where the fuck are you Peter.' I couldn't help but laugh. Jasper and his fucked up texts, sometimes he's way too excited when I'm here. I gave him a quick reply letting him know I'm currently in a clearing about 8 miles northeast of his house. Another vibration comes; letting me know what else he wanted 'Do you want company brother? Or are you needing some alone time?' I'm always alone, so I let him know that I could always use his company, I could always talk to my brother. I miss him when he's not with me. Many years looking after each other, you get used to that kind of thing.

Jasper is my only family since the change. Maria made sure of that. Fuckin' Bitch. I'm so glad Jasper decided it was a good idea I had to get the hell outta there when we did. We knew she was getting suspicious about mine and Jasper's closeness and his ability to relax when he fought with me. She knew all about his power, but nothing of mine. Jas kept the secret with me. We knew if she found out; there would be no way that we'd ever be rid of her. Not till we burned.

Only minutes passed and I could smell and hear Jasper approach the clearing. When out of nowhere a 12 inch rock comes smashing into my shield. I sat up quicker than lightening.

"Just checking." Jasper states from 500 yards away.

"Asshole." I called back. We both laughed whole heartedly, because Jasper ALWAYS had to 'just check!' Fucker always thought it was funny too. He always wants to try and catch me 'off guard' and not be using my shield. Ever since we took off outta Mexico, out of Maria's Hell hole, I always use my shield. All day, every day! Only I can determine what goes in and what goes out. I never used to have that control over my shield before. I've strengthened it over time. When time is all you have, there is no reason not to work on self-improvement of some sort.

"Where did you take off to tonight Peter?" Jasper asked when he came into view.

"I had some business I had to take care of. Why do you ask?" I wanted to know.

"Emmett and I wanted to take you out on a hunt with us tonight. He mentioned that you wanted to see him wrestle a bear or something of the sort, He said that you wanted to learn how to hunt the way we do." A cocky smile crosses his face, and I knew what the bastard was up to, Again.

"I'll be fucked if I ever said those words Jasper. You know damn well I don't wanna snack on Two Socks. You of all people know I don't dig on the wild life." I laughed because Jasper has always tried to get me to join his cause every now and then knowing that I'd never cross that line.

"Peter, I know you feel that the way I feed is wrong, but I wish you would try it once brother. Just once and maybe, just maybe you might see just how little difference there is in what blood we take to sustain us." he stated.

"Jas, Bro. I hate to break it to you, I really do, but you do this every 5 years or so. I'd never dine on swine unless the population of humans on the Earth would dwindle down to nothing, and then and ONLY then would I chow on Chewbacca." He lets out this huge laugh and joins me on the boulder.

"Ya know I've missed you Peter. I've missed you a lot. How long will you stay with me this time? I know Edward isn't your most favorite vampire, but please stay with me for awhile." he pleaded knowing I hated Edward with a fiery passion.

"I'll stay for awhile Jasper. I kinda like it here anyways, there's something about Forks that draws me to it." I stated truthfully to him. He smiled at my answer and let out a breath I didn't realize he was holding in.

"It'll grow on you Peter, if you let it." I then had to laugh at him. He really was beginning to worry me that he was becoming soft in his time of peace.

Bella, I still couldn't get her out of my mind.

"Jasper, I know we've talked about this before, but if Edward starts his shit with me again, I'll have to punch that pussy right in his fuckin' mouth. I can't stand it when he starts throwing his temper tantrums about me carrying MY shield around me at all times. Just because he can't read my thoughts doesn't mean I'm up to no good damn it! I may dine on humans, but that doesn't mean I'm eating them here in Forks. You know I go out of town for dinner." Jasper sits up at my ranting words and I follow suit.

"Peter. Edward is very concerned and worried for Bella. He's too worried that something will happen to her, she is human of course, and you know this. He just worries that something will happen to her." He looked down at his hands when he was finished with his statement.

He knew it pissed me off when the Cullen's would berate me because I follow my true diet, the way nature had intended it to be. Jasper would always bring it up every few years, this I came to expect. But just as I would turn him down, he would laugh it off and leave me alone about it. He knows who I am, just as I do. But he also knew how it got to me about the Cullen's and their superiority complex they have about themselves and thinking they're better than all others because they deny themselves what they NEED, what they DESIRE. I'm not fuckin' stupid. I'll never do it.

Even Jasper has had slip ups every now and again. He's a true testament on exactly how hard it is to control yourself with being a 'vegetarian vampire' and all. Human drinkers such as me, have insane control when it comes to human blood. I've never tortured myself or kept myself from what I need. It's easy for me to mingle with the humans, to be near them.

"Alright man." I let out an exaggerated sigh. "I'm just warning you. I've had enough of their shit, and I'm not dealing with it anymore. I love you bro. So I'll chill out as much as I can about it for you. But I'll take action on it if I need to." He laughs at me, but he knows I'm as serious as a lit match.

"What is it about this Bella anyways? I know you said he felt he was 'mated' to her, but how can he say that? How does he know she's his mate if he can't defend her himself?" I had to ask the question that was on my mind. Jasper had a blank expression on his face for a moment before he looked around the clearing again.

"You know Pete; there are many questions I ask myself about that. Most of them I can't answer. I feel his love for her, his desire for her. But what I don't feel is that massive weight that all mated couples have. I'm not sure if it's the fact she's still human or what. It puzzles me as well. If it is the fact that she is human, they may never experience the full potential of the love that can be between the two." This was some good fuckin' information to have. My brother, the emotional bastard that he is, couldn't feel the most important thing in a mated vampire couple.

"Edward doesn't plan to change Bella. He wants her to experience her full potential life as a human." he said a few moments later.

I know my expression was blank at this point. I couldn't understand how a vampire who lives forever could let their mate die and live the rest of their unnatural life without their other half. I mean fuckin' voluntarily let them DIE, especially when you could prevent it from happening in the first fuckin' place. I know shit happens and couples get separated, and one might meet the business end of a torch, but damn! It's just not possible from what I hear.

Edward was more fucked up than I originally thought. He had to be. How could he go on with forever without his other half? Just fuckin' 'let her live her own natural human life, while mated to a damn vampire, are you serious? Jasper knew I was pondering this new information he gave me. But I wasn't finished yet.

Not by a long shot.