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Crimson Knight

Chapter 10

"I really hope you know what the fuck you're talking about Garrett!"

"Who are you gonna trust? Huh?" Right now, I knew when I called him that I had no other choice. I needed more information than what I already had.

"What motherfucker? No words? Yeah that's right 'cause you know you have to trust what I tell ya on the matter."

"Fuck you!" I growled back at him. He was really getting on my nerves, and he knew it too. Garrett was the only other being who could rattle my chains like Jasper and get away with it. Let's just hope for his sake the information he gave me on glamouring was right. If not, I'd fuck him up, fuck him up big time! Outside of Jasper he may be my best friend, but this was my future we were talking about, not just some meal-time snack.

"Tell Jasper, if he's not still listening, that I'll see you guys when I see you. If you need anything else just give me a call. If not, then I don't wanna hear from you assholes till I step foot in Spoons or Sporks or whatever the fuck you're calling it these days."

"It's Forks you ditsy bitch."

"Whatever!" And with that the line went dead (no pun intended…well fuck it! Maybe there was a bit of a pun intended for Garrett's cocky ass).

"Alright, so at least now we know there are some things we can try." I had hope, at least. If she felt me once, she could and would feel me again.

"Peter, this has to work. Garrett said that it shouldn't be permanent if it was truly glamouring that was done."

"I know, but I still have this feeling of dread running thru me, and I can't explain it. I don't know where it's coming from. "

"Why would you be feeling this much dread Peter?"

"How the fuck should I know? I'm not the feelings expert here, Jas, you are remember?" All that got me was a cocky Jasper grin. Emo bastard.

We had wandered back into the Cullen's forest for the second half of our conversation with Garrett. After a day of trying to get in touch with him, I was finally able to reach him.

That little fuck, Eddie the glamouring asshole, has pretty much been at Bella's side since he used his fucked up method of control. When I mentioned the way I felt about the situation to Garrett, I was led to believe that it could and would be reversed, but it was up to me and/or her to find a way out of it.

Alright, I'd be the first to admit that when I came to Forks, I never thought I'd be here this long. And I sure as shit never thought I'd find my mate and she'd be a human at that. I kinda always thought that my mate would've been a vamp already, and I just had to wait that shit out. You know pay some fuckin' dues and shit, or whatever.

Now, here I was in the middle of the fuckin' woods with my brother trying to find the best option to start bring my human mate back to me. She felt me once; I know she felt the pull, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up. I'll die again before I let that little motherfucker get my woman.

Meanwhile back at the Swan residence…..

Bella's Pov

"Love, what can I do? There has got to be something I can do to help?"

Ugh, he needed to just shut the heck up and leave me alone! "I've told you, Edward, I don't know what's wrong with me. I hurt. I hurt all over. Nothing I've taken has worked. It hurts too much, I can barely move now."

I'd been curled into a ball on my bed for the last 2 hours. I couldn't move much without it hurting. I wanted to scream; it felt like my chest was caving in on itself. I'd never felt anything like this before.

Edward kept up his excessive pacing back and forth on my floor. This alone was enough to drive me mad. I needed my dad. Charlie would be home soon. I knew he'd help. He'd never let me down; he'd always been there when I needed him.

As if on cue, Edward announced that Charlie was coming down the street. He was finally home.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Edward being here with me was no comfort at all. He had always been a comfort to me, but now? I didn't know, I just hurt too much to think about it. All I knew was the more he was in my presence, the more frustrated with him I became.

"Bells, I'm home." Charlie called out to me, but I hesitated for a moment as I heard him quiet down and listen for my reply.

"We….we're up in my room dad." I managed to croak out.

Charlie was by my side in no time at all, worry written all over his face. I'd never been in bed when he came home before. I'd always had dinner ready and waiting for him when he walked thru that door.

"What's wrong kiddo? How bad is it?"

"She's been like this for the last few hours, Charlie." Dad glared at Edward irritated by the look on his face.

"Bells, what can I do? Where does it hurt?"

"A…all….over dad. It hurts so bad. I've taken Tylenol; it didn't help any either."

"Do I need to get something more? I don't know, for, like, woman troubles or something? Is that's what's going on sweetheart?"

At that moment I couldn't answer. I couldn't do anything except scream from the deep pain that tore thru me like a hot knife. It shook my body like an earthquake. I couldn't stop the convulsions as they ripped thru me. It felt as if my soul was being ripped from my body. Whatever this was, I needed it to end and end soon, or there was a great possibility that I would end before it did.

I was barely able to concentrate on the commotion going on around me. It felt like an eternity until my body settled back onto the bed, I opened my eyes, chancing a glance at my father beside me, only to find that he was no longer there.


"I'm over here Bells," strain and panic in his voice. I'd never heard Charlie like this before. I followed the sound of his voice to the opposite side of my bed where he sat before only to find my father had pinned Edward to the wall. His left arm pinned his face and neck, and his police-issued pistol was pressed firmly against the vampire's temple.

"I swear to everything holy boy; if you had anything to do with what's going on with my baby girl, I'll kill you. I'm a cop. I think I know how to deal with the body so they'll never find it. Let's not worry ourselves over the details only know that I can make it happen."


"Bells, you just say the word honey, and I'll take care of it. What did he do? Did he do this to you?"

If I didn't know the truth about Edward, I would've been worried about his safety at this point. But it was Charlie I was worried about right now. If he did shoot Edward I was afraid he might be hurt if it ricocheted off his head.

"D…Dad, E...Ed..ward didn't do this. I don't know what this is; the pain has grown over the last day. It wasn't there before and now it's like….ugh I don't know!"

With a stiff shove, Charlie pushed off my boyfriend and holstered his pistol again. The glare he gave Edward might have killed him had he not already been dead.

"What the hell are you talking about? You've been in pain for awhile now?"

"It wasn't much dad. A…at first it felt like a soothing pain, like a comfort or something, but then it changed it started to hurt like pressure on the inside of me. And thru today, it's only gotten w...wor…worse."

"Why didn't you call me before, sweetheart? Why did you wait? Damn it! I'm taking you to the hospital."

"Chief, I could call my father and have him come check Bella out"

Charlie snapped his head toward Edward at his suggestion. If my father had laser vision, Edward might have been cut in two or caught fire with the death stare he was receiving from Charlie. The amount of hate coming from him was astounding, and if I wasn't witnessing it for myself I might not have believed that my father could hate someone so much.

Was there something I was missing? Charlie was a pretty perceptive guy. That must be where I get it from, but I just couldn't see what the problem was with Edward. Why the dislike?

"What do you think, Bells? The hospital, or would you prefer we call Dr. Cullen and see if he could make a house call?"

"Carlisle," was all I could manage to get out as the pain shot thru me again, cutting me deeper than the last.


"I'll call my father immediately"

Charlie sat beside me as the tremors shook me and him along with my bed. I could feel him trying to sooth me by rubbing my arm. Slowly the tremors calmed back down again.

"F…FU…FUCK!" I couldn't help it.

"Now Bella, normally I would have to chastise you about that type of language for a young lady, but after seeing this, I'd have to say I agree with you"

A small smile graced his face. He was trying to make me feel better. It was a nice try, but that was not what I needed at this point. I needed Carlisle to knock me out or fix this shit, and I hope he gets here fast.

It felt like an eternity before I felt the cool hands of Dr. Cullen checking my pulse.

"Your heart is beating at a phenomenal rate right now, Bella. How long has the pain been this strong?"

"I..i..it w..wwasn't this b..bad til..later i..in t..the day."

"What's going on with my daughter Dr. Cullen? What can we do?"

Carlisle checked my blood pressure as I screamed again in pain.

Within moments another set of cold fingers touched my face and I opened my eyes to see the amber ones of my best friend. Alice.

"It'll be alright Bella. Shhh now, it's ok." I didn't realize that I'd began to cry when I saw her there. She wiped the tears from my cheeks as I watched my now busy room. Edward looked as though he was about too loose his mind—huh, and I'm the one who's in pain here. What the hell?

"Love, what can I do? Carlisle, what can we do for her? She's in so much pain; I can't bear to see her like this."

I chanced a glance over to where Carlisle was perched on the edge of my bed checking various areas of my body and documenting my current vital signs. If I wasn't looking at him directly, I might have missed the subtle look he gave Alice before she kissed my forehead and told me she would be back. And like that, she was gone, taking Edward along with her.

Back in the Cullen forest with our vampire hero…

"There's something wrong Jasper. I can feel that something is wrong. I can't tell you what it is, but something just doesn't feel right."

"What can…" He never got the chance to finish, his cell rang cutting him off before he could.

"Hello, Alice"

"Jasper, I need you guys to listen to me before you move, or say anything." What the fuck?

"What's wrong Alice?" Jasper was as worried as I was at this point.

"Edward called, Jasper." She paused there was a bit of panic in her voice "There's something wrong with Bella."

"WHAT!" I roared scattering the brave creatures that might have wandered near us in the first place. Jasper grabbed me by the shoulders dropping his cell phone in the process. He had to try and settle me; I was about to fuckin' lose it!

"Now, please, I asked you to bear with me so I can explain what's going on, Peter." Alice's voice came quietly from the phone where it lay on the ground. Jasper was still holding me tightly as I began to feel his calming effects.

"Alice, please, just spit it the fuck out!" I was shaking now, and I was about to rip my way outta the fucking woods to get to Bella. My growls became louder as I glared at Jasper, but my brother simply gave me that look like 'try it fucker'.

"Edward has just called Carlisle. Charlie and Bella have asked him to come check Bella out. Apparently she's in pain. Edward couldn't do anything to help, so Bella and Charlie asked that he call to see if Carlisle could come and pay her a visit."

"Now, before you say anything, no I did not see this. Bella is a blur to me again. Jasper, I'm losing it. I can't see my best friend clearly, and it's giving me such a headache. I'm worried for her."

Once Jasper felt that I had calmed enough to retrieve his cell, he let me go but kept an eye locked with my now black with rage ones as the deep heavy breaths still escaped my lungs.

"Alice, we'll figure this out, sweetheart. Has Carlisle left to see Bella yet? Does he have an idea of what might be making her feel this way?" I know I did, but then again I'm not a fuckin' doctor. Her problem was Edward fuckin' Cullen. And so is MINE.

"He has a theory, but he's not one hundred percent sure at this point. Guys, he wants you to head over to Bella's house thru the woods and keep concealed. Peter, you'll need to mask you and Jasper as you go there, but he'd like a chance to check her out first, and then for me to get Edward out of there for awhile, so he can conduct the secret testing he wants to do. So, I guess what I'm saying is head that way, but hang back a bit till he texts you and lets you know that I'm out of there with Edward. He wants me to make him hunt."

Jasper and I started to head toward Bella's house at a moderate human pace for the time being while he finished the conversation with Alice. I had immediately thickened my shield to conceal mine and Jasper's presence in the woods.

Get here, make it quick, and be discrete. Finally!

We're on it!

It took us no time at all to make it to the Swan house. Inside we could hear Bella's panicked heartbeat, and the shallow intake of breaths she was taking. I wanted like hell to break the door down and help my mate, but Jasper kept a firm grip on my shoulder and a death stare in my eyes. I knew I couldn't risk her, hell; I'd risk anything for her but not her.

"Jasper can you feel this? What is she feeling?" I thinned my shield and let Jasper out completely so he could work his mojo.

Immediately I saw my brother begin to buckle over his midsection, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. I caught him before he fell forward. My instincts were telling me to be on guard, so I covered him with my shield again.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" Bella's tortured cry almost killed me again then and there.

Jasper, son, what is the strength of her pain?

Its bad Carlisle, it's really fuckin' bad!

Ask Peter to drop his shield from himself, please.

I did as he asked and braced myself for the worse. Bella's cry began to lessen and then she finally spoke.

"Jasper? He's here? Carlisle, he's here?" What the fuck? I looked at Jasper, he shrugged his shoulders.

Charlie had been down on the first floor of the home pacing back and forth while Carlisle did his Doctor duties. His cell phone rang when Bella asked about Jasper.

"Chief Swan"

"What the hell happened, Judy?"

"No…Yes… They think it was an animal attack? Thank you, Judy. You were definitely right. I do want and need to be there. Dr. Cullen is here at my home checking on Bella. I'll be down to the station as soon as possible. Yes, I'll let him know as well. It will at least save you another call."

"What the fuck Jasper? Do animal attacks happen in this little town very often?"

"No, they don't happen that often here that I know of. But I can assume that Carlisle will be leaving when Charlie does. He takes the on call shift at the hospital a lot so the others can have family time at home. He does this to help atone for his taking time off at the last minute on sunny days."

We were lost in the moment at both Bella's assumption that Jasper was there at the house and the weird phone call Charlie just took. Charlie had made his way up to talk to Carlisle.

"Dr. Cullen when you're finished helping my daughter here, will you please head down to the hospital. The medical examiner will need your assistance this evening as well. Some fisherman stumbled across the body of my friend Waylon Forge. I can't believe this; I've known the man going on 30 years now. I need to go down to the station and make sure the formal statements are done. I may be awhile down there tonight, Bells. If you need me, you know where to find me. And please don't wait to call if something is up. And I mean that young lady. "

"Sure thing, Chief Swan. You can head on out if you want to; I'm almost thru here with her examination."

Moments later Chief Swan was headed out the front door, got into the police cruiser, and sped off.

I began to move closer to the house with Jasper hot on my heels. I needed to see her. I stopped a moment, "Carlisle we're coming up now that the Chief is gone."

"I think that is for the best if you did."

When Jasper and I reached her room, Bella was lying there calmly on the bed on her side facing the door while Dr Cullen sat quietly at the foot of her bed watching her breathe and listening to the beat of her heart.

As we entered the room, we all witnessed that her body began to relax and settle into the bed as a contented smile crossed her tear-stained face. I couldn't help the slight smile that came to me as well. I let out the breath I didn't realized I'd been holding. Fuck!

"Are you shielding right now, Peter?"

"No, I'm not. I haven't been since you asked me to drop it. Why?"

"I'd like to see if your shield has any effect on her. Jasper is she experiencing any pain at this time?" I looked at him because frankly I'd been wondering that very same thing myself.

"No, she isn't, Carlisle. Peter, she's feeling comfortable right now. She has a feeling of safety coming from her. That seems very peculiar to me though. I wasn't exposed to her feelings long enough before now to decipher if there were any feelings of a threat or danger coming from her. But now, right this moment, she's glad. Happy to be free of the pain, I'd imagine. That was most defiantly some fucked up shit."

I could only nod my head in agreement, because fuck, what else was there to really say? He'd hit the nail right on the head.

"Alright, I know we don't want to see her in pain, but we need to know how deep this goes, and what we can do to stop it. She's human, and I wonder how she feels any connection at all toward a vampire mate. How she's physically coping with all this is just amazing, and to me, it's obvious that I can't administer any medication that will prevent this from happening. I just can't believe Edward has caused this with his meddling. I've just never heard of anything like this before. I hope that Garrett gave you some good news today Peter?"

"He did, Carlisle, and now after seeing this, I'm about to rip some 100 year old Victorian vampire up for firewood when I see his ass again!" I couldn't help that it just so happened to come out in a growl that startled and awakened Bella.

Carlisle didn't say anything to me about it. He just sat there and looked between Bella and me and nodded his head in confirmation. He knew now by witnessing this, that Bella and I were truly mated, and that I had every right to dispatch his son in any way that I saw fit. Eddie did this to my mate, and he would need to suffer the consequences.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep, Dr. Cullen. Jasper, who is your friend? And thank you, thank you very much, I couldn't take much more of that."

"Bella, this is Peter. You don't remember Peter at all?" She laid ` there looking at me with a puzzled look on her face as if she'd never seen me a fuckin' day before in her life! Fuck you Eddie! I'm gonna kill you as slow as I can, motherfucker!

"I haven't done anything to thank me for, Bella."

"But, how? Why? What did you give me Carlisle? It worked. I felt like I was gonna die. What was that about anyway?"

"I didn't need to give you anything, Bella. Your body has managed to settle itself at the moment."

"What do you remember, Bella? Anything about, Peter? Anything about meeting him? Anything at all?" Jasper sounded about as desperate as I felt.

"I remember seeing him briefly at your house the last time I visited. Edward and I spent the afternoon in his room talking and listening to music. Then Alice and I had a slumber party of sorts. The only other thing I remember of him now that I think about it real hard is that Edward said that Peter was your brother. It's funny you guys don't look anything alike."

I growled again. What can I say I'm an animal? I was about to punch the wall. I was so fuckin' pissed! This might be harder than we originally thought.

"Bella, I would like to try something out here for a moment, if we could. I have a theory as to why you were in pain. I need to have this theory solidified by doing these additional tests. Will you help me out?"

"Of course I will, Carlisle. You've done so much to help me already."

"Peter, would you please shield yourself to your fullest possible power, please?"

I took a deep breath and steeled myself for what I was about to do. If this blocked all feeling from Bella, I didn't want to be the reason she would feel pain now. But we did have to know how fuckin' deep this shit goes. I closed my eyes and put my shield up; I couldn't look at her while I did it. I didn't want her to be in pain let alone see her in it.

"W…wwhat did he d…do to me?!" Her voice trembled out slow and broken. I had done this. I held strong. I wanted to fix this fuckin' shit, and if I had to hold it, then I was gonna hold it long enough to help her the best that I could. Jasper faltered at my side as she gave out an ear splitting scream.


I hit my knees at the sound of my mate in pain, and I was causing it this time. Me! Jasper stumbled a moment just then, and I caught him as he fell toward me. I immediately enveloped him into my shield with me. He didn't have to feel it so I helped him the best way that I could by protecting him from it. He could handle a lot of shit, but this was some off the charts instant full body take over shit! The instant he was covered he let out a sigh. I looked at Carlisle waiting for him to give the order to let it off. If he didn't say so soon, I was just gonna do it. I couldn't do this to Bella.

"Now, cover her with your shield."

I did an instant switch; I covered Bella with my shield and let Jasper out, just in case it didn't work right. He didn't need to be under all that pain trapped within the confines of my shield.

We both stood up and watched as Bella began to settle back down onto the bed. Her body calmed almost immediately as my shield comforted her.

"Well, fuck, what do we do now, Carlisle?" Jasper spoke first. I was still staring at Bella not more than two feet away from me.

"What did you do to me? Why are you here anyways? I don't know you! "

"I'll have to beg your pardon ma'am, but you do know me."

She sat up and scooted toward the head of the bed. She had removed her blanket in the process exposing her bare legs and feet. I glanced down and noticed the silver scars that now blessed her right leg and thigh, my venom.


"What do you mean I know you? I've only met you once in passing."

"We don't have too much time to explain before Edward gets back Bella. But it seems as though he has somehow removed or replaced a portion of your memories."

"What? How does something like that happen? When? Why? Ugh! What? What are you saying, Carlisle?" She grabbed her hair and pulled out of frustration. I knew more than well enough how she felt. But I'll be fucked if she wasn't as pissed off as I am about it. Hell, maybe even more.

"Bella, please calm down. You've already given Jasper the emotional ride of his life so far." It came out in a deep chuckle. She glared at me of course. Damn.

"I'm sorry about that, Jasper. But, you know, I just don't understand. I thought that Edward liked me. Why did he do this? This is his fault?"

"Bella, as you know some of us have been around for a very long time. I myself have been on this earth for more than 300 years, and I can tell you that I have never seen in person much less even heard of a case like yours. I believe that Edward has learned how to manipulate the human mind to do his bidding. In your case, I believe it has not worked the way he had intended it to due to the fact that he cannot read your mind."

"I've loved the fact that my thoughts are just that, mine. How did he affect my mind, Carlisle, if he can't get into it?"

"Now that's a fact we cannot get past at this time, Bella. How it was done, when it's plain to see that your mind, whether it's instinctual or not, protects itself."

"What can we do, Carlisle? How do we try and restore her memories? Is it even possible?" My brother knows me too well at times. I wanted to know this as well; what can we do?

"Peter, retract your shield from around Bella now, if you will. Let's see if it's just close proximity that helps or if it's the contact that is needed. Even though you are not physically touching her, your shield is an extension of your being. We saw that just moments ago that your close proximity was soothing. I wonder since your shield has been in contact with her body if she reacts the same way."

I did as he asked and reluctantly pulled my shield away from her. She remained calm at this time. For how long, that remains to be seen.

"Alice will be back before too long. Peter, you need to shield yourself one more time. We have to know the definite effects this has on Bella."

"What the fuck, Carlisle? How many times do you expect me to hurt her like that? What if I can't? I don't want to!"

"You need to try, Peter. We need to see the effects you have upon her."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the truck up here. What are you talking about? What effects he has on me? What does he have to do with me? I thought you just said that Edward did this. Now you're saying Peter did it too?"

"I didn't do shit! We are in this situation because of Eddie boys fuckin' ass! You know me a hell of a lot better than you think you do at the moment. We'll figure this shit out; there's no other choice in the matter." As I finished my statement, I began slowly pulling my shield from around her. Her body had remained in its calm state, at least for the moment.

"Do you feel alright right now, Bella? Is everything ok?"

"Yeah. I feel ok, Carlisle. You said Peter has a shield. I didn't see one. What does it look like?" We all just looked at her dumbfounded for a moment. Hell I know I wasn't able to form a sentence at that time.

"Peter, do you have a shield made out of like indestructible adamantium steel and vibranium like Captain America? Do you? Because that would be so cool if you did!" Holy fuckin' shit, she knows comics? I am so fucked. She is definitely my kryptonite, for sure….totally F.U.C.K.E.D is what I am…yep!

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