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A/N: Trying a different story for once. Battle Royale/Hunger Games with a Tenipuri twist. Warnings: angst, gore, violence, swearing, character deaths. Rating subject to change.

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It is the year 2100. Twenty years after World War III, also known as "The Nuclear War", "The Holocaust of the Earth", or, as more optimistic textbooks claim, "The Last War". Optimism doesn't come easy for the people left on the ravaged world, trying desperately to pick up the pieces of their latest mistake.

Japan is no more.

Instead, what was once Japan is now a totalitarian nation that is completely caged off and isolated from the rest of the world. The borders are guarded by battleships and soldiers. Anyone who tries to enter will be killed. Anyone who tries to escape will be killed.

Citizens that have lived through the war refuse to acknowledge that the land they stand on was once their beloved Japan. Panem, they call it instead.

The children of today are the offspring of survivors. They know nothing of fresh air, green grass. They have their lessons and play their games in steel buildings, with the ominous hum of the air filtration system in the background, always in the background.

The hum reminds them that someone is always watching them.

There is no telling how many cameras there are, or where they are located. Some claim they don't exist. Yet every threat to the government is extinguished with disgustingly effortless ease. Several years ago an underground group called Eagle tried to rebel, but the government caught word of their covert affairs with stunning speed. They were eliminated. Their executions were public events.

Junos sees everything.

Rumors have it that Panem's government follows the word of a single man who goes by the name of Junos. No one knows his real name. No one knows what he looks like. All they know is that he abuses his power and position to manifest his sickest desires.

After the last failed rebellion, Junos installed a new policy to extinguish any future uprisings, the Educational Reform Act.

Each year, several students from Panem's remaining six high schools are randomly chosen and sent to a deserted island, where they participate in an annual free-for-all battle. A fight to the death that is broadcasted on national television.

There can only be one winner.

This horrifying annual sacrifice was originally called "Battle Royale", after a novel by one of their own, Koushun Takami, written over a century ago. However, after half the contestants in the fourth battle were wiped out by starvation, the citizens of Panem have found a much more appropriate name.., "The Hunger Games."


End Chapter One

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