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Kagome Higurashi was perfectly happy as a kindergarten teacher that didn't mind what the kid was, whether it be mortal, half-demon, or full demon. In her eyes, all children are the same. Or she was happy anyway. Her life gets turned around when the meets the twenty five year old cousin of her newest student: Inuyasha Takahashi. Now she's involved in a secret war between two families and their friends. And she's horrified to find out she has the reason behind it all…

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Kagome Higurashi sighed as she smiled and sat on a bench to watch the children in her classroom play. She was a teacher, famous throughout the school, as she was the only one who was willing to actually teach hanyou and youkai children. She thought they got along pretty well as kids. I mean, look at Kazuya and Tatsuya! Tatsuya's the child of two demons and he gets along great with little Kazuya! She thought, smiling as the said two began to swing and chat.

With a jump of surprise, Kagome heard the bell ring. She got off of the bench, her knee length white dress swaying. A tan belt, mostly for decoration, was wrapped around her waist with a black buckle. She wore black heels and her waist length wavy black hair drifted down her back. She didn't mean to look so dressed up. It was just how she dressed for the children, as the girls liked to faun over how pretty their teacher was.

One of the said girls, Ami, suddenly tugged on her hand. Kagome looked down. "What is it, Ami?" She asked as she walked beside the young girl, holding onto her hand.

"Miss Kagome?" Ami asked nervously, fiddling with her free hand at the hem of her dress. "Is it true that we're going to have a new student tomorrow?" She fidgeted some more and Kagome smiled some more.

"Yes, we're getting a newbie tomorrow," She said cheerfully, hips swaying slightly as she walked. "His name's Shippo Takahashi and he's a kitsune youkai. Is that alright?"

Ami, who was a kitsune herself, grinned with bright lavender eyes. "Yay! Another kitsune!"

Kagome laughed and led the way into the classroom to help the children pack their stuff up for the day.


"Miss Higurashi, could you please come to the office to speak with Mrs. Hokkaido?" A voice called suddenly over the large Shinboku Elementary speakers.

Kagome pressed a button and answered, "Of course. I'm on my way." She sighed as she released the button. She had been about to head home, and had just walked to the classroom door! She still had papers to grade, papers to re-correct, a letter to write to her mother, a phone call to her best friend Sango Taijiya –who was a demon slayer that slew demons that tried to kill mortals –and then she had to eat and go to sleep. So much to do, only a few hours to do it. "Damn…" She muttered as she slipped into the hall. She strode towards the direction of the principal's office.

She slipped into the office, flashing a quick smile at the lady in the office, Aoi Sato, before quietly knocking on the principal's office door. A quick and soft, "Come in!" was heard and Kagome stepped in. "Hello, Kaede." She said, politely bowing to the elderly principal, Kaede Hokkaido. "You needed me?"

"Yes," Kaede replied with a gentle smile. Kaede Hokkaido had been working as the principal at Shinboku Elementary for over forty years, and she was still running strong. "I have a request for ye. The Takahashi family requests that Shippo Takahashi comes to meet you this evening, and as they are the most powerful family in the area, would ye be willing to wait about an hour to meet him and the person accompanying him?"

Kagome nodded with a delighted smile. "Of course, Kaede! I cannot wait to meet little Shippo. I'm sure him and Ami will get along fair enough. I'll grade some papers while I wait."

Kaede excused Kagome, and the teacher started back towards the classroom. As she walked, she thought.

The Takahashi family was well known throughout Tokyo, as it was a very old and a very powerful family of Inu youkai with a few fox demons added to the mix. Maybe a mortal or two. They were pretty rich, Kagome had heard from rumors. And that would be thanks to Inu no Taisho Takahashi, the head of the family. He worked fairly hard at a large business he owned, one that was becoming even more popular. Then you had his wife, Izayoi Takahashi, and his two sons, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. And then you had little Shippo, the cousin of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Most people were scared of them, as they were strong and they were demons, but Kagome could care less.

She sat down at her desk and began to work on grading her kindergartener's papers.

About half an hour later, there was a soft knock on the door and a little red head peeked in. Kagome chuckled and gave a soft laugh. "Hello," she called. "You must be Shippo, correct?"

The little boy nodded his green eyes curious as he bounced over to Kagome's desk. "Are you my new teacher, Miss Higurashi?"

"Yep!" Kagome said cheerfully. "You can call me Miss Kagome, or even Kagome, though. Okay? I don't like being called by my last name. It feels strange to me," I added as another form slipped in. I glanced up and raised an eyebrow as the figure crossed his arms and glowered across the room at me.

Shippo smiled brightly at the figure. "That's my cousin, Inuyasha!" He announced, flouncing over to the said man and dragging him over. "Inuyasha, this is my new teacher Kagome!"
Kagome smiled at the young boy when he called her by her name before turning to politely bow at Inuyasha. "Hello."

"Keh!" Inuyasha snorted, rolling his eyes and looking away.

Inuyasha was a good head taller than me, and had silver ears with the same colored dog ears. His golden eyes were the color of melted gold, and then he had fangs and claws as well. He wore a red T-Shirt with black jeans and converse. Strapped to his waist was a sword that looked plain and rusty.

Kagome sighed slightly. "Do you two have any questions?" She asked, smiling brightly at both.


Inuyasha fought the urge to strangle the woman in front of him. What was with her? He gave her his usual attitude, and she just smiled at him! She didn't even seem to notice his dog ears or claws!

Even he had to admit though; the woman was stunning. With thick black hair and sparkling blue eyes, as well as having nice curves in the right places, the woman was naturally beautiful. Even her scent was good, as it smelled of cherry blossoms, lavender, and tiger lilies. She looks like Kikyo. No way in hell am I going to try and be nice. She probably has a temper too…

His thoughts were cut short when she suddenly asked, "You're a hanyou, aren't you?"

Inuyasha, shocked, looked down to meet her gaze. Immediately, he bristled, growling. "Gotta problem with that, wench?"

Kagome surprised him, once again, by shaking her head. "Of course not. I'm the only teacher in the building willing to teach hanyou and youkai children, you know. I know they're innocent until they do something wrong. So I was just asking if you were hanyou. I'm not making fun of you for being something you can't help but be." She gave him another bright smile, and he scowled in reply.

Shippo asked another question, and Kagome turned back to answer it, leaving Inuyasha to ponder in his shock. She seriously doesn't care that demons and half-demons aren't like her? She's the only person besides Mother and Rin to ever say that…hell no! When that happens, we always end up with some new mortal bitch joining the family. Keh! He gave a smirk. No way in hell is she going to end up mated to me.

After Shippo finally stopped asking questions, Inuyasha gave an exasperated sigh. "Come on, Shippo, Mother and the old man are probably worried right now."

Kagome tilted her head slightly. "What happened to your parents, Shippo?" She asked, directing the question at the kitsune, though she probably meant me.

Shippo sighed and rubbed an eye with the back of his hand. "Momma and Poppa went to get acorns but they didn't come back. Inuyasha's dad found them though." He shook his head sadly. "Someone killed them. That's what Inuyasha said."

Kagome, again, surprised the hanyou by turning on him. "HOW DARE YOU TELL HIM THAT SOMEONE KILLED HIS PARENTS?" She roared at him, scooping Shippo and giving him a hug. "I'm sorry for you, Shippo." She told the fox demon. "You know what? I bet you have a bunch of fun with you aunt and uncle. And I bet you have fun here, too!"

"You really think so?"



"So you're saying that you're now teaching a Takahashi? Geez, woman. You have all the luck." Sango whined over the phone as she did her toenails while balancing the cell on her shoulder.

Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger. "Ugh. I met Shippo and Inuyasha Takahashi. And let me tell you, Inuyasha is a jerk. Shippo was really sweet though. And I do not have all the luck. Do you know that that Koga asked me out again? Gah! I have to keep finding excuses to escape his dates!" Kagome complained in return, rolling her eyes.

"You met Inuyasha Takahashi?" Sango squealed, which was strange as she would rather beat a man up then go out with him. "I've seen pictures of him but is he easy on the eyes in real life?"

Kagome wanted to throttle her through the phone. "Yes, he looks nice, but on the inside he's a big jerk who told a kid that someone killed the kid's parents."

"Sheesh. What a jerk." Sango agreed into the phone. "Did you hear about the trouble he got into a while ago? He was dating that chick Kikyo Okinawa, and then something happened between the two. Apparently, Inuyasha tried to steal this thing called the 'Sacred Jewel' she was protecting because he knew someone was coming for it and then some demon came in, killed Kikyo, and almost killed Inuyasha."

Kagome looked thoughtful. "Seriously? That happened? What happened to the Sacred Jewel?"

"They burned it with her body and it vanished…KOHAKU GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE AND STOP GOING THROUGH MY STUFF!"

Kagome chuckled as her friend screamed at her little brother. "Want me to send Souta over to help out?"

"Nah, I got him out." Came Sango's reply with a laugh. "I gotta let ya go. Kirara wants to be fed and she's looking at me like she's going to eat me if I don't'…

Kagome laughed in reply, said goodbye, and hung up. Then she went to work on getting ready for bed.

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