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Things went by quickly after that.

Inuyasha could sort of remember Naraku's death -Sesshomaru managing to stab him and then Miroku sucking him up soon after Inuyasha had hit the ground. He could sort of remember being helped to his feet by the said Miroku after his curse had vanished.

The thing he completely remembered: they had been unable to find where Kagome's body went.

Now, Inuyasha sat in a tree behind the mansion. It had been two weeks since he had seen her die in his arms, and Inuyasha's chest was just beginning to heal.

Inuyasha closed his eyes. He couldn't believe it. A week ago, the anniversary of meeting Kaogme had passed…and he'd been sitting there with a broken heart. "Kagome…I'm sorry."


((A Year and a Half Later))

I'm floating in darkness, unable to move…unable to open my eyes. Unable to sense whether or not someone's nearby, whether I'm ill, whether I'm hurt. All I know is that my torso flashes with pain every now and then…and that someone's missing. I can't remember who though…just that they're really important to me…that they mean so much, that the world could fall in a flash of fire and I wouldn't care, as long as they were beside me.

"Wake up."

I frown, surprised my face can move. "Who's there? Why do you disrrupt my peace?" I scold myself, Fool, this is not peace, this is merely sitting here doing nothing.


I purse my lips, surprised yet again. "Off with you, I want nothing."

"You have a single chance. Or I decide you are not worth it, and allow your soul to wander."

I blink in confusion. I'm…dead? But I can rise again? A name flashes in my mind. Inuyasha. I frown. Who does it belong to?

I open my eyes to a flash of white, a single vision remaining crisp and clear in my mind:

There is a flash of silver followed by the golden glowing of a pair of eyes, full of gentleness and love.

Come home.

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