Drabble 30: Future.

"What if they hate me, Mama? What if I miss the bus? What if I get lost?" Melody questions fearfully as Natalie brushes her daughter's hair, pulling it into a neat, curly ponytail. "I don't think I want to go to school. I want to stay home with you and Daddy."

"Melody," She squeezes her hand, "You're going to love school. Don't you want to make friends?"


"…yeah, you get that from me, I guess." Natalie sighs, "But I liked school. It's where your Daddy and I met."

"Mama, I don't think they let you in the practice room when you're in kindergarten. That's for the big kids in 4th grade." Melody crosses her arms, looking up at her mother expectantly, "So can I stay home?"

"…tell you what," She crotches down to the little girl's height, "When I pick you up from school today, I'll take you to the coffee shoppe you like and let you get any snack you want, okay? Just the two of us."

Mels' face lights up, "Really?" She grins as Natalie nods and throws her little arms around her, "Thank you, Mama!"

"Now, come on. Dad's making breakfast and I think I smell burnt toast." She wrinkles her nose jokingly and Melody giggles, taking her hand and dragging her to the kitchen.

"Good morning, my girls." Henry pours syrup onto her pancakes as she climbs onto her chair, "You excited for school, Melly?"

"Nope. 'M excited fuhr af'fer school." She responds, mouth full.

"Oh, really?" He grins at his wife, "I wonder why."

"It's a secret that you can't know." She states, matter-of-factly, "Only Mama and I are allowed to know, so don't ask me."

"Oh, okay. Guess I wont make you a special first-day-of-school dinner tonight."

"No!" Melody panics, "No, that's not fair! That's mean, because I'm never gonna tell you, even if you don't make mac'n'cheese tonight."

"Henry, her bus'll be here soon." Natalie comments as she kisses him good morning, looking at the clock, "We should get going."

Five minutes later and she's ready, backpack hanging proudly on her tiny shoulders.

"I'm gonna miss you guys." Her lip juts out, reaching out her arms to hug her parents. Her bus pulls up to their apartment complex and Melody squeezes their hands, "If you need me or you miss me, you can come to school and get me. I won't mind." She sighs, letting go of their hands, "I love you."

"Love you, too, Melly! Have a good day at school!" Henry calls and the two wave at their daughter, even after the bus is out of sight.

"I miss her, Henry." Natalie sighs, "What if the other kids don't like her?"

"They'll love her, Nat. What's not to love? Now, lets go back inside. I'll make you breakfast." He loops an arm around her waist and pulls her in.

For once in her life and in light of recent events, Nat let herself think about the future. Melody could be top of her class. She could graduate high school as valedictorian. She could be successful and go to Yale like her mom, could be anything she wants to be. Her and Henry had money, stable jobs, an actual, working marriage. All in all, their future looks bright.